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  2. 2. The top three magazine publishers areIPC media, Bauer and BBC magazines. These publishers publish popularmagazines such as NME for IPC media,Kerrang for Bauer and Top of the pops for BBC magazines.
  3. 3. IPC MEDIA IPC media are one of the biggest publishers in the United Kingdom owningbrands from across the magazines from home interest magazines to tv guides,IPC is the leader of all publishers. In music terms music magazines IPC media own NME magazine. NME has been around since 1952 making it 60 yearsold. Across the years NME has become so big it has gotten beyond print now and has now progressed onto NME radio, NME website and now NME festival tents at Reading and Leeds. The magazine reaches an audience of 1.1 million people weekly with 16-24 year olds as their main target audience but also accommodates for everyone of all ages as NME isn’t completely genre specific as it has a large array of artists and bands. As a whole, NME is more edging towards the indie and mainstream music. NME is available to buy at large shops such as Tesco, WHsmiths and HMV.
  4. 4. BAUER MEDIA Bauer is the largest publishing group in Europe owning 300 magazines in 15 countries such as Germany, USA, UK and France. Bauer Media began in 1953 making it 59 years old. As well as magazines Bauer media also own tv and radio businesses from brands such as 4music, Kerrang, Smashhits and Kiss all music related brands which are all genre specific with certainaudiences. Kerrang is a popular brand amongst Bauer Media’s products as they have their own website, radio and magazine but also organize Kerrang tours which happen yearly. Kerrang’s target audience is 16-24 year olds amongstboth male and females with an even balance of both. Kerrang is genre specific as they focus largely on alternative/rock music only rather than a mix of everything like some magazines. Q magazine is another popular magazine amongst Bauer media with another genre specific magazine with a magazineand radio station behind it’s well known name. Both Kerrang and Q magazine have quite niche markets.
  5. 5. BBC MAGAZINESBBC magazines reaches many audiences from magazines based on tv shows to cooking magazines, BBC reaches them all. I believe that BBC magazines hasbeen so successful was because of their well establish brand known across the world has helped them sell magazines. Thinking about music magazines BBCmagazines have done magazines for all ages such as Top of The Pops reaching a young teenager to Classical Music Magazines reaching the older generation. Top of The Pops was released in 1995 making it 17 years old and it is still running strong with a target audience of 11-16 year olds buy the magazine as it has freebies and young articles based on experiences other people their target audiences age will go through. Top of The Pops is a mix of music andyoung teenage topics. The music in Top of The Pops is more genre specific to mainstream music as teenagers of that age will have more access to mainstream music rather than other genres of music.
  6. 6. WHICH PUBLISHER WILL I USE?For my magazine I will be using Bauer Media because of it is the publisher for the rock magazine Kerrang whichis what my magazine will be similar to but also my target audience will be similar to the audiences who buy Kerrang magazine. Bauer Media is also a well known company across Europe which will make my magazine stand out there in different countries which could persuade people to buy my magazine because it’s been published with a trusted name.