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Social media for job seekers
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Social media for job seekers


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • St. James Job Seekers Network. 30-45minutes
  • Transcript

    • 1. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Social Media for Job Seekers
      If You’re Looking for Work,
      Can Social Media Help You?
    • 2. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      The power of Social Media
      Things you should know
      Getting started
      Staying on top
      Less is more
      Strategies for using it
    • 3. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      The Power of Social Media
      Today’s “word of mouth”
      Searchable “eavesdropping”
      Default source of information
      More efficient and cost-effective than other methods of recruitment
      Forges strong relationships
      Hiring company learns more than just CV info. Is candidate is good fit for company?
    • 4. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Things You Should Know
      People openly share opinions and experiences
      Unmoderated, user-generated content
      Job seekers need to take part in the dialogue
      Folks are listening in
      80% of companies use Social Media for recruitment
      More than 2/3 of all HR professionals run internet searches on job applicants
    • 5. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Less is More
      Listening +
      Sharing +
      Participating +
      = Relationship Building
    • 6. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Strategies for Using Social Media
      Find high-quality job leads
      Company research
    • 7. Getting Started
      Google yourself!
      Define the job you want
      Keywords, locations, etc.
      Establish your social media profiles
      Make connections
      Phone, e-mail, social media
      Share great content
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 8. The Big 3
      According to a 2009 JobviteSurvey, of the companies using social media for recruitment instead of traditional job posting sites:
      95% are using LinkedIn
      50% are using Facebook
      42% are using Twitter
      LinkedIn – Professional business network. More than 65 million active users. 80% of companies are using site as primary tool to find employees.
      Twitter – Global water cooler. The fastest growing tool for job recruitment.
      Facebook– Community building.More than 500 million active users.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 9. LinkedIn Profile Tweaks
      Use first person.
      Ensure its keyword-rich.
      Ask for recommendations.
      Create a vanity URL.
      Add appropriate applications (blog feed, SlideShare, etc.)
      Post relevant status updates.
      Use “in transition” in headline or status.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 10. Joining LinkedIn Groups
      Find and join relevant groups that are based on your:
      Geographical location
      Recruiter contacts
      Alumni associations
      Professional organizations
      Join maximum number of groups
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 11. Establishing Expertise
      Use the Answers section in LinkedIn to look for questions you are an expert in.
      Start or join discussions in your Groups that show your insight.
      Share relevant news and information with connections.
      Be willing to provide introductions for your connections.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 12. Researching Companies
      LinkedIn’s company profiles give good summary info for many large companies.
      See who you know who works or has worked there in the past.
      Track career paths. (Where did people work before this company and after?)
      Check out the most popular LinkedIn profiles employed by that company.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 13. Using Your Connections
      Search for friends, family, former colleagues, career counselor at college, recruiters, hiring managers, people you deal with on a regular basis
      Send a note to all connections
      Profile skill set, geographical location, etc.
      Ask that connections forward note to 3-5 key contacts that might be interested
      Stay “Top of Mind” by regularly updating your profile and status, and keeping in touch
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 14. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Staying On Top
      Use LinkedIn saved searches to be notified of new job postings matching your criteria
      Use Google alerts to know when news sites or blogs post information you need
      View recruiters like they are your clients
      Use a CRM system to maintain details ( is free)
      Connect with them in multiple ways
      Share resources and information with them
    • 15. Twitter Usage
      Follow the corporate brands you have “short listed” as potential employers
      Find people to follow (HR managers, recruiters, outplacement firms, career coaches, etc.)
      Do keyword searches
      Follow my list @eandtsmom/Job-search.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 16. Hashtags to Follow
      Save searches for specific hashtags and hashtag combinations
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 17. Twitter-Based Resources
      The Jobsonicasocial network is for job postings in the US and Canada only
      The online newspaper allows you to define what you want in your own paper
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 18. Thoughts about Facebook
      Use the search function
      Like pages such as Career Builder and other recruiter pages
      Beware of what you put out there and monitor what you’re friends are sharing about you
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 19. Additional Ideas
      Create a blog. Even a short, 2-minute video blog done once a week is a great way to establish expertise on a given topic.
      Be a guest on other people’s social media channels (blog, radio show, etc.), and invite them to be a guest on yours.
      Use a short and effective e-mail signature that reminds people of what you do.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 20. Resources
      For Gmail users, add Rapportive plug-in.
      Add LinkedIn toolbar to browser or Outlook.
      Sign-up for Chris Brogan’s HBW newsletter.
      Read Jan Vermeiren’sHow to Really Use LinkedIn.
      Join my mailing list today, and I’ll send you your own copy of Get Job Leads FAST Using Twitter, plus a link to Chris Brogan’s message on how to build your own job search platform.
      © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
    • 21. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Thank You for coming!
    • 22. © Aleweb Social Marketing, October 2010
      Contact Information
      Aleweb Social Marketing
      Phone: 860-946-0544