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UAV Business Model Study 2014 - Project Presentation
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UAV Business Model Study 2014 - Project Presentation UAV Business Model Study 2014 - Project Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • UAV PROJECT May 2014 Ji Chen, Temitope Alli, Alena Krylova, Henri Rekonen, Matti Laukkanen, Ayorinde Olubode, David Saeluzika
  • Content 1. Market Specific Industry Overview, Company Profiles, Enabling & Limiting Factors: • UK • Australia • Russia • New Zealand • France • China 2. SBIR & Recent Patents
  • MARKET: UK By Henri Rekonen
  • Civil UAV Industry in the UK • In 2013 The National Aeronautical Centre, world’s first civil UAV test center was launched in the United Kingdom - Suitable for large UAV testing - UK in the forefront of the industry • In 2013 The European Commission published the ‘Roadmap for the integration of civil Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems into the European Aviation Systems’ - Development of civil UAV industry taken seriously - In the coming years UAV’s will be integrated
  • Civil UAV Operators in the UK • 192 UAV operators with a permission for aerial work - 147 permissions for UAV’s under 7kg - 69 permissions for UAV’s between 7-20kg - 2 permissions for UAV’s over 20kg • Majority of the operators seem to be quite small • Some of the operators also do pilot training and sell and/or manufacture UAV equipment
  • • Located in Norwich • Established in 2011 • Number of personnel - 2 • Offers general UAV photography and video, precision agriculture, flight training and sells Versadrone UAS equipment • Active in social media and blog writing
  • • Located in Surrey • Number of personnel - 2 • Offers UAV photography and videos • Specialized in broadcasting projects - Clients: BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sony, etc. • Was involved in the Domicopter project - Domino’s pizza delivered by a drone - Created a notable effect in media
  • • Located in Surrey • Established in 2012 • Number of personnel - 4 (1 in Australia) • Offers UAV photography and video, ground based filming, creative direction, editing and film creation • Clients: Rolls-Royce, Kew Gardens, BBC Sport, NHS estates, etc. • Prices for aerial filming start from £995 + VAT
  • • Located in London • Number of personnel - 3 • Offers UAV photography and video, aerial surveys, cable cam systems, radio controlled airship • Manufactures a lot of the equipment in-house - Bespoke systems available for sale • Clients: Portland design, Attaboy TV, Havas Worldwide London, etc. • Committed to reduce environmental effects of its operations
  • • Located in Surrey • Established in 1996 • Offers UAV photography and video, ground level photography and mast photography • Experienced in photography and video industry - Originally offered photography services to businesses and organizations • Clients: London 2012 Olympics, BBC Holby City, Berkley Homes, etc.
  • Enablers Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVS) • Established in 1998 • Non-profit organization funded by membership subscriptions • Promotes UAS industry and its members’ interests • Interfaces with government and the regulators • Provides industry insight and advice • Informs about UAS trainings
  • Limiting Factors Civil Aviation Authority • Aviation regulator in the United Kingdom • In January 2010 introduced new regulations concerning UAV’s, permission needed for: o Aerial work o If flown within a congested area and/or close to people or property • UAV’s need to be flown within line of sight (500m) and below 400ft • UAV operating permits classified according to weight o Under 7kg; 7-20kg and over 20kg
  • Conclusions • UAV industry still under development • Many small companies • Integration of UAV’s in to the airspace will happen in the coming years  High growth expectations
  • MARKET: AUSTRALIA By Temitope Alli
  • Civil UAV Industry in Australia • UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle i.e. Zero pilot on board. • Started out as military tools • Peculiar for highly risky situation • Australia UAV started late 1940`s (e. g. From RPV Jindivik, Jindivik, Nulka, and Aerosonde towards continuous innovative trend till date. • UAV global Production worth $2.6 billion `US. UAV association based in Washington DC
  • Civil UAV Operators in Australia • UAV Tier Classification and Characteristics Category Designation Max Alt Radius Speed Endurance Example Tier I Interim-Medium Altitude, Endurance Up to 15,000 ft. Up to 250k 60-100 kts. 5 - 24 hrs. Pioneer; Searcher Tier II Medium Altitude, Endurance 3,000 ft. to 25,000 ft. 900 km 70 kts. cruise More than 24 hrs. Predator (Used in Bosnia) Tier II Plus High Altitude, Endurance 65,000 ft. max Up to 5,000 km 350 kts. cruise Up to 42 hrs. Global Hawk (1998) Tier III Minus Low Observable - High Altitude, Endurance 45,000 ft. to 65,000 ft. 800 km 300 kts. cruise Up to 12 hrs. . Darkstar (1999)
  • Civil UAV Operators in Australia Numerous Australia UAV Companies from: • 3D Point cloud • Aerial photography • 3D visualisation • Aerial mapping • Aerial surveying • Aerial video • Film and TV • Property monitoring amongst others
  • • Australia`s UAV market leader for Aerial Photography, Aerial mapping and etc. commercial UAV segment • Based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane • Key clients includes: A-list clients like Fox Sports, BGC, L.J. Hooker, 21 Century, REMAX, and Colliers International amongst others
  • • Global Unmanned Systems Pty Ltd • Based in Perth Australia • UAV Enablers core business UAV data processing, analysing and application for UAV industries in Australia-wide and globally
  • • Airsight Australia headquarters are based in Brisbane. • Innovative Cutting edge UAS systems of UAV • Broad genre of UAV tier 1 – 4 categories of UAV • HD aerial video with series cameras and Len payloads, aerial photography, aerial mapping, aerial monitoring and customized UAV design as par customer’s needs
  • • Based in Sydney, Newcastle/Hunter area NSW • Specialist in UAV aerial photography • Focus on what they do: - Asset & equipment inspections - Environmental monitoring - Film and television - Real estate photography - Mining & resources - Stock aerial footage
  • • Located in Perth, western Australia • Aerial photography services • Engineering and construction of UAV; Asset Management • Data interpretation and upload to Google Earth • Photo/video editing • Remote inspections • Environmental monitoring • Emergency services • UAV strategic planning and advice
  • Enablers • British Aerospace Australia (BAeA) • Boeing Australia earlier known as AeroSpace Technologies Australia (ASTA) • Australian Aerial Surveillance Service specialist • Australian Flight Test Services Pty Ltd (AFTS) • Aerospace Technical Services Pty Limited (ATS) enablers of test services • University of Sydney, Department of Aeronautical Engineering • RMIT Department of Aerospace Engineering/Wackett Centre enabling continuous UAV innovative research at post graduate levels
  • Limiting Factors • Australia`s Transport Bureau – CASA • CASA – Civil Aviation Safety Authority is charge • Rules, regulations and policies guiding UAV activity and operations
  • Conclusion • Multi billion dollar industry with enormous potential for continuous innovative growth • UAV is a synergy process of cooperative advancement for all various stakeholders
  • MARKET: RUSSIA By Alena Krylova
  • Civil UAV Industry in Russia • Civil application of UAVs is a recent trend • Applied in a great variety of ways • Innovation resistance • Growing popularity, especially in the sphere of science, in emergency situations and monitoring of dangerous objects • Recent massive investments by the government
  • Civil UAV Operators in Russia • Mostly small young companies / start-ups • Are concentrated in Moscow • Tend to employ people from military background • High customization level => vast range of services • Are innovative - tend to contribute to technology side as well • No fixed pricing
  • • Established in 2009 • Headquartered in Moscow • Managed by 2 people • Services offered: - Video shootings for various purposes, spherical aero-panoramas - Video shootings with aerotrike / ultralight plane (NEW) - Aero photography with UAV • Customers: individuals, municipalities, film production companies, construction and real estate companies, event management organizations, universities and research centers
  • • Headquarters in Moscow • Services offered: - Aerial photo and video survey of localities - Inspection of real estate objects - Film and TV shooting - High-customization level => enormous field of application • Customers: Individuals, municipalities, research institutions and universities, real estate companies, film production companies • 4 different types of UAVs
  • • Headquartered in Moscow • Services offered: Aero photography: scenic low-altitude shooting, scenic panoramic shooting, photo plan shooting, artistic aero photo shooting + customized projects • Customers: Individuals, municipalities, research centers and universities, real estate companies, various commercial organizations
  • • Headquartered in Izhevsk • Services offered: Various UAV application; specializes in UAV for Power Transmission Line Inspection & Remote control of oil and gas pipelines • Customers: Oil and gas industry companies, government and municipalities, hunters, research institutions and universities, farmer, etc. • 6 types of UAVs
  • • Headquartered in Moscow • Services offered: various types of UAV application • Customers: Individuals, municipalities, research institutions, construction industry, landscape design and planning companies • 3 types of UAVs
  • Enablers • Government support and heavy investments • Supporting industries: - Heavy industries’ growth - Safety concerns • Economic efficiency of UAVs • Growing interest and demand from the private sector
  • Limiting Factors • Lack of UAV reliability • High cost • Government regulations on UAV operations • No state authority responsible for civil UAVs application • No interaction between UAV operators and dispatchers of Russian Department of Internal Affairs • Lack of skilled professionals • Concerns about illegal UAV use
  • Conclusions • Need for organization of civil UAV application and long-term policies • If current administrative and technical problems will be solved in the near future, Civil UAV industry in Russia has high potential
  • MARKET: NEW ZEALAND By Matti Laukkanen
  • Civil UAV Industry in New Zealand • Started in military use • Interests in commercial use have been growing rapidly • Currently has 5/5 point in UAV-friendly rating
  • Civil UAV Operators in New Zealand
  • • Established in 2009 • Their technology is based around military experiment • Orthorectified Imagery, Point Cloud Generation, Full Motion Video
  • • Established 2011 • Focused on film industry • Aerial Film, Aerial Photography, Project Management
  • • Specialize on low-level aerial video and photography • 3d surface modelling, aerial photography, aerial orthography, aerial video
  • • Focuses on aerial photography, cinematography, filmmaking and service sector applications • Online store, flying courses, retail stores, maintenance agreements, online technical staff
  • • Specialises in the design and development of Vertical Takeoff Rotary Wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (VTOL) and precision camera gimbals • Production, online store, Design & development services • Film industry, environmental agencies, government agencies
  • Enablers • Factor conditions • Related and supporting industries • Growing user demand • Developing technology
  • Limiting Factors • The Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand • Social Limitations • Environmental Limitations • Safety • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Conclusions • Commercial use growing rapidly • Future restrictions & regulations • New Zealand’s growing film industry
  • MARKET: FRANCE By Ayorinde Olubode
  • Civil UAV Industry in France • France is a leader in this UAV sector on two aspects: Regulation and Technology • More than 14 manufacturers and 220 drone operators for civil use declared to the DGAC France
  • Civil UAV Operators in France Use UAV for: • Aerial photography • Remote inspection • Precision Agriculture • Film and TV • Environmental service • Law Enforcement
  • • Freeway Drone is a subsidiary of Freeway Prod Sarl. They are specialized in aerial photography using UAVs. • They have 12 UAVs • Established 15 years ago
  • • Aerial shooting services with drones, aerial photography and video solutions • Film and TV, real estate photography, precision agriculture, aerial surveying, aerial Photography, agricultural services
  • • Aerial Photography • Remote inspection • Precision Agriculture • Aerial Surveying • Aerial Mapping
  • • Photogrammetry – photomapping • Aerial Surveying • Aerial mapping • Aerial photography • Own 4 UAVs
  • • Aerial Photography • Property monitoring • Security • Environmental service • Consulting service • Film and TV • Operator training
  • Enablers • Factor conditions: human resources, knowledge resources, capital resources, and infrastructure. • Demand conditions: sophisticated home market demand • Related and supporting industries: the UAV manufacturing industry, consultancy and engineering society, trading and marketing industries • Firm strategy, structure and rivalry: increase in number of companies operating UAVs on a commercial basis.
  • Limiting Factors • Government: currently there are flying restriction on UAVs and limitation on applications • Standards of marketing or use of drones
  • Conclusions • Degree of technical change will be very high in the UAS market in the coming years. Latest innovation: Solar powered UAV have endurance of more than 300 hours. • A substantial increase of new entrants in the UAV supply chain will occur over the next decade. • UAS market is opening up many new opportunities from UAV pilots to electronics and cameras
  • MARKET: CHINA By Ji Chen
  • Civil UAV Industry in China The market capacity for civil UAVs in China is still at an early stage: • Only a few rules regulating civilian UAVs have been mapped out by the government so far. • Few national and industrial standards for civil UAVs. • High cost, lack of advanced technology and governance, not so good product performance
  • Civil UAV Industry in China Chinese Civil UAV market has large potential: • Governments are setting the regulations and standards for civil UAVs • Low-altitude policy will open nationwide by the middle of 2015 • Currently around 200 civil UAV suppliers, one third of them are also operators
  • Civil UAV Operators in China • Mostly privately owned and are established in the past few years • Mostly small-sized and contains several personnel, have a few UAVs • Most of them are also suppliers • Services offered: - Plant protection - Emergency management - Environment protection - Oil exploration and monitoring - Aerial mapping - Tourist attraction monitoring - Land planning
  • ZFWT (Beijing) Spatial Technology Co., Ltd. • Established in 2010 • Headquarters in Beijing • Employs 60 engineers • Services offered: • Customers government department of small and medium-sized cites • 80 UAVs - UAV aerial mapping data service - UAV system design - UAV simulation - UAV-GCS development - UAV application Training
  • ZFWT (Beijing) Spatial Technology Co., Ltd. • Area 1: Jiling, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Beijing, Tianjing, Shandong • Area 2: Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Shānxi, Shǎnxi, Qinghai • Area 3: Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai • Area 4: Xizang, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing
  • Tianjing All China Times Aerial Technology Co., Ltd • Established in 2010 • Headquarters in Tianjing • Employs 110 people • Services offered: aerial mapping, aerial video, emergency management, plant protection, tourist attraction monitoring, tourist attraction monitoring, oil exploration and monitoring, environment protection • Customers: Maritime department, geological survey department • 7 types of UAVs
  • Shengyang Jinfengchun Hangkong Co., Ltd • Established in 2013 • Headquarters in Shengyang City, Liaoning Province • Services offered: plant protection, aerial mapping • Customers: plant growers, farmers • 3 types of UAVs
  • Henan Tianxiucai Country Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. • Established in 2011 • Headquarters in Kaifeng City, Henan Province • Services offered: aerial plant protection • Customers: plant growers all over the country • 2 types of UAVs
  • MF VISION Shanghai China, Ltd. • Established in 2006 • Headquarters in Shanghai • Services offered: aerial video, aerial photography, aerial 360 degree VR • Customers: - BBC (UK) - Fuji (Japan) - Wenzhou TV station - Ruian TV station - Dragon TV (Shanghai) - Wuxin Media (Beijing) - Documentary <kongfu>
  • Enablers • Government policies - Policies and short-term plans have given the large potential - Support of research and development for both government- owned enterprises and private enterprises. - Local governments’ policies to support civil UAV industry, such as allowance, industrial base • Establish of the first UAV research and development base of drones in Taiyuan • The open of low-altitude airspace nationwide by the middle of 2015
  • Limiting Factors • Civil UAV air traffic regulations - Published in 2009 - Basically stipulate that civil UAVs can only be operated in “segregated airspace” - General rules for pilots and commanders of UAVs
  • Limiting Factors • Interim Provisions for the pilots of civil UAVs (2014) - Definition of terms - Classification of UAVs according to the net weight - Classified management of UAVs (including self responsibility operations) - Guidelines for industry association in charge of the civil UAV pilots - Guidelines for the authority in charge of the civil UAV pilots (license requirements) - Operating requirements for pilots, commanders and other crews
  • Conclusions • A few regulations and standards but are expected to come out soon • Most of the operators are also suppliers • Large growth potential
  • SBIR & RECENT PATENTS By David Saeluzika
  • SBIR • SBIR program is established to award government or federal researches to small businesses • Government agencies that get over 100 million dollars are required to set aside a minimum of 2,5% of their budget on SBIR projects • SBIR are award contracts to assist in problem solving of DoD & NASA components
  • • Founded in 1987 • Located Science Park at Research Valley, Texas • Lynntech provides early-stage scientific research & technology development for government-sponsored initiatives. • Civil UAV project : Development of UAV batteries that have longer operating time & reduce weight power supplies.
  • • Develops & manufactures advanced unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles. • Founded in 1989 • Privately owned company with 200-500 employees • Civil UAV project: Developed a Sensor-Free Health Management System to reduce time spent on servicing & maintenance of UAV products
  • • Founded in 1996 • Partnership company • Located in Dayton, Ohio • Etegent Technologies, Ltd., is a high technology, R&D focused company conducting state-of-the-art research in a range of areas • Civil UAV project: Development of Speedy Sparse Bundle Adjustment for Video/Image Sequences
  • • Founded in 1974 • Located in Charlottesville, Virginia • Deals with fundamental and applied problems in meteorology • Civil UAV project: Optimizing the use of atmospheric energy to extend range and endurance of low altitude UAVs and small manned aircraft
  • Challenges of SBIR • Contracts are awarded to different companies in different phases • Funds allocated for SBIR is too low and competition is too high • There is no commercial market for UAVs after government research is fulfilled • Government restriction of use of drones
  • Conclusions • SBIR focuses on helping small companies • Currently there is no market for commercial UAVs • Potential market to exist as more technology and uses for UAVs develop • The UAV commercial industry is too small • Too little funding for UAVs