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En why still believe in customer loyalty press release maxxing november 2011


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En why still believe in customer loyalty press release maxxing november 2011

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 3RD, 2011WHY STILL BELIEVE IN CUSTOMER LOYALTY?When it comes to consuming, picky and fickle shoppers are now a reality. They shop in multiple stores viamultiple consumption channels and use a variety of touch points. However, retailers - big or small - are stillfaced with the same challenge: how to turn casual shoppers into loyal customers… and how to keep them!In an effort to answer this long debated question, MAXXING - a French-based software company initiallyspecialized in document management and printing solutions for over 20 years - has designed a new technologicalsolution now implemented at leading supermarket and specialty retailers in France and other worldwidelocations.It all really started in 2006 when MAXXING first set foot in the Retail industry by answering the couponing issuesthe Carrefour Group was facing. Soon after winning the POC, the solution was rolled out to all Champion stores inFrance (now Carrefour Market).Innovative and responsive as it was, MAXXING quickly developed other software modules and soon designed acomprehensive end-to-end loyalty and customer relationship management solution which Carrefour has so fardeployed to all hypermarkets in France, China, and Taiwan.One of the main strengths of the MAXXING offer is its ability to connect and interact in real time with the point ofsale (cash registers, kiosks, iPOS), the Web (merchant sites, social networks) and mobile applications; and toempower marketers by providing them with new tools and innovative ways to manage the customer relationship,and acquire deeper insights into buying habits and behaviors. In consequence, the retailer can better react tocustomer expectations by pushing personalized messages to their favourite touch point (e-mail, SMS, coupon,etc.) … at the moment when the customer is most receptive!MAXXINGs objective was then to adapt this model to retailers of all sizes and sectors (food, perfume, clothing,hospitality providers, cultural, etc.). This resulted in 2010 in new references such as Father & Sons (mens apparel- 25 stores in France and Belgium), Milonga (music instruments - e-commerce website and 20 stores), LaCompagnie des Petits (kids apparel - 125 stores in France and 80 abroad), with more scheduled for laterdeployment.In spite of difficult economic conditions, MAXXING managed to innovate and meet the expectations of the marketwith a team of 75 dynamic and talented employees headquartered in Marcq-en-Barœul, northern France.Established over 20 years ago, the company is still growing and is now looking for more talents!© MAXXING 2011 Press Release 1/2
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 3RD, 2011CONTACTMAXXING S.A.S.U. Headquarters Phone: + 33 359 560 114340/14 Avenue de la Marne Fax: +33 320 146 669Parc Europe II – BP 56017 E-mail: contact@maxxing.com59706 MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL CEDEX Website: www.maxxing.comFor any inquiry or to receive the press kit, please contact:Audrey LEVRAY - Communications ManagerPhone: +33 320 146 661E-mail: alevray@maxxing.comMAXXING AT A GLANCEFounded in 2006, MAXXING is a division of MAPPING Group - the parent company headquartered in the Lille area, France since 1988. Allactivities i.e. R&D, sales and support are centralized at the company headquarters. A strong team spirit, common values shared by all 75employees, and functional and business expertise are the key to our success. In January 2011, the US-based Maxxing Inc. subsidiary waslaunched in New-York City with a view to develop our activities on the North-American continent.MAXXING: THE 360° CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONA comprehensive solution for the management of loyalty programmes and customer relationships that interacts in real time with all saleschannels, grows the database and helps refine segments and target groups in order to promote sales and deliver personalized information toany touch point: Point of sale: till, kiosks, self-checkout Web: merchant sites, social networks Mobile phone and smartphone applicationsMAXXING is a unique, modular and high-performance solution which provides the retailers marketing teams with a range of tools to efficientlypromote sales and manage customer relationships and the loyalty strategy.A solution organized around 5 areas of expertise Sales Promotion & Couponing CRM & Loyalty Customer Mobility CUSTOMER REFERENCES E-commerce & Distance Selling  Food Retailers: Carrefour (France, Taiwan, Turkey, Middle- Performance & ROI East, China), Atac/Simply (France), Champion/Carrefour Market (France), Metro (Canada)  Clothing & Shoes: Father & Sons, La Compagnie des Petits, Texto  Cultural & Music Instruments: Fnac, Milonga  Catering: Flunch© MAXXING 2011 Press Release 2/2