Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing



Brief introduction to cloud computing

Brief introduction to cloud computing



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    Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Presentation Transcript

    • Cloud Computing Ale š Červenka and Pavel Šmerk
    • What is it?
      • computing without any special hardware or software
      • software as well as hardware are somewhere in the Internet
      • on the “client” side, all you need is any device with decent Internet connection, i.e. PC, laptop, mobile phone, ...
      • according to some people it is only a buzzword that repackages grid- and utility-computing
    • Why the CLOUD?
      • the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet
      • it is derived from its common depiction in network diagrams as a cloud outline.
    • What makes up a cloud?
      • a pool of highly scalable, abstracted infrastructure, capable of hosting customer applications
      • dynamic allocation, scaling, movement of applications
    • Characteristics
      • you pay for use
      • it is completely OS independent
      • you need not to own and maintain your own server infrastructure or other special hardware
      • you need not even to install any software — you use your web browser to access services
    • Advantages
      • saves cost, economy of scale
      • highly scalable
      • speeds innovation
      • easy to deploy new services for a global market
    • Disadvantages
      • you are not in full control of your data
      • you must be online to use it
      • you depend on your provider
      • selling globally means obeying a host of local and international regulations
        • data privacy, censorship, human rights
    • Security
      • you trust your bank that your money is safe
      • you trust your ISP that they do not spy on you‏
      • you might also trust your CC services provider that your data is safe and they do not spy on you
    • Top Providers I.
      • HaaS: Hardware as a Service
        • Amazon: Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
        • Google: App Engine
        • Akamai
        • IBM
    • Top Providers II.
      • SaaS: Software as a Service
        • Google: Gmail, Docs
        • Yahoo!: Flickr
        • Zoho
        • Salesforce
        • Clarizen
    • References I.
      •,,sid192_gci1287881,00.html #
    • References II.