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Geri halliwell
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Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Case studyGeri Halliwell
  • 2. Background Information on Geri HalliwellGeri Halliwell is a British Singer, clothing designer, authorand actress. Geri Halliwell is mostly known as „Ginger Spice‟when she was part of the British pop girl band Spice Girlsbetween the years of 1996 and left in 2000 due todifferences within the group. Geri Halliwell‟s „It‟s raining men‟was the first single from Geri‟s solo album „Scream if youwant to go faster‟. It‟s raining men originally written by TheWeather Girls in 1983. The single was featured on thesoundtrack of the 2001 movie Bridget Jones Diary but also itwas featured on the popular video game, Dance DanceRevolution. It‟s raining men lasted 2 weeks at number oneand is said to be Geri Halliwell‟s most successful singleworldwide.
  • 3. Background Information on Jim Canty and Jake-Sebastian WynneThe music video for Geri Halliwell‟s It‟s Raining Menvideo was based on the movie Fame and Flashdance.Jim Canty and Jake-Sebastian Wynne created themusic video for Geri Halliwell‟s „It‟s Raining Men‟ video.Jake-Sebastian Wynne has directed Geri Halliwell‟sother music video „Scream If You Wanna Go Faster‟and Jim Canty has worked with other music artists fortheir music videos such as Biffy Clyro, Mumford andSons and James Blunt.
  • 4. Camera workThere are also of long tracking shots of Geri as she is dancing for the judges for example when she istouching her body. Over the shoulder shots are used to make us see what the judges are seeing. Camerashots work in time with the music for instance the part where Geri does a forward roll and lands on her feet itworks in time with the music. When the people come in the pace of the music stays the same but Geri is stillseen as the main part of the music video because she is positioned in the center of the frame. Next scenewe see Geri in a mid shot wearing a different costume dancing amongst other people dancing. Geri is madeto stand out because she is stood on a higher level compared to everyone else. The next shot seen Geri in aclose up and this is the first time she is looking into the camera interacting with us than rather us watchingher perform. Also by the looks of things this is also the first time she is seen covered up which could showthat Geri has two different sides to her, the good girl side where she covers up and her bad girl side whereshe doesn‟t. The next scene we see Geri in yet another costume and another location. This location is morein a road area compared to before where it was in a studio. The camera shot for this scene starts off with alow angle shot where Geri is looking down at us. The scene again changes to the studio scene where she isseen in a long shot so we can see all of her body and face, all of the crowd and all of the judges. The nextshot is the first time we see Geri in her black „bad girl‟ outfit and she acknowledge the camera whereasbefore she wasn‟t looking into the camera. The next shots are hard to work out who the people the close upsare on but these shots don‟t last long in comparison to Geri who‟s shots tend to last a long time and they aremostly on her body rather than her face. Tracking shot from behind the judges which shows everyonedancing and Geri in the center of the frame yet again. When the chorus kicks in and the music tempo getsfaster the camera shots get faster and most camera shots are in close up such as the shoes running and theclose up of Geri‟s tummy as she does sit ups so that‟s an exercise theme throughout with the dancing etc.The next scene is a long shot of Geri rushing out in yet another costume we see this in a long shot whichshows her body movements are in a panic as if she is supposed to be somewhere else soon. Followingscene is very different compared to pervious scene because Geri was more rushed and in his scene Geri iscalm but also wearing another costume which emphasizes the whole good girl bad girl Geri has throughout
  • 5. NarrativeThe narrative for It‟s Raining Men by Geri Halliwell is based around the film „Bridget Jones‟ Diary‟. The song was performed originallyby The Weather Girls in the video for The Weather Girls version It‟s Raining Men, men are literally falling from the skies. GeriHalliwell‟s cover of this song was her first single as a solo artist after she previously left the popular pop girl band Spice Girls. Thevideo is showcasing Geri‟s new figure and blonde hairstyle, this could be to differentiate herself as Geri Halliwell not as Ginger Spiceas she was more known well as when she was in Spice Girls. The video is in a audition style dance routine in front of judges similarto the 1983 movie, Flashdance. Similarities between Geri‟s video the Flashdance video is the audition going wrong. Opening to bothFlashdance and Geri‟s audition is the diegetic sound of Geri‟s footsteps as she walks to the judges. After Geri mucks up the first timejust like Flashdance she begins to dance again and we see a student looking through the door watching Geri performing to thejudges with a grin/eager look on his face this then cuts back to Geri dancing. After the cut back to Geri more people arrive to watchher through the door window. This could be to emphasize Geri‟s as a performer or star as well as her being seen to be popularamongst her school that everyone should watch her. We see the first clips from the movie Bridgett Jones in the middle of the musicvideo because the song is promoting the movie that it features in. Suddenly her peer students who were watching from the doorwindow burst in and start to dance with Geri as if it was posed. Clips from Bridgett Jones are again played but they also link in withthe lyrics of the song such as when Geri says “It‟s Raining Men” the scene from Bridgett Jones where Daniel falls into water showsthe link between the song and the movie. In the Bridgett Jones clip there is a scene where Bridgett is choosing pants she picks outsimilar pants to watch Geri is wearing as if Geri is what people should want to be like. The video strongly links with Bridgett Jonessuch as Bridgett is exercising and Geri is exercising but Geri‟s exercising is more to show off her newly toned body so in a way itcould be seen to mock Bridgett Jones body as hers isn‟t not toned but is aiming to be which again emphasizes that Geri is whatpeople want to be like. Connections again between Flashdance are shown again when Geri Halliwell is seen to be doing ballet whichdoes seem to be random but if you knew Flashdance you could work out the connection. Geri stands out in this scene because shethe only one wearing white also she is graceful and elegant whereas Bridget Jones isn‟t and we get that feeling because they haveput a clip of Bridget falling over which again could be to show how great Geri Halliwell is. The final scene you see Geri running out ofthe building which is very similar to Flashdance where Alex runs out after her audition but with Geri she has all her dancing peersaround her suggesting again her popularity. Again links with Bridget strongly link with the video for example “she‟s a single womantoo” and it shows a clip of Bridget. A big dance routine all in time is seen between Geri and her peers whereas before it was everyonedoing what they want. During the last chorus of It‟s Raining Men, it actually rains. It isn‟t like The Weather Girls version of menactually falling from the sky but the rain is falling and there is men so there is some connection but most of all I think the rain isn‟t justdesigned to link with the song I think it is also to emphasize the male gaze as Geri who is wearing minimal clothing is getting herbody and clothes wet which is seen to be sexy.
  • 6. RepresentationThroughout Geri Halliwell‟s video for It‟s Raining Men she is seen to represented indifferent ways. There are a few different ways which I think Geri is seen to be shown in.The first representation is the scene where is she dancing in front of the judges asmuch as it‟s a copy of the movie her outfit is very promiscuous and reveling. The tightpants with the high line and the bra which emphasizes her chest area all draw ourattention. The fact that the color of her outfit is all black is that it gives the connotationthat Geri is bad, so this is her bad girl look. Her dance routine is designed to show offher extremely toned and flexible physique but also the moves could be seen as quitesexual as she rubs/touches her body which could been seen as voyeurism. Thisrepresentation of her shows her confident side as she isn‟t afraid to dance in sexualways in front of strangers. Another representation of her is when she is seen doing situps on the floor. The dog to the side of her is her actual dog in real life which couldshow her down to earth side and that she really is no different to anyone else. Theother representation is the ballet scene where Geri is dressed in a ballet dress but alsoit‟s white. White has the connotations of being pure, good and also is the sign forinnocent. This is very different to the black she was wearing at the start where she waswearing minimal clothing and her routine was more sexual whereas this routine is moreelegant and peaceful. The final representation of Geri is when she is wearing theorange and blue trackies. The orange top has writing on it „Famous‟ in similar writing tothe 1980‟s movie Fame. The writing on the top with the word famous could be a hit towhat Geri wants. She wants to be famous and possibly by covering this song couldmake her famous.
  • 7. Video style and iconographyThe video style for Geri Halliwell It‟s Raining Men is dance sothe iconography of this is the dance school and with thebacking dancers. Pop music tends to be dominated by females.Females are seen throughout the music video which couldindicate the audience for the music video. Also, dancing isn‟tsomething which would appeal to male audiences as it hasnegative connotations of people who do dance as being „gay‟.In Geri Halliwell‟s video there are male‟s seen in the video butquiet often they are seen to be muscly and toned but as theyare behind Geri Halliwell, it makes her dominant to the musicvideo drawing attention to her rather than the men. The musclymen appeal to the females watching Geri Halliwell‟s musicvideo women tend to be attracted to tanned, muscly men. Thisagain could make women want to be Geri as she is surroundedby men but she also has a body which women want.
  • 8. Mise en scene (Everything in theframe) – Location, LightingcostumeGeri Halliwell‟s video is set in a dance school similar to the location toFlashdance. The location for Geri Halliwell‟s video lets us link at thebeginning that the video will be similar to the movie Flashdance.Similarities of Flashdance using mise en scene are the costume suchas the black pants and bra Geri is wearing is very 70‟s which is whenFlashdance was out. The lighting of It‟s Raining Men there are bothnatural light and artificial light. The natural light is provided by thewindows on the right of Geri so the sides of her toned body arehighlighted and the artificial light is used to spotlight Geri so it drawsour attention as the audience to her. An interesting prop I think whichgives the video and song date is with the vinyl record at the beginningof the video when back in 2000 tapes were popular so having a vinylplayer gives the song age because it is an old song but it also givesthe video age because the video is based on a 1970‟s movie.
  • 9. EditingThe editing for It‟s Raining Men is effective for instance at thebeginning when Geri makes a mistake and asks to start againthere is a cut away editing of Geri to the judge the take is longgiving us time to see the actions and facial expressions of thejudge. We can see he is looking down at Geri and we are seeingthis in a POV shot so it makes us feel that he is talking to us froma higher perspective. During the dance routine there are a lotmore cut aways when Geri shakes her head the camera changesto the judges then she does it again and it changes to a boywatching her through the window. Through the video the editing isfast paced when looking at Geri‟s body but besides that theediting isn‟t fast paced. The ending there is slow motion editing ofGeri and editing of the background to dark skies as if it‟s about torain, this matches with the narrative of the song.
  • 10. Intertextuality/VoyeurismIntertextuality for Geri Halliwell‟s It‟s Raining Men is based on thedance movies Fame and Flashdance. It‟s Raining Men uses iconicparts of Fame and Flashdance making it recognizable but also thereis some narrative behind it if you have watched both Flashdance andFame because you know what will happens next. Voyeurism isimportant for Geri Halliwell‟s video because she is showcasing hernew body off to everyone so the costume helps us see her new body.Furthermore throughout the video Geri is being watched by everyonethis could be an example that she is being watched by everyone inreal life too as she shows off the new Geri. This strongly links to themale gaze by Laura Mulvey because all the males are looking at herbecause she is an attractive female but she is also the stereotypicalblonde bimbo which is emphasized by her showing off her body butthere is also another side of Geri which is the more clever andtalented side and that‟s when she is doing ballet
  • 11. Analyse using AndrewGoodwinGeri Halliwell‟s music video for „It‟s Raining Men‟ works with Andrew Goodwins theory as the lyricsand visuals share a relationship. In Geri Halliwell‟s music video at the end when she says “It‟sraining men” it begins to rain. This rain makes Geri‟s clothing wet which adds in Laura Mulvey‟sMale Gaze theory as Geri looks into the camera as her clothes starts to cling to her slim body. It issaid in Goodwins theory that the music video will work to the genre of the music. In this case, thegenre for the music video for Geri Halliwell‟s „It‟s Raining Men‟ is pop. Conventions of pop musictends to be dancing. This music video strongly focuses on this element even if it‟s a music videobased on the movie, Fame which is a film based on dancing. This music video would fit into aperformance music video as Geri Halliwell is dancing to the camera but also we are able to seeher star image by what she looks like and her attitudes. The music and the visuals work togetheras the editing as been used sharply and quick to match Geri‟s dance movements. A popularcamera shot used in Geri Halliwell‟s music video are close up‟s and long shots. The long shots aredesigned to focus on amount of people dancing to capture their movements and their facialexpressions. Close ups are used to show off Geri Halliwell‟s body and emphasize the sweatdripping off her body and her toned body. These close up shots help promote Geri Halliwell‟s starimage making iconic and appealing but also it makes people idolize her as she is no longer knownas „Ginger Spice‟ which she is more known as. There are intertexual references throughout themusic video as the music video is based on the film „Fame‟. This intertexual reference isemphasized with Geri‟s clothing of her orange top with the word „Fame‟ written on it.
  • 12. Analyse using Laura MulveysMale Gaze TheoryIn the opening of the music video, the camera uses close up shotsto reveal different parts of the artist body via fragmentation - inwhich the artist Geri Halliwell is wearing very revealing clothingconsisting of black pants and black sports bra. The use of the tightskimpy clothing helps to sell her new image & body but also itinvolves Laura Mulvey‟s Male Gaze theory because males can‟thelp but admire/ look at her because of the use of camera shotsbut also because of the minimal clothing Geri is wearing. Thecamera works on long takes allowing us as the audience to take ineverything that‟s happening but also making us look at Geri‟s body.The long takes with the low angle shots not only reveal GerriHalliwell‟s body but also shows the facial expressions of the panelof judges, in which she is dancing in front of. The judgesexpressions looked shocked which could be what Geri wantspeople to feel when they see her video or see her s what her. The