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  1. 1. Venezuela Luis Zamudio Cesar ReyesAlvaro Valenzuela
  2. 2. Fast FactsO Monetary Unit: BolivarO Estándar monthly income: 2047,52 bolívares (476.17 US dls)O Major Industries: Petroleum, iron ore mining, construction materials.O Main Trading Partners O Exports: U.S.(50%), Germany (5%), Japan (4%), Netherlands (3%) O Imports: U.S.(44%), Germany (7%), Italy (7%), Japan (4%), Canada (2%)
  3. 3. Fast FactsO Key exports: Petroleum, bauxite, aluminum, iron ore, agricultural products.O Key imports: Foodstuffs, chemicals, transportation equipment.O Major cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia.O Ethnic groups: Mestizo (Spanish-Indian mix) (67%), Caucasian (21%), Black (10%), Indian (2%)O Main Religions: Roman Catholic (96%, nominally), Protestant (2%)O Languages: Spanish is the official language; Portuguese is spoken in many areas
  4. 4. Reducing communication noiseO Greetings O Shake hands and smile politely upon meeting. Men greet close friends with an abrazo (a full embrace), while women greet with an abrazo and a kiss on the cheek. Abrazos are given between men and women only if they are close friends or relatives. O Venezuelans are very title-conscious. (Señor, Señora, Señorita, or professional title) O Common greetings are Buenos días (Good morning), Buenas tardes (Good afternoon), and Buenas noches (Good evening).
  5. 5. Reducing communication noiseO Conversation O Baseball is Venezuelas most popular sport. Horse racing, bullfighting, soccer, fishing, and hunting are also enjoyed. O Be respectful in conversation of religious or historical figures. O English is widely understood among businesspeople.
  6. 6. O Maintain eye contact during conversation.O Try to get comfortable with the closer physical distance in Venezuela than in the United States. Your counterpart is likely to stand much closer to you than you are used to.* Dont sit in a slouched position or put your feetup on any object.
  7. 7. GreetingsO Man greeting Man - Men shake hands when greeting one another and maintain direct eye contact. At a first meeting a handshake will suffice and is sometimes combined with slight touches on the arms and/or elbows. Handshakes are usually warm yet firm.
  8. 8. GreetingsO Woman greeting Woman- At a first meeting, a light handshake will suffice, sometimes usually accompanied by a slight nod and warm smile. Friends and close acquaintances generally kiss each other once on the cheek.
  9. 9. GreetingsO Man greeting Woman- At a first meeting a regular handshake will do. Friends, family and close acquaintances will share a light kiss on the cheek with a slight hug.
  10. 10. DressO Venezuelans value being well dressed and nicely groomed. Dress to impress.O For men: high quality dark colored suits with shirt and conservative tiesO For women: feminine stylish business suits or dresses and matching shoes.O Elegant accessories can go a long way in impressing a potential client.O Jeans, sneakers, and business casual attire are a no-no.
  11. 11. Eye contactO Venezuelans favor direct eye contact over indirect. Maintaining eye contact is important and not doing so is considered impolite and bad form.O During conversations sustained eye contact is commonplace rather than sporadic.
  12. 12. Gender issuesO Work opportunities for women are varied and available depending on social class.O Women are still expected to do most if not all of the cooking and cleaning.O As a woman going to local bars and clubs unaccompanied is not advised.O Local men can be somewhat aggressive in their pursuit of foreign women. Women who are firm yet somewhat friendly in rejecting these advances tend to gain the respect of men.
  13. 13. NegotiationsO Venezuelans favor holding the power in a meeting so it is important to avoid hard selling, pressure tactics and any sort of conflict or confrontation.O It is considered acceptable to interrupt someone who is speaking. This may happen a lot and prolong the negotiations.O Decisions are usually made by the highest ranking official.
  14. 14. TaboosO Making an O.K. sign is an extremely rude gesture. Avoid it.O Beckoning or pointing with the index finger is considered bad form. Using your whole hand, palm flat, is the way to go.O Putting one’s feet on the furniture is considered extremely bad form.
  15. 15. ComertialsO AddidasO sqK22IO FordO iLjU8
  16. 16. Venezuela’s backgroundO dqBlE
  17. 17. Gruma, S.A.B de C.V.O It’s Mexican cororation more globalized. leader in cornstarch and tortillas in a global level.O 15 companies in Venezuela.
  18. 18. Venezuela, opotunity in theautomobile area for mexicoO Venezuela joins the mercosur treaty and the opportunity for doing bussines increases for Mexico.O ACCE 55O ?option=com_k2&view=item&id=34551&It emid=26