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  1. 1. Personal augmented reality browser Project by: CONTACTS: +7 (495) 23 164 23
  2. 2. +7 (495) 23-164-23 WHAT FOR? FOR USERS: creation of virtual space on their own, which can be accessed via mobile device. User places virtual objects and widgets in the real world, linking them to the objects from his environment. Aside from objects placed on one’s own, SpaceAR interacts with universal public widgets appearing on the device screen in certain cases. FOR ADVERTISERS: filling users’virtual space with interactive advertisment. for exmaple it works at pointing your widget at a Coca-cola can. FOR APPLICATIONS DEVELOPERS: presentation of their own ready mobile apps as SpaceAR widgets.
  4. 4. +7 (495) 23-164-23 HOW DOES IT WORK START 1)Switching-on SpaceAR app. WIDGET PLACEMENT 2) User chooses a fragment of his environment, points the device at it and confirms it with a click. 3) Highlights the area on the snapshot taken, which is distinctive and recognizable for the present fragment of space 4) The application processes and stores the fragment 5)User attaches any widget on his own, linking to the chosen fragment. WIDGET USAGE 6) User points his device on the environment’s fragment and an icon of the widget appears on the screen over the object. In case a lot of objects recognizable by the program get in the shot, the icons appear over all recognized objects at once. 7) user clicks on the icon and the widget opens on the screen. It can be The weather pop-up for example. At withdrawal the device from the present angle, the opened widget remains on the screen until the user doesn’t close it, whereupon the program proceeds to the step 6 8) The program also works out with the global fragments of the world. These markers which work out by default are available for all users. These fragments will be: • navigational schemes and plans, available for the general public,- a subway map, park’s shemes, a municipal city plan, a museum exhibition plan, road signs etc. • magazines’, billboard and street advertisement. • bright lighting source, as the sun or a lightbulb. • absolute darkness and other.
  5. 5. +7 (495) 23-164-23 THE WIDGET IS A MINI APP, BEING ATTACHED TO THE FRAGMENT OF THE REAL WORLD. Widgets look like compact icons, which open the app as a pop-up window or launch the oughter application by a click. There are also widgets which work out automatically once they get on the screen. WIDGETS’ DEVELOPMENT Several widgets will be developed within the framework of the project, however the biggest part is already ready apps of side developers plugged-in by users. WIDGETS: • social networks • the weather: by pointing at a bright lightbulb, a window or the sun. • the phone call: connection with a person is activated by pointing on his photo. • a programmable button performs a preconfigured function, launch of another app, following the link, the shop order, switching-on a stopwatch for example. • music is switched on according to remote control principle • Tamagochi: a character which can be grown, lives in a room’s corner FUNCTIONS IMPLEMENTED THROUGH THE WIDGETS • Flashlight:- switched on by pointing the device on darkness, when the device realizes that it’s really dark around. • massively multiplayer games- quests: a group of people has to look for virtual objects in a real world • Announcement board:- several users can influence the mutual board • RSS News • Entertainment • YouTube • TV and radio channels • Watching a film trailer by pointing at the cinema poster • Mail • Traffic jam map • Informational source in the form of Internet page Etc.
  6. 6. +7 (495) 23-164-23 TECHNOLOGY PLAYDISPLAY MOBILE AR PROTOTYPES: SERVER-CLIENT ARCHITECTURE Server - .NET Client application oriented for: - tablets like iPad and Samsung Galaxy with iOS, Android, Windows8 - smartphones like iPhone, Windows Phone, GooglePhone - Augmented reality glasses Vuzix, Google etc. STILL TO BE SOLVED: - realization of the algorithm of fast marker recognition considering their limitless number in database. - realization of several convenient popular widgets BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Client application uploads user’s individual markers from the server using its geo-location positions . Upon the marker recognition the script is being uploaded and cashed with the media content corresponding to this marker. In the process of interaction with the script client’s application synchronizes the script state with the server. THE TECHNOLOGIES USED Recognition system VUFORIA ( solutions/augmented-reality) by QUALCOMM company, is in public domain. Negotiations regarding cooperation and partnership are being held at the moment Graphic engine UNITY. These technologies allow organizing the starting version of the project in short terms and with a small team.
  7. 7. +7 (495) 23-164-23 MARKETING AND SALES GEOGRAPHY AND MAIN MARKET SEGMENTS MONETIZATION • Free distribution of application with several popular widgets, including entertainment ones for viral advertising; • Organizing of mass city-wide events using spaceAR; • Conducting a massive advertising campaign of several customers on the basis of spaceAR in order to expand customer base; • Paid advertising. Worldwide. Mobile gadget users. Advertising companies (BTL actions, indoor & outdoor Ads, magazines etc.). • Freemium - more widgets and settings • Advertising in users’ virtual spaces - including the execution of the program upon getting in the shot of the client’s object. • Creation of functional widgets of public domain for enterprise customers
  8. 8. +7 (495) 23-164-23 COMPETITORS SPACEAR ADVANTAGE Aurasma BlippAR No competitors in Russia • User generated augmented reality space; • Ability to use global widgets and widgets placed by other users and advertisers; • Ability to link ready applications; • Self-educated extendable space analizing system.
  9. 9. +7 (495) 23-164-23 TEAM ANDREY SUDARIKOV - CCO 32 years old, 11 years of working experience; ALEXANDR SIMAKOV - CEO 37 years old, 11 years of working experience; MAX ROUF - CTO 30 years old, 9 years of working experience; EVGENIYA SOBOLEVA – CMO 30 years old, 7 years of working experience; COMPETENCE OF THE TEAM Development of client-server applications for mobile devices - Development of augmented reality applications; - Development of highly-loaded server solutions; - Development of gaming software (social networks, mobile devices); - Development of graphic content (3D modeling, 2D art, animation, effects, website design, etc.); - Experience of mobile applications promotion; - Development of advertisement campaigns, branding, graphic design. EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS started working in the sphere of augmented reality in 2009. - performed over 20 cases for our clients on the basis of augmented reality and KINECT sensor. - created the constructor of augmented reality for both MAC- OS and Windows - created several apps for iOS with augmented reality technology. - several advertising applications are being developed for brands RENAULT, Procter & Gamble, publishing house Sanoma Independent Media, MEIZU, SNICKERS, Cultural Center Garage, Svyaznoy bank, RED APPLE. DANIL KASHIRIN – 3D Designer, 30 years old, 8 years of working experience; LENA LETO - Interface Designer, 25 years old, 5 years of working experience; PAVEL SHTOLER – Server Lead 30 years old, 6 years of working experience; ALEXEI MEDVEDEV – Server developer, 32 years old, 6 years of working experience; ANDREY ZAREMBO- GADZYATSKY– Client Lead 27 years old, 5 years of working experience; ALEXEI PAVLOV – Client developer, 34 years old, 7 years of working experience;