English london attractions


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English london attractions

  1. 1. London Attractions The presentation is made: student first course Скворцов Алексей В.
  2. 2. London <ul><li>London - capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the largest city in the British Isles. The city was founded In 43, Mr. Oe., during the invasion of Britain, the Romans, led by Emperor Claudius. The modern name of the city comes from the Roman &quot;Londinium&quot;. In the Saxon period London has lost all meaning.However, in the year 884, Alfred the Great made the city his capital. As the cultural center of London is famous for its rich museums and art galleries, theaters and musical life. The city is also known for the numerous ancient churches, which house the national shrine of the British people. </li></ul>F lag Coat of arms
  3. 3. <ul><li>British Museum - one of the largest and most important museums of human history and culture in the world. The museum was founded in 1753 based on the collection of physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. For the first time the museum opened to the public January 15, 1759 in Montague House in Bloomsbury, where there is now a modern museum. </li></ul>British Museum
  4. 4. Hampton Court Palace <ul><li>With a 500-year history, the Palace of Hampton Court (Hampton Court Palace) has much to offer its visitors. The palace is situated on 24 acres of famous gardens, speakers living historical picture since Henry VIII to George II.Here you will be able to shoot through the ages, watching the newly restored elegant Garden Priv XVIII century and the home environment Tudor kitchens, and feel the atmosphere of the royal dynasty. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Big Ben <ul><li>Big Ben - The Bell Tower in London, part of the architectural complex of Westminster Palace. The official name - &quot;The Clock Tower of Westminster Palace, also called&quot; Tower of St. Stephen. &quot; Actually &quot;Big Ben&quot; - the building itself and the clock with a bell.The tower's name comes from the name of 13-ton bell, the formation within it. The tower was built in 1858, clock tower were set in motion 21 May 1859. The tower 61 meters (not counting the spire); clock located at a height of 55 m from the ground.At the base of each of the four dials is a Latin inscription «Domine salvam fac Reginam nostram Victoriam Primam» («God save our Queen Victoria I»). </li></ul>
  6. 6. The Tower <ul><li>The Tower — the fortress erected on northern river bank Thames, historical city centre London. One of the oldest historical constructions of Great Britain, long time serving by residence of English monarchs. Today The Tower is simultaneously monument of history and the museum included in the list of objects, UNESCO belonging to the world heritage. The official name London The Tower – the Palace of Its highness and the Fortress, The Tower London, however the last time when governors used this place as palace, was I (1566-1625) at the time of board of king James. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Tower Bridge <ul><li>Above the dark waters of the Thames stretched the famous Tower Bridge, which became as much a symbol of London as the Eiffel Tower - Paris, the Statue of Liberty - New York City. It seems even banal, his image is so closely connected with the capital of England. Nevertheless, again and again, he shakes the viewer grandeur and severity of forms.At night, the medieval gloom Tower Bridge disappear, thanks to illumination, it appears to us as a kind of fantastic, fairy-tale structure. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Westminster Abbey <ul><li>With its identical square towers and magnificent arches is an ancient British Westminster Abbey in Gothic style is one of the greatest examples of ecclesiastical architecture. But for the English it is much more: it is the sanctuary of a nation, a symbol of all, for that fought and are fighting the British, and here is the place where she was crowned the majority of the country's rulers, many of whom are buried here. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Buckingham Palace <ul><li>The Buckingham palace is constructed under John Nash's project, located opposite to street Pel-Mell and marble with gilding of monument of queen Victoria. Cost of construction of palace was huge, and not without reason in this palace since 1837 lived the majority of governors of power. At present the Buckingham palace is residence of queen Elizabeth II which apartments leave on Green-park. Royal gardens in which there is small lake with walking round flamingo nearby settle down. Also in palace various solemn ceremonies, in particular, celebratings of birthday of the queen are spent. </li></ul>
  10. 10. St. Paul's Cathedral <ul><li>Constructed under the project of the well-known architect of 17 centuries of Christopher Rena, St. Paul's Cathedral is one of symbols of London. The building is executed in style of English baroque. </li></ul><ul><li>Having passed inside, you will see both huge colonnade and very beautiful, always the ladder filled with tourists. At you possibility to see fresco from Sacred Pavel's life, located under cathedral dome in &quot;whisper Gallery&quot; will be presented. Here so good acoustics, what even the most silently said word will be by all means heard on gallery opposite side. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Madame Tussauds <ul><li>Madame Tussauds – the most well-known wax museum in the world, 400 figures of the stars containing more, known politicians, sportsmen, members of royal families, and also criminals. In museum it is possible to make excursion through city history on figures of the well-known persons who formed this history, and exhibits of the Room of Horrors throw down challenge to visitors, testing their fears. </li></ul>
  12. 12. Parliament House <ul><li>Parliament House was the headquarters of the Government in the first half of XI century, but in fact to 1547 the building was not a permanent seat of government. These buildings include the Gothic style in 1850 and are the works of Charles Barry and Augustus Puzhin.It built on the site of the original structure, which was almost completely destroyed on the night of October 16, 1834 due to fire. </li></ul>
  13. 13. The Museum of Science <ul><li>In the Science Museum science and industry development and their influence on everyday life is displayed; the collections placed here – one of the greatest, all-round and considerable in the world. Here it is possible to see Stevenson's rocket and small copy of steam locomotive, jet engine Uittla and the space module Apollo-10. It is necessary to pay attention to collection of king George III where there are scientific tools are one of the most interesting galleries of science of XVIII-th century. There is also the separate gallery devoted to modern medicine. Many working models and video of exhibits. </li></ul>
  14. 14. London Eye <ul><li>London Eye - one of the largest Ferris wheel in the world, and perhaps one of the brightest sights of London (United Kingdom). From the height of 135 meters (about 45 floors) overlooking almost the entire city.Ferris wheel - designed by architects David Marks and Julia Barfield, who won the Eurovision project buildings in honor of the new millennium. Realization of the project in life has taken six years. </li></ul>
  15. 15. London City Hall <ul><li>We are accustomed to the fact that buildings like City Hall - is boring offices, which sit boring bureaucrats and do tedious paperwork. Outside the building are usually resemble huge stone or glass boxes, in which to sound more important, sometimes arrange any stone portal, so that a visitor from the entrance felt awe before the grandeur of City Hall. The new City Hall be used not only the newest constructions, but also a number of environmental innovations, such as solar panels, which will provide power apparatus London mayor. In addition, the round shape of the building significantly reduces heat loss. </li></ul>
  16. 16. Trafalgar Square <ul><li>The area is located in the heart of London, where the 3 main streets converge Westminster - Strand, Whitehall and the Mall. Originally it was called the area of King William IV, but the final name was in honor of England's victory at Trafalgar in 1805Trafalgar Square - the traditional place of meetings and demonstrations, as well as holding public holidays such as Chinese New Year. May 8, 1945 Winston Churchill announced to the crowd on the square Londoners about the victory in the Second World War. Every year on the area set out the main tree of the country, imported from Norway. </li></ul>
  17. 17. Piccadilly Circus <ul><li>Piccadilly Circus - the square and traffic intersection in central London district of Westminster. Established in 1819 as the separation between Piccadilly and Regent Street. Next to it was added another street, Shaftesbury Avenue. &quot;Piccadilly&quot; - one of the busiest lines of Moscow Metro.It originates from Heathrow airport and cover the entire main part of London along the diagonal. To get from Heathrow to London in a taxi, will have to put seventy pounds. On the subway is much cheaper. So, for many tourists in London begins here on the square Piccadilly Circus. </li></ul>