Task 12


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Task 12

  1. 1. TASK 12Location Reece
  2. 2. POSSIBLE LOCATIONS For my first possible location to film my music video I have thought about filming in the town centre of Henley on Thames. I have chosen to do Henley town centre because of how close it is to the college so there is easy travel to get to the centre with my actors. Another reason for deciding to film in the town centre is the benches I think is something which I could use in my filming but also the town centre steps would be something which I could consider using in my music video as it is somewhere which is iconic to the centre of town. I do not need permission to film in the town centre but if I was to film in any of the shops I would need permission to film in them.Henley on Thames town centre
  3. 3. CHOSEN LOCATIONS I have chosen to film here by the lock in Henley because as you can tell it looks quite peaceful and serene. I think that somewhere like this is somewhere where you would tend to see couples going on walks holding hands which is something I’d like to have in my music video but also I like how the bridge goes on as far as the eye can see. The only thing which this location is that during the day sometimes the bridge can be quite busy so I would need to the bridge at a time of the day when it’s not busy as they would be a distraction in my music video. I also do notBridge need permission to film along the bridge.
  4. 4. CHOSEN LOCATIONS I have chosen to have a bench scene in my music video because in the song I have chosen there is a line in the song which goes “dip our feet into the sea” I think this lyric would fit in nicely in this scene because even though this scene isn’t the sea is an area which is alone by the river. Also benches have that feeling of couples sharing a bench with the males arm around the female which would work in my music video in other scenes of the video. I do not need permission to use this location but again people walking into my music would be a problem so perhaps choosing a time when there are less people walking around would work best.Bench/river
  5. 5. CHOSEN LOCATIONS In the song there is a line which goes “lets go walking on the boardwalk” this line I would like to film on his boardwalk because it looks peaceful again and there aren’t many distractions but it also works well within the song. I don’t need to ask for permission to use this location but I do need to think about things around me such as the house opposite could be gardening in the background which would ruin my music video.Boardwalk
  6. 6. CHOSEN LOCATIONS I have chosen to have a café in my music video for one of the scenes. I have chosen to have a café because it’s an inside location but it also has room for props and more interesting camera shots. Cafes also have a cliché of two people going for a coffee together and talking which is something I want in my music video. In my music video I’m thinking to have this part when the song goes “until we find ourselves a drink” because then there is more emphasise of narrative in my music video.Caffe Nero