Ukrainian branch of WDC
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Ukrainian branch of WDC

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Ukrainian branch of WDC

Ukrainian branch of WDC

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  • 1. Geoinformatics and sustainable development Part 1 Michael Zgurovsky, Alexei Gvishiani, Vitaliy Starostenko, Kostiantyn Yefremov, Alexei Pasichny, Nataliya Sergeeva
  • 2.  Decision of National academy of sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, Ministry of education and science (MES) of Ukraine and Geophysical Center of Russian academy of sciences (GC RAS) from April 3, 2006  Agreement about partnership, collaboration, and science exchange between Institute for applied systems (IASA) and Geophysical Center of RAS from May 17 2006
  • 3. ICSU – International council for science Total: 52 WDCs Australia (1), Belgium (2), China (9), Denmark (1), France (1), Germany (3), India (1), Japan (8), Netherlands (1), Russia (7), United Kingdom(3), USA (15) WDC B WDC for Physics of solid Earth Geophysical WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics Center of RAS Institute for applied UbWDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development systems analysis NAS and MOS
  • 4.  Initial stage of UbWDC creation  Joint projects ◦ Development of artificial intelligence technique for system prevision of complex anthropogenic and natural systems’ behavior ◦ Development of World Data Centers network for study of fundamental basis of intricate natural and antropogenic systems global modeling  Russian-Ukrainian Seminar on UbWDC development on April 24-26 2008
  • 5.  Data ◦ who gives it? (data suppliers) ◦ how is it passed? (infrastructure) ◦ how is it stored? (data model, software and hardware solutions) ◦ who uses it? (data users)  Services ◦ still inventing
  • 6.  Sustainable development Prof. Michael Zgurovsky Institute for applied systems analysis of NAS  Geoinformatics Prof. Vitaliy Starostenko Institute of geophysics of NAS ◦ Solid Earth Physics ◦ Solar Terrestrial Physics ◦ Oceanography
  • 7.  Data collection and processing ◦ Environmental data ◦ Economic and social data ◦ Geophysical data ◦ Data mining  Data services ◦ Global simulations and modeling ◦ Databases ◦ Geographic information systems ◦ Software development ◦ Internet service ◦ Information service
  • 8.