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Windows Loves drupal
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Windows Loves drupal


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This is a webinar done with Acquia introdcing how well you can run Drupal on Windows with a demo about WebPI and Drush. …

This is a webinar done with Acquia introdcing how well you can run Drupal on Windows with a demo about WebPI and Drush.

Here's a link to the recorded webinar:

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Windows Drupal Alessandro Pilotti @alexpilotti MVP ASP.NET / IIS Windows Azure InsiderMCSD, MCAD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • 2. Some Facts About the Windows OS Based on Windows NT, released in July 1993 Hardware independent OS POSIX subsystem Provides excellent command line tools  PowerShell Excellent security model Server Core option for minimal GUI and footprint
  • 3. Windows and IISProduct Name OS Version IIS ReleaseWindows XP 5.1 5.1 08/01Windows Server 2003 5.2 6.0 03/03Windows Vista 6.0 (Build 6000) 7.0 01/07Windows Server 2008 6.0 (Build 6001) 7.0 03/08Windows 7 6.1 7.5 07/09Windows Server 2008 6.1 7.5 07/09R2Windows 8 6.2 8.0 ?Windows Server 2012 6.2 8.0 ?
  • 4. IIS 6 Kernel level component (http.sys) listens to HTTP requests  HUGE performance improvement over IIS 5 All user code runs in separate processes  Worker Process (w3wp.exe)  Crashes in worker processes don’t affect the stability of the service Web gardens  Multiple WP per single web applications Configuration stored in a XML metabase  MetaBase.Xml  MBSchema.Xml
  • 5. IIS 7.x / 8.0 Complete redesign over IIS 6.0 Modular design http.sys is still part of the architecture Improved remote administration and delegation Enhanced command line and scripting tools  Including PowerShell cmdlets Flexible model not limited to HTTP Tight integration with WCF
  • 6. Security Windows is a very secure OS!  Running Internet Explorer as administrator and getting malware does not mean that the system is flawed  RunAs permits to execute processes as different users Windows Server 2008 introduced some unique security features Windows Firewall Since Windows Server 2008:  Address space layout randomization (ASLR)  Network Access Protection (NAP)
  • 7. Comparing PHP Stacks Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP Windows + IIS + MySQL + PHP Windows + IIS + MS SQL Server + PHP
  • 8. Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP Pros  Most known and deployed stack in OSS world  Linux is a highly configurable operating system  Most Linux distributions can easily be configured for Apache, MySQL and PHP (yum / apt-get / etc)  Apache is a highly modular and scalable web server  Lots of documentation available  Tightly integrated update process (yum / apt-get) Cons  Lack of simple configuration tools  Configuration requires a wide knowledge  Deployment differences between distributions
  • 9. Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP Pros  Most of the components are shared with the LAMP stack  Suitable for solutions that require integration with both Apache modules (e.g. mod_rewrite) and Windows  Until FastCGI for IIS showed up, undoubtfully the best PHP stack on Windows  Tools like XAMPP provide an easy deployment option  Cons  Performance  Limited documentation and examples  Limited integration in the Windows ecosystem  Heterogeneous scenario for security updates
  • 10. Windows + IIS + MySQL + PHP Pros  Performance (FastCGI and WinCache)  Tightly integrated in the IIS 7.x ecosystem  Easy to configure an deploy via WebPI  Easy to manage via IIS Manager  Easy to script via WebDeploy and Powershell Cons  Web apps requiring integration with Apache modules need to be reviewed
  • 11. MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Using PHP Data Objects PDO eases portability issues SQL Server is a choice to evaluate in scenarios that require high availability PHP Drivers for SQL Server 3.0 just released! Drupal + SQL Server through Commerce Guys module
  • 12. PHP on Windows COM integration  Simplest way to access OS native 3rd party features  Marshaling performance is not brilliant (IDispatch / late binding) .NET integration (experimental) W32Api (experimental)  Register / Invoke API functions  Be careful with the parameters on the stack win32service  start/stop/register/unregister services Note: flock() has a slightly different behavior on Windows
  • 13. IIS 7 Modules Individual features used to process a request Executed in a pipeline Native  OS specific binaries (e.g. written in C++)  More performant Managed  .NET assemblies, executed by the .NET CLR  More secure and manageable
  • 14. Windows Server 2012 - SNI Windows Server 2012 introduces some important features  Huge performance improvements for multi-tenant! Server Name Indication (SNI)  Assign different X509 certificates to different host headers  Requires IE >= 7.0, Chrome >= 6.0, FF >= 2.0, SafariMobile >= 5.0  Non supported in IE on Windows XP (even on IE 9)!
  • 15. CPU Throttling CPU resource pooling is a problem in IIS 7.x  Processes exceeding their quota get killed, not throttled  Lots of errors in user applications  Not suitable for multitenant scenarios This feature required specific kernel support
  • 16. Windows Server 2012 CPU Throttling
  • 17. WebPI Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WebPI) is a free tool that simplifies deployment of web solutions  IIS features and extensions  WinCache, PHP Drivers for SQL Server, PHP Manager  Frameworks  PHP 5.2 / 5.3, .Net, etc  Web applications  Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, DotNetNuke, Orchard, etc  Database  MS SQL Server Express, MySQL, etc  WebMatrix  WebMatrix 2 RC available!
  • 18. Drupal via WebPI Fastest way to setup Drupal on IIS Takes care of all the steps  Deploy of Drupal (6.x or 7.x)  Dependencies  PHP, IIS: CGI, URL Rewrite, VC9, WinCache, etc  File permissions  Database creation
  • 19. Windows Cache Extension for PHP Open source project developed by Microsoft IIS Specific accelerator Requires PHP 5.2 or 5.3 x86  Non thread safe version Provides features not available in APC and other accelerators Current version: 1.1
  • 20. Drush 5.x A command line shell and scripting interface Written in PHP MS SQL Server is supported Windows setup available on  Takes care of all required dependencies  Requires elevation
  • 21. Drush aliases Create a file aliases.drushrc.php in %UserProfile%.drush$aliases[’drupal7] = array( root => /path/to/drupal, uri =>, os => Windows, remote-user => Administrator, winrs-password => Passw0rd, remote-host => DrupalWeb1);
  • 22. Server Farm IIS extensions:  Application request Routing (ARR)  Web Farm Framework (WFF) You can enable independently  Load balancing and caching  Server farm provisioning  Platform / applications
  • 23. WebDeploy Web Application Packaging  Application or site, including DBs  Sources and destinations can be  Live servers  Zip files Deployment  Administrative rights not required  Integration with VMSVC for remote deployment IIS server synchronization  Entire server / site / application  Differential  Detects missing dependencies
  • 24.  Software  Production licenses for self hosting: Windows Web Server 2008 R2; SQL Server 2008 Web Edition and development tools Azure  WebsiteSpark members get up to $1400* in annual Windows Azure resources Training  Free online training and access to the MSDN developer community and resources Support  2 professional support incidents Criteria  An individual or a company with < than 10 employees engaged in website design & development Check out also BizSpark for startups 
  • 25. Resources Webcasts!  Deploying Drupal on IIS with Web Platform Installer (WebPI)  Deploying Drupal on IIS without Web Platform Installer (WebPI)  Building a Drupal Web Farm with IIS and Application Request Routing (ARR) - Part 1  Building a Drupal Web Farm with IIS - Part 2  IIS URL Rewrite for PHP and Drupal  Web Deployment Tool (WebDeploy) for Drupal sites  Optimizing Drupal and PHP sites on IIS, including Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)  Optimizing Drupal in IIS with Memcache and Solr  Configuring and managing Drupal with SQL Server  Managing Drupal on the Windows Platform with Drush