Task 8 a slipknot


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Task 8 a slipknot

  1. 1. TASK 8Digipak
  2. 2. BLINK 182 - ENEMA OF THE STATE The album artwork consists of three simple and bright colors: red, white, and blue. A hospital and medicine theme is sported throughout the album liner notes and artwork. The lyrics are present in the liner notes, keeping in line with allprevious Blink-182 albums. A portion of the enclosed booklet with the album features a panorama of men posing in just underwear with the members of Blink-182. Art direction for the album was headed by Tim Stedman, with Stedman and graphic designer Keith Tamashiro designing the package. Porn star Janine Lindemulder is the nurse of the cover of Enema of the State. The glove was inspired by the album‟s working title which was going to be called “Turn Your Headand Cough”. The album cover is now iconic by many publications. Janine Lindemulder is also featured in other Blink 182 albums such as “What‟s My Age Again?” and “Man Overboard”. The original version of the album featuredLindemulder in a nurse cap displaying the American Red Cross logo. The Red Cross was removed and digitally edited outof all further printings, however, some Canadian pressings still feature the red cross intact and these versions are soon to become rare.
  3. 3. ENEMA OF THE STATE ANALYSISThe images used in Blink 182 Enema State are mostly of men and the only women in the album is thewoman dressed as a nurse on the front cover. This could suggest the audience who will be listening to this band but also perhaps the theme to the songs such as it will be about relationships between boysand girls or guys chasing girls. The images used are all quite cheeky looking with the facial expressions pulled by Blink 182 on the back cover but also the inside cover with them and other men half naked,this could suggest that this isn‟t a serious album it‟s a fun album. There are symbols on the back cover which all look like they are symbols you‟d see at a hospital. The front cover doesn‟t have Blink 182 written in big letters so say who the album is by but also it doesn‟t have the name of the album which could suggest that the band don‟t need to tell their fans because they will already know or they have chosen not to have their name in big letters because it could make people pick up the album to see who the band who‟s album this is. The text for Enema of the State doesn‟t look like it was an iconic text font. The colors of the text is blue, white and red just like the symbols. The blue and white linkwith the hospital theme which carries throughout the album. Something which does indicate the genre of music is the tattooed female on the front cover. Tattoos back then would be stereotypical ofpunk/rock music whereas now days a lot of artists have tattoos. Blink 182 are a pop punk band so thetattooed woman does indicate what genre of music this album fits into. The band are American so thename Enema of the State means enemy of the state so it could mean that they are against someone or something that would try to damage or destroy the government. This could show the serious side of the band compared to the fun side of the band so the songs on the album could be a mix of serious and fun songs.
  4. 4. LA DISPUTE - WILDLIFE Wildlife was released in 2011 by post hardcore band, La Dispute. The album artwork was created by Adam Vass who does a lot of digital artwork. The albumcover is an image of wood and has been digitally enhanced with added colors such as green and pink and also the words Wildlife and La Dispute on top of it.
  5. 5. WILDLIFE ANALYSIS The images used in La Dispute Wilfelife is mostly landscape photography which links to the title of the album „Wildlife‟. This could suggest the themes of this album could be based around things around us and nature. The images used arequite dark and uninhabited which could suggest that the album could be quite a dark album with inner meanings to the songs. There has also been a bit of photoshop used to add colour to the dark photos which could suggest that even though the themes of the songs are quite dark there is light about them. The front cover has La Dispute smaller letters beneath the writing „Wildlife‟. The big writing of Wildlife is hard to read which could suggest that La Dispute have chosen a writing quite hard to read to make people stop and try and work out what the writing says but also the wring is so interesting it makes it eye catching. The colors of the text on the back is white to match the white text of the front cover. The album cover doesn‟t give away what type of music this band is but thefact that the front cover looks kind of artistic could suggest that this album is a type of art. I think that this album is a serious album because the art work isn‟t fun as it is quite dark.
  6. 6. PARKWAY DRIVE - DEEP BLUE The album artwork consists of three colors blue, white, and black. A water theme is shownthroughout the album artwork. The lyrics are present in the water artwork too. The art direction forthe album was headed by Dan Mumford who is an English artist. The theme for water links in with the title of the album „Deep Blue‟ but it also links in with the lyrics.
  7. 7. DEEP BLUE ANALYSIS The artwork used in Parkway Drive Deep Blue follow a the waves till they reach an city inhabited island. This could suggest the themes of this album could be based around things arounddistance. The artwork used is quite dark due to the colour choicesof dark, white and black which could suggest that the album could be quite a dark album. After researching how the artist who created this piece it said that he uses a tablet to draw on andPhotoshop to edit the colours. The front cover has Parkway Drive in big font, the typography is Parkway Drive‟s iconic font, makingthem recognizable. Deep Blue is written in different smaller but all in capital letters hand but because the bands name is quite big it‟squite hard to work out if Parkway Drive is the name of the albumor the band‟s name. I think the front cover gives away what type ofalbum it will because of the dark colours it suggest that this album is dark which fits the genre it fits into which is metal-core.
  8. 8. BRAND NEW - THE DEVIL AND GOD ARE RAGING INSIDE ME The name of the album came from a conversation Jesse Lacey had with a friend regarding Daniel Johnston, a musician who suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The album cover is a picture titled "Untitled #44" from Nicholas Priors "Age of Man" collection which the band saw at an art show and later used. The outside of the cardboardcase contains no song listings, and doesnt contain the name of the album or the band name anywhere but on the spine. The record company instead placed stickers on the plastic wrapping to indicate the name of the album and band, and on the UK version to indicate that it had the bonus track.
  9. 9. THE DEVIL AND GOD ARE RAGING INSIDE ME ANALYSIS The images used in Brand New „The Devil and God are raging inside me‟ has different images all very different such as the inside book has images of drums, live, a picture of a horse and the album cover is a image of a girl and two ghoulswhich doesn‟t links to the title of the album „The Devil and God are raging inside me‟. The title of the album could suggest that the band are religious because ittalks about God. The front cover could be a underlining meaning like they wantedto combine their song title in normal life such as the two people talking dressed in ghoul costumes could be seen as the Devil and the girl could be seen as God because she is innocent. From the digipak you can‟t tell what type of genre music this album belongs to because the album cover is fairly normal and there isn‟t anydark colours or bright colours to suggest what genre it is. The front cover doesn‟t give us a title of the album or the band name which makes us think that the album name or the band aren‟t that important and that people should focus more on the songs on the album. I think the album could have a personal meaning tothe band because the photos inside the booklet don‟t have anything to do with the front cover or the name of the album so the photos in the album could be something to the band.
  10. 10. GREEN DAY - AMERICAN IDIOT The artwork for American Idiot reflects the themes on the record. The themes for American Idiot are likening the change of image to a political. The inspiration for the album is fromChinese communist propaganda art the band saw in art galleries. The artist who design previous Green Day albums Chris Bilheimer designed American Idiot. The aim for the artwork was” at once uniform and powerful.” Bilheimer listened to the album and took note of the lyric “And she‟s holding on my heart like a hand grenade” from the song “She‟s a Rebel.” Bilheimer wasinfluenced by artist Saul Bass‟s poster from a film called The Man with the Golden Arm where Bilheimer wanted to create a upstretched arm holding a red heart shaped grenade.
  11. 11. AMERICAN IDIOT ANALYSISThe artwork used in Green Day American Idiot is quite roughly done on purpose making it more raw which looks really effective and works forthis album. The album is inspired by propaganda which I think the front cover does look like it should be a advert for propaganda. The idea that the album should be for propaganda could suggest the theme of the album that it will be quite a controversial album. The red colour standsout amongst the black drawing attention to the heart hand grenade. The red also has connotations of blood which links in with the controversialness of this album as there are themes of war in it. The hand grenade follows onto the CD too. The booklet isn‟t done in any fancy writing it‟s done handwritten which makes it look raw. The front cover has Green Day written in big and writing making it obvious thatGreen Day is the band and American Idiot is the name of the album, wecan tell this because „American Idiot‟ is written in red the same colour as the hand grenade. The black on this album makes us think that it is a dark album which it is but it also matches the rock stereotype that rock music is dark.
  12. 12. SLIPKNOT - SLIPKNOTThe artwork for Slipknot self titled „Slipknot‟ was done by photographer Stefan Seskis. The album Slipknot was released in 1999.
  13. 13. SLIPKNOT ANALYSIS The artwork used for Slipknot self titled is quite dark and has a gorey feel to it. Slipknot are one of the first bands who thought of wearing masks and hiding theiridentity which is something which you‟d associate with superheros or murders in films so them having their picture on the front cover either makes them announce that they are the first to do so that they are making it obvious that they are unique. The back cover has an x-ray like image of a skull again it‟s quite a gorey image with the browny reds giving out connotations of blood and murder which could be themes in this album but also the darkness of this album suggests a genre of music it belongs to which I think is nu metal. The typography of Slipknot is like blood running down but it is also Slipknots trademark writing making them recognizable. The album name for this album is no where to be seen on this album so the audience has to work out what the album is called. The audience for this album I think is for the audience for teenagers or young adults because of the masks makes me think that the masks stand for something but also it is childish that they are wearing masks.