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X lisa 1 faculty led program renewal form 0813 (1)

  1. 1. 1 Program Renewal Form Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Instructions and Timeline:  This form is used for previously approved study abroad programs where a complete proposal was prepared and submitted within the last 3 years by the current lead faculty director and is on file with the Study Abroad Office.  This form should be submitted as per the schedule below. This allows adequate time to get program approval and also arrange logistics, market the program, accept applications, and prepare the group for departure. o Fall Semester Semester/Embedded Programs: 9 months prior to departure (January 15 of the same year) o Spring Semester/Embedded Programs: 9 months prior to departure (May 15 of the previous year) o Summer/Maymester: 12 months prior to departure (May 15 of the previous year)  Faculty members are advised not to market their program to students or accept students to participate until their program has been approved.  Both the academics and program logistics (including safety and security of students and faculty who participate in Clemson University study abroad programs) are extremely important. Therefore, all undergraduate and graduate programs sponsored by Clemson University must be reviewed and approved by the Academic Department, the Study Abroad Office and the International Programs Coordination Committee (IPCC).  The Program Approval Form is submitted to the academic department for review and approval and then submitted electronically to the Director for Study Abroad (Uttiyo Raychaudhuri at uttiyo@clemson.edu). It will then be sent to the Clemson University International Programs Coordination Committee (IPCC) for review. Upon approval by the IPCC, the faculty member may begin arranging the program logistics and advertising to students in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office. Due with Application Due 6 months before departure Due 3 months before departure - Completed and signed Faculty Led Program Renewal Application with Department Chair approval -Program evaluations, operational assessments, and incident reports from previous year attached - Signed Faculty Expectations form - Complete program budget - Course syllabi updated and accurate for renewed program - Complete, detailed itinerary including academic schedule and contact hours -Complete Risk Management Details -Relevant proposals and statements from third-party partners -Orientation materials (two weeks before orientation date) Current deadlines are also posted on the Study Abroad website: www.clemson.edu/studyabroad
  2. 2. 2 Program Information: Program Faculty Leaders: _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Student Assistants: ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Other Staff: _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Department: ______________________________________________________________________________ Phone (U.S.): ______________________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________________________ Program Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Program Location (city/country): ________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Program Dates: ____________________________________________________________________________ Tentative Program Costs: __________________________________________________________________ Courses and credits offered: _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Pre-requisites: ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 3 Program Modifications Please indicate the areas in which a change from the original proposal is proposed. Location: ___ yes ___ no Courses or course descriptions: ___ yes ___ no Faculty: ___ yes ___ no Assistants: ___ yes ___ no Housing: ___ yes ___ no Excursions: ___ yes ___ no Other (please be specific): ___ yes ___ no Describe in detail the specified changes and the reasons for the change (attach additional sheets if required):
  4. 4. 4 Program Renewal Form Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Department Chair Approval Recommendation for: __________________________________________________________ (Faculty Member) ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ The faculty member is applying to repeat a study abroad program that has been previously approved. I have reviewed the application and all supporting documents and the proposed program meets departmental academic expectations. Please sign below: Academic Department Chair Department Date Study Abroad Office, Director Date The contents of this recommendation will be kept in confidence in the Study Abroad Office. This form may be reviewed by the Academic Department Chair, the Dean of the appropriate College, the University International Programs Coordination Committee, the Director of Study Abroad, and the Vice Provost for Global Engagement.