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Alex talked about the importance of branded search and which social networks you need to use to positively affect your search engine rankings. Alex shared the results of his little branded search experiment and proposed a few steps to improving your search engine presence.

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  • Good morning everyone! + Last time I saw so many people in the room was in my econ 201 classes. It wasn't actually that full because it was that early in the morning. + I'm very thankful for the opportunity to present today. Thanks to Chett, who brought the idea up and a huge thanks to McQ Design for believing Chett and actually allowing me to present. + Today I want to share something I learned about branded search and social networks. But first, let's see a show of hands who's familiar with the term. There's regular search: “calgary design company” and there's branded search “McQ Design”. + I'll also share a bit about my little experiment to test the theory that social networks can help.
  • This is one of the questions you ask when you're presented with an unfamiliar object. Let's take a look...
  • Ha, Online marketing Calgary by zagoumenov... consulting in Calgary by Alexander Zagoumenov. For those of you who're doing it live, I just updated my snippet description yesterday and you will have a different one. Here's Alex's Twitter, some video, oh, he plays guitar. He's got a youtube channel and a facebook page. The page is cut off, but I hope you see what I'm getting at. The only site that Alex controls is his own and it's #1, that simple. The rest of the properties are social media profiles that Alex maintains.
  • As opposed to searching for generic terms – traditional understanding of SEO. When does it happen? + heard something and want to know what it's all about + know what it is, I'm ready to buy, just need to buy it
  • Conversion is the key! Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, all irrelevant. Do our marketing efforts convert visitors into customers? shows that branded search terms offer highest conversion rates. Standard decision making process: + we come up with a problem, + search for alternatives, + evaluate alternatives, + make the decision, + evaluate the decision.
  • Can a user by conducting a brand search on your brand check out your facebook page, see your slides, subscribe to your events, and follow you on twitter? That brings me to my next question...
  • + Jeff Nelson argument + Google juice and nofollow + my point is that some social networks do pass the juice
  • This is my website. Look at it from this perspective. If a use wants to buy, he / she goes to my website. If a use wants to learn more about me he checks videos, reads twitter.
  • Branded search marketing experiment

    1. 1. branded search, social networks and my little experiment by Alexander Zagoumenov
    2. 2. who the heck is zagoumenov ?
    3. 4. what is branded search? activity of searching for branded keywords
    4. 5. why branded search is important ? happens late in the funnel, and, as a result, leads to higher conversion
    5. 6. but it's usually taken for granted “ we rank #1 anyways” what about listings following it? + are they relevant? + are they positive? + can you control them?
    6. 7. does social media and search marketing work together? + although a lot of social media sites don't pass “Google Juice”, some actually do. + but most of all, those social networking profiles do rank very well .
    7. 9. my little experiment
    8. 10. my goal : what are the top social media properties that rank well for branded search terms?
    9. 11. my methodology : + choose local people with strong social media presence + perform Google searches for each person (brands in this case) and tabulate the results + go through the lists of properties and identify the common 9 * * (ask me why 9)
    10. 12. my results were:
    11. 13. so, what are the lessons ?
    12. 14. choose the right social networks to manage #1
    13. 15. cover the first page with your brand properties #2
    14. 16. have control over those on the first page #3
    15. 17. bonus link other social networks that play well to your rankings: a list at SEOmoz * * Thank you for sharing, Jeff!
    16. 18. next steps : + search your brand + review your profile inventory + create profiles with good networks + make sure you control those + repeat.
    17. 19. Thank you! this presentation is available at: