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  • 1. OSU College Assistance Migrant Program Peer Mentorship Program 2005-2006 ContractIn accepting the role of a College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Peer Mentor atOregon State University, I understand this leadership position requires that I meet certainstandards. These standards have been established to ensure the best possible experiencefor incoming first year students.I will seek to make all new students feel welcome at Oregon State University, with directemphasis on the mentee(s) with whom I work. I will be patient and understanding whenworking with students. I am aware that my actions have the ability to influence people’sopinions of both Oregon State University and myself.I am committed to this program for the academic year of 2005-2006. I will attenddesignated Mentorship Program meetings.I recognize myself as a role model. I will set a positive example for all new students byshowing respect and consideration for members of the faculty, staff, administration andtheir property.I will be sensitive to the uniqueness of each situation and the individual(s) involvedthereby promoting understanding and respect for the richness of opinions, values andcultural backgrounds. I will not tolerate incidents of prejudice or biases related to gender,race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion or ability. I will seek assistance from thePeer Mentor Coordinator should a situation arise that needs mediation or furtherdialogue.I will maintain a high level of professionalism. This includes maintaining appropriateboundaries with my mentee(s).I will accept that I will be asked some questions that could require a more informedanswer from a different source. I will refer all questions I cannot answer to theappropriate department or staff member.I will respect the confidentiality of student records and any other records or informationthat is accessible.I understand any and all violations of this contract are serious and could result inimmediate suspension as a mentor. I have read the above statements and agree tocomply with them.Signature_________________________________________ Date ________________ Legibly print name here: