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Your chosen songs meaning
Your chosen songs meaning
Your chosen songs meaning
Your chosen songs meaning
Your chosen songs meaning
Your chosen songs meaning
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Your chosen songs meaning


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  • 2. WHAT IS THE PLOT OF THE SONG ABOUT?The song by melodic hardcore Defeater is called „I Don‟t Mind‟. The singer of Defeater has said that the song is personal to him. “I wrote that after me and my ex fiancé broke up and it was in the time of my life when I was drunkfrom when I woke up and drunk from the time I went to bed. We were writingthe record and it mirrors my life a lot. I don‟t know, it‟s weird; it‟s tough to talk about. It is a metaphor, but I feel like an idiot because I‟m dating someone who I met through the band, like through a mutual friend, we met at a show and all that stuff had been written and recorded, and I hate having to put her through the song knowing that I wrote a song about my life in a different time, when I got dumped by my fiancé. It is personal, but it does tie in with the storyline.” My interpretation of the song is that it‟s a guy who is crazy about a girl and would do anything for her even if that means “beg and steal and borrow” but it would all be worth it if she was happy.
  • 3. HOW IS MEANING CREATED?Meaning is created in the song by the use of narrative. The way the story has structured the song in a past, present and future way which makes us thinkthat the song is meant for someone who he lovely dearly and wants to spendthe rest of his life with. Things which makes me think that this song is about someone he loves a lot is the name of the song as it is called „I Don‟t Mind‟ which kind of gives the impression that this song is about putting others before yourself. The genre of music this song fits into is melodic hardcorewhich is meant to be meaningful and also tends to be very passionate which is where the melodic part of it comes in to the name so this song needs to fit into this passionate style so it fits into it‟s genre of music.
  • 4. STRUCTURE OF THE SONGThe structure of the song does fit into conventions. Usually song structure is set out like: Intro-Verse-Prechorus-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Middleeight-Chorus-Chorus-Outro This song does fit into the regular structure of a song. The chorus isrecognisable because it is repeated throughout the song at the right time butalso there is use of verses, intros and outros in the song. The chorus for thissong is “And I dont mind, if we take our time. Cause Im all yours, if youre all mine.” The catchy guitar intro and outro are the same as well giving the song a start and an end.
  • 5. LANGUAGE OF THE SONGThe language of the song is very romantic and has references to past, present and future in it. This suggests time and progression in the song. The song is formal and doesn‟t have sexual references throughout it but also it doesn‟thave swear words in it which keeps the cute themes in the song. The song also doesn‟t have any rhyming couplets in it. The song is written in first person giving it a more personal meaning to either the singer who wrote the song or to you the person who is listening to the song.
  • 6. HOW DOES THE SONG MAKE YOU FEEL? For me personally the song makes me feel happy. The song has sad elements in it though but I believe that it‟s because the tone of the song and they way the singer sings it. The song seems to have happy imaginary at the beginning with the “In the first time that I saw you. You cleaned the mess from myhead” this is part has quite sweet and cute imaginary but then at the end when the song goes “I will beg and steal and borrow to keep you safe your whole life” this has connotations of sadness and struggling which is emphasised by the tone and emotion in his voice as it goes quite low as he says this verse. The guitar playing also emphasises this as the guitar gets lower sounding and slower.