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Typography house style_branding
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Typography house style_branding


Presentation with quiz about the importance of effective branding - and how to choose a good font. ta

Presentation with quiz about the importance of effective branding - and how to choose a good font. ta

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Typography, house style & BrandingLO: identify how the above are used effectively to create memorable designs
    Media Studies - MAGAZINES – Planning & Research
  • 2. Quick quiz time!
    A series of questions across the class
    If you get it right, you will hear this sound
    If you get a question wrong, you will hear this sound
  • 3. 1) Who AM i?
    I’m a search engine provider that has based my name on a mathematical algorithm?
  • 4. 2) You can drink me the world over
  • 5. 3) I’m still waiting for my first time!
  • 6. 4) Do what?
  • 7. 5) Eight legs are better than two
  • 8. 6) Definitely not for her
  • 9. 7) This magazine burns easily
  • 10. 8) Periodic tables and mobiles =
  • 11. 9) (geordie accent) We’re sooo worth it!
  • 12. 10) Sponsors of doh!
  • 13. 11) This magazine thinks big
  • 14. 12) A taste of cuba
  • 15. 13) You’re one step closer to the stars
  • 16. 14) This film is a beast
  • 17. 15) Iron man is owned by these guys
  • 18. 16) Multinational computer company
  • 19. 17) This magazine has loads of _____ in
  • 20. 18) “I wanna play a game!”
  • 21. 19) Did someone say iceberg?
  • 22. 20) This magazine is about nothing else
  • 23. 21) You’ll find it here!
  • 24. Reflection:
    How surprised were you by the simplicity of the colours and fonts used?
    Take a look at the logos again – consider the connotations and denotations of the logos and what it says about the brand.
    Which colours dominated? Why?
  • 25. The role of typography in branding
    By creating a new magazine, you are essentially launching a new brand.
    Your product needs to have identity, through colour schemes (palates), logos, slogans and typography.
    As you have seen from the quiz, even if your brand isn’t well known, if it’s comparable to a successful competitor then you effectively tell the audience that your product is similar and/or as good as/better.
  • 26. Activity
    Use the following websites to create a mood board and typography swatch.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDohoPavchc video about colour – extension of website on slide 24.
  • 27. Questions?