Drupal on IIS with SQL Server

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Drupal 7 provides great support for SQL Server as a backend and there are a lot of reasons why you'll like this combination. This webcast starts by showing you how to install a Drupal 7 web site with …

Drupal 7 provides great support for SQL Server as a backend and there are a lot of reasons why you'll like this combination. This webcast starts by showing you how to install a Drupal 7 web site with a SQL Server Express backend in a few clicks with WebPi and then discusses how to create and manage databases, logins and users using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and the command line (SQLCMD).

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  • 1. Drupal on IIS with aSQL Server database Alessandro Pilotti @alexpilotti MVP ASP.NET / IIS MCSD, MCAD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCT Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • 2. SQL Server and Drupal Drupal offers the option to choose the database backend  No more limited to MySQL Drupal 7 provides great support for SQL Server 2008  All major modules nowadays use PDO and portable SQL  Works as well with SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 MS provides a PHP PDO driver for SQL Server There’s a free Express edition  Limited to 10GB per database SQL Azure
  • 3. SQL Server for MySQL devs / admins SQL Server is a relational database like MySQL You can write SQL queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE DELETE)  Like for every other DBMS there are some tricky differences  E.g. MySQL is more forgiving in the GROUP BY clause Management tools:  Management Studio  sqlcmd.exe
  • 4. Edition comparison Express (free)  Contains everything you need for the average Drupal site  Limited to 10GB database size, 1GB memory, 1 socket / 4 cores Web Standard Enterprise Feature comparison charts:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc645993.aspx
  • 5. SQL Server useful features Online backup (included also in express edition!)  Full  Differential  Log Replication  Min. standard edition, web and express only as subscribers Mirroring  Min. standard edition Log shipping  Min. web editition Great profiling tools  UI tools in standard edition
  • 6. Instances You can install multiple isolated instances on the same server Only one can be the default unnamed instance All the others are named It means that you connect to the server with a name:  E.g. yourserverSQLEXPRESS
  • 7. Databases SQL Server instances, like MySQL, contain multiple databases Every Drupal site has usually a separate database  Or you can use table_prefix of course Databases can be moved to different instances  detached from one  Attached to the other Databases can be put individually offline
  • 8. Authentication Login  Credentials needed to connect to the instance  Windows account (integrated)  No password, best security approach  SQL server (mixed mode)  Classic username and password  Instance wide roles can be assigned to logins Database users  Specific to each database  Logins are mapped to database users  Object level (table, etc) permissions are granted to users Roles  A collection of permissions  Users can be assigned to roles
  • 9. Main database roles db_owner  Can do everything on the database (not the instance!) db_datareader  Can run SELECT on any table / view db_datawriter  Can run INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE db_ddladmin  Can run any DDL command (CREATE, DROP, etc)
  • 10. How to create a database Very easily with Management Studio Via command line: sqlcmd –S .SQLEXPRESS –E create database drupal7 create login drupal7 with password = Passw0rd’ go use drupal7 go create user drupal7 for login drupal7 exec sp_addrolemember db_owner, drupal7 go
  • 11. Drupal 7 site with SQL Server using WebPi With just a few click using WebPi  Add also:  SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Express with SP1
  • 12. Drupal 7 site with SQL Server w/o WebPi Create web site Download and install SQL Server PDO driver:  http://www.microsoft.com/en- us/download/details.aspx?id=20098 Enable PHP extensions php_sqlsrv and php_pdo_sqlsrv  Drush @drupal7 dl sqlsrv  cd your_drupal_site_path  xcopy /i sitesallmodulessqlsrvsqlsrv includesdatabasesqlsrv
  • 13. Database management Schedule proper backup policy  With or without transaction log Schedule maintenance tasks  Update statistics  Reindex  Shrink database
  • 14. Backup policy Schedule a proper backup policy, e.g.:  Full database backup every night  Log every 5’ (or more, depending on your db)  This way you will not lose more than 5’ of data! To be able to backup the transaction log, set the database recovery model to  Full or Bulk-Logged  Default is Simple
  • 15. Backup Use Management Studio or BACKUP DATABASE [drupal7] TO DISK = Nc:backupdrupal7_backup.bak WITH INIT, NAME = Ndrupal7-Full Database Backup’ Store backups on a remote file share!  To do that run the SQL service with an ad hoc user  Create the same user on the server with the network share
  • 16. Set recovery model Management Studio (very easy) T-SQL (e.g. sqlcmd): USE [master] GO ALTER DATABASE [drupal7] SET RECOVERY FULL WITH NO_WAIT
  • 17. How to schedule a backup The express edition of SQL Server doesn’t have a UI to schedule backups and other tasks We can use the windows scheduler to schedule:  Full backup every night  Log backup every 5’  Delete of old backups every nightschtasks.exe /create /tn drupal7_db_backup_full /tr "sqlcmd -S.SQLExpress -E -i c:backupdrupal7_backup_full.sql" /sc DAILY /ruAdministrator /rp /st 02:00:00 Useful task commands:  schtasks.exe /run /tn drupal7_db_backup_full  schtasks.exe /delete /tn drupal7_db_backup_full
  • 18. To schedule a log backup E.g.: every 15’:  schtasks.exe /create /tn drupal7_dbbackup_log /tr "sqlcmd -S .SQLExpress -E -i c:backupdrupal7_backup_log.sql" /sc MINUTE /MO 15 /ru administrator /rp
  • 19. Restore a database Best done via Management Studio Or manually (here’s a complete sample):  RESTORE DATABASE [drupal7] FROM DISK = Nc:backupdrupal7_backup_full_2012_05_15_14_53_06_470.bak WITH FILE = 1, NORECOVERY  GO  RESTORE DATABASE [drupal7] FROM DISK = Nc:backupdrupal7_backup_diff_2012_05_15_14_53_09_867.bak WITH FILE = 1, NORECOVERY  GO  RESTORE LOG [drupal7] FROM DISK = Nc:backupdrupal7_backup_log_2012_05_15_14_53_13_913.trn WITH FILE = 1, NORECOVERY  GO  RESTORE LOG [drupal7] FROM DISK = Nc:backupdrupal7_backup_log_2012_05_15_14_53_15_200.trn WITH FILE = 1  GO