Intl orientation august 2013


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Intl orientation august 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to NSU! Office of International Affairs August 2013
  2. 2. Overview of Presentation • Office of International Affairs • Student Visa- Compliance issues • International Student Employment
  3. 3. Office of International Affairs Mission To develop, facilitate, and oversee high quality innovative international programs, initiatives and partnerships by providing leadership, coordination, and service to students and faculty both on and off campus.
  4. 4. Office of International Students and Scholars OISS Jim Vatral Deborah Pabon 5 student workers Office of International Affairs OIA Dr. Anthony J. DeNapoli, Executive Director Alejandra Parra, M.A., Associate Director NSU Schools, Colleges, and Centers Office of Enrollment and Student Services ESS Study Abroad
  5. 5. NSU Overall Facts and Figures International Enrollment on campus: over 1,231 students (student visa) 116 countries represented on campus
  6. 6. NSU in the world.... Asia The Caribbean Europe Latin America Africa North America
  7. 7. Interesting Facts about International Students at NSU…
  8. 8. Interesting Facts about International Students at NSU…
  9. 9. Office of International Students and Scholars MAINTAINING YOUR LEGAL STATUS
  10. 10. AFTER YOU ARRIVE: Check-In at the Office of International Students and Scholars and bring your: •I-20 •Passport •Visa •Local Address •Local Phone Number •Nova email address •Certificate of Virtual Pre-arrival Orientation
  12. 12. What is SEVIS? Student & Exchange Visitor Information System
  13. 13. SEVIS I-20
  14. 14. SEVIS I-20 Academic Level Academic Program Length of Program Initial attendance/Continued attendance/Transfer in progress Your I-20’s program’s end date should not expire prior to completing your coursework or you will fall out of status. If you will not complete your studies before this date, please contact our office for instructions on how to extend this time
  15. 15. SEVIS I-20 This area may or may not be stamped by immigration. .
  16. 16. Information recorded in SEVIS and reported to USCIS • Dropping below full course load • Failure to enroll in classes • Termination of program (graduation; withdrawal) • Change of address for F-1 and F-2’s •Program start/end dates •Term start/end dates •Educational level •Program or major •Program extension •Authorized vacations •Transfer to/from NSU •Off-campus employment/employer information
  17. 17. Maintaining legal F1 status • Full Course of Study Undergraduate: 12 credit hours Master’s: 6 credit hours Doctoral: 1 class • On-line classes – only one per term towards your program of study • Local Address – report any address change to the OISS within 10 days
  18. 18. Maintaining Legal Status • Employment – only authorized employment • Prior Approval –Reduced Course Load –Dropping/Withdrawing –Change of Major/Program –Off-Campus Employment • I-20 – valid and properly endorsed
  19. 19. • Not checking in at the OISS • Registered below a full course load • Not enrolling • Withdrawing or dropping classes without authorization • Taking only online classes • When I-20 expires before program completion • Working without authorization • Changing address and not reporting the changes to the OISS within 10 days How does a student fall out of status?
  20. 20. PAYMENT INFORMATION • Register for courses • automated system creates an E-bill • sent NSU e-mail account • E-bill • amount you owe • form of payment • the terms of payment • Payments - automated system which you will find within the Sharklink area. • Payments must be made within 30 days of the beginning of the semester. • “Bursar’s hold” • “late payment fee” of $100
  21. 21. Non-Payment Bursars Hold Termination of Status for “Failure to Enroll”!!!! Cannot Register DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU…
  22. 22. WHAT IF I FALL OUT OF STATUS? Apply for reinstatement. Leave and re-enter the country with a new I-20. Or, you can… You can…
  23. 23. Travelling To your home country • valid I-20 • valid visa (except Canada or Bermuda) • passport which is valid 6 months into the future from the date the student intends to re- enter the USA Other than home country • valid I-20 • valid visa (except Canada or Bermuda) • passport which is valid 6 months into the future from the date the student intends to re- enter the USA Important: Check with the Embassy of that country for any additional visa requirements
  24. 24. Can an international student work while in the USA? ON CAMPUS 20 hours (part-time) 37.5 hours (full time) OFF CAMPUS • CPT Curricular Practical Training • Economic hardship • OPT Optional Practical Training
  25. 25. • Never destroy your “old” immigration documents. • Always keep copies of your important documents. • Your responsibility to know the regulations. • ALWAYS check your Nova email account. • Never act on “information” from friends, relatives, or the grapevine • Make sure all your documents are up-to-date and valid before you travel internationally. Information to remember….
  26. 26. Also remember… • Do not use a tourist visa for re-entry • When in doubt, seek advise at the OISS • In case of emergency contact OISS • If detained and questioned at the point-of- entry, only answer their questions. • Academic performance –SUSPENDED or DISMISSED I-20 is IMMEDIATELY terminated and you must leave the country immediately
  27. 27. After Completion If you complete your program and do not apply for OPT you have 60 days in which to • Transfer to another university • Begin a new program at NSU • Depart the United States
  28. 28. Additional Information
  29. 29. TRANSPORTATION NSU Shuttle Bus Service TriRail/Metrorail
  30. 30. Driving in Florida To apply for a Florida Driver License • Visit the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Office or check online at • Make an appointment and bring with you the following documents:  SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019  Valid passport  F-1 or F-2 visa  Social Security Card if issued  Two proofs of address (Official transcripts, Bank correspondence, Bills e.g. FPL, cable Please get CAR INSURANCE (mandatory in the USA)
  31. 31. Health Insurance Please go to the Health Center webpage for information It is highly recommended that you get Health Insurance while you are studying in the USA!!!
  32. 32. TAX Information Visit for information
  33. 33. OIA Contact information Website: Email: Phone: 954-262-7240 (24/7) Skype: