success story Father Sons MAXXING 2012


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success story Father Sons MAXXING 2012

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success story Father Sons MAXXING 2012

  1. 1. The Menswear Retailer FATHER & SONS Strengthens Customer Loyalty & its Promotions with MAXXING and CEGID Solutions PROJECT & CONTEXT What were your needs initially? Father & Sons is a menswear retailer with an e- commerce website and 27 stores in France and Belgium. Our growth potential was based on our loyalty strategy and our different stores. In order to better promote our sales and improve the relationship with our customers, we wanted to use the data collected using our current loyalty system. CUSTOMER CONTEXT However, we had no idea how to use our custo- Menswear retailer - French and Belgian mer base to implement a strategy in line with the markets behavior of our customers. 27 stores in France and Belgium 1 to 2 cash desks per store POS system: Cegid COLOMBUS FUNCTIONALITY IMPLEMENTED Sales Promotion •Instant rebates at the cashier •Deduct voucher value at payment Couponing •Coupons at the store & e-coupons for website transactions •Generate documents based on target custo- mer segments •Secured coupons •Redeem voucher regardless of redemption channel (store or Web) Customer Loyalty •The assignment and use of loyalty points («earn&burn») is managed through Maxxing. •Gifts: points are turned into gifts - Maxxing controls how gifts are selected by the customer when payment is made at the cashier Customer Targeting & Segmentation •Campaign execution reports "The functionality and the different capa- •Details per store and product family, behavio- ral patterns are analyzed, and sales pressure is bilities of the MAXXING solution have rai- measured. sed new questions."© MAXXING - 2011
  2. 2. SU C C ES S BENEFITS OF THE ST MAXXING-CEGID SOLUTION O What are the benefits of the common RY offer? The combination of Maxxing and Cegid makes sense in that both solutions are com- plementary and offer more benefits. First, the solution was easy to interface with Did the product presentation that was and integrating the Maxxing solution with made to you reveal new needs? the YourCegid Retail system was smooth and easy with absolutely no impact on our users. Yes. The functionality and the different ca- pabilities of the MAXXING solution have Second, it was a perfect match in terms raised new questions that we will need to of how we needed to support customers analyze later on. who shop at multiple stores with real-time updates of points-based "The integration of the counters, customer records, Was the MAXXING CEGID offer in competition with other similar MAXXING tool with product records, etc. And the YourCegid Retail third, the segmentation of products? the customer base was per- system was totally fect. Yes. The MAXXING-Cegid offer was up against Neolane. Howe- transparent for our end users!" What were the benefits for ver, we quickly realized that you as a retailer? Neolane was not a good fit as it didnt cover all our needs, unlike Through a better segmenta- MAXXING. tion of our customer base, we have signifi- cantly cut our mailing campaign costs. If you had to recommend the common of- fer, what would your key points be? The offer highlights the combination of Ce- gids POS system with the MAXXING solu- tion through the ability to design different campaigns based on the segments of the customer base and deploy immediate or scheduled actions. All along the project until the end we were very satisfied with the personalized support "Personalized support helped us im- we were given. It helped us implement the plement the project effectively." project effectively. CUSTOMER Frédéric MAQUET Chief Information Officer FATHER & SONS Bagneux, FRANCE Staff: 150MAXXING340/14 Avenue de la Marne – Parc Europe II – BP 5601759706 Marcq-en-Barœul Cedex, FrancePhone: +33 359 560 114 / Fax: +33 320 146 669Email: - Web: