Creativity Process


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Notes on creativity and innovation facilitation.

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Creativity Process

  1. 1. Creativity and Innovation Notes on the Marc Tassoul class By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012 ... the right side The process is based on IDEOs Human centered design toolkit: HEAR, CREATE, DELIVER. In every stage, you can use techniques to FACILITATE the process and get new ideas, Create or break walls in order to move on: Diverge (expand really wide) Deliver Cluster/Categorize Hear Converge (back to the original purpose) ! ...and Back ney I ts a jour from your left ... side of the brain
  2. 2. Creativity and Innovation you flight, Notes on the Marc Tassoul class Before By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012 you need a TEAM! first "Good group dynamics is for creativity teamsYou need to invest time in the first stages: like a having a soil ready to be planted"Forming, Storming and Norming. Plan your schedule. Create a mental and physical space before the session. 1. Forming a Ideal teams have 2 to 12/16 members. team: Use Icebreak ers, More than 25 is not a team, is a group Make them le arn each othe r names or community. You have to break them is important. in groups of 4 to 6/8 to do normal things, and break them in groups of 2 for more complex things. p conflicts . I think a single person behaves as a team g : the grou as verbs. as well. You can also be a facilitator2. Stormin Extrovert ert andUse Introv eptance F low and of your creativity applying the Acc Follow the same techniques to your multiple on goals. iden tify comm personalities/intelligences, i.e. to avoid procrastination.
  3. 3. Creativity and Innovation nderstand w Hear: u Notes on the Marc Tassoul classNo By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012th e subject! To FACILITATE, draw the problem to the group: show some images related, and some qualities of the product to inspire them. Problem analysis is about opening and expanding the solution space like walking and lighting inside a dark building. Walls can be broken with 4. Norming: combinations/patterns and metaphors, or just The team is n introducing a random stimulus. ow organized and ready to 5. Perform. There are many tools for this: mindmaps, collage newspaper, 5 Whys+1How, Stakeholder analysis, progressive abstraction (Why, oh why!), etc. your e go. M ake open q uestions, dont confirm The objective now is to hear and understand to get to a single Problem Statement: What next? (build an understanding) So What? (reduction) What else? Take Samples (the essence) What? (go to the system itself)
  4. 4. Creativity and Innovation Notes on the Marc Tassoul classCreate! By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012 disbelieveSuspension of Just let g o and th of Non-s ink ense ide as!After the problem analysis,wrtite down the first obvious ideas For a good designer, today is history.with a brainstorming to PURGE See where the trend is going,your brain. pre-sensing future utopias/dystopias. e session Then take a Break!, but leave th with a nam e for the empty boo er. k youre Synectics! about to write togeth n) (shadding the know Use clustering, combinations and patterns to group ideas. Now when youre back, you are ready to takeoff. Dont worry, The FACILITATOR has to go group by once you draw the first line, group moving them to the next step, you start seeing the horizon. so they dont get lost.There are many techniques for idea generation: inspiration,brain-storming, brain-writing, matrices, analogies and metaphors.random stimulus, and many others but all of them try to make yoususpend disbelive. Fly all you wa nt if you know how to land!
  5. 5. Creativity and Innovation Notes on the Marc Tassoul classDeliver: monster! By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012Sell your baby There are many selection criteria to pick up the winner idea. Every company has its own risk taking policy when balancing new meaning vs feasibility In general, break trough ideas come Nice figures u p there, but when you reformulate the original problem its time to co me back to the ground! nster. , the more it is like a mo The newer the idea lance ple do not like it. Find a ba If it is too new, peo likeConceptulalizing ismaking a painting: keleton)1. S tructural (make a s mes)2. Formal (add volu Concept presentation must have:3. Material (add d etails) -Name -Short description -Image (with human being and context) -Why/How it is interesting -Concerns (cost,etc.) tions!, Congratula safetely. you landed
  6. 6. Creativity and Innovation journing: Notes on the Marc Tassoul classAd By Alejandro Rios <> - 2012saying goodbye... Finally, its important to close the cycle in order to move on. Dont just let all the people leave the session, make a closing activity, give them a chance to say a few words and maybe give them a souvenir.For me, this class was like a brain massage. The weekstarted with me memorizing all the names of my classmatesand stating my personal contract:"I hereby commit myself to understand my own and otherpeoples creative processes, and to know and adapt anytools or tips or experiences that help me develop my creativity,break any barriers and facilitate innovation in all the teams I join".I think I could achive all of it, or at least enough to write down thisreport hahahaha niel Laur a, Da fa,All the class was itself a journey in wich the whole group elga, sim, Huze ndra, arc, H as lejaexperienced all of the stages in team dynamics and in the ha nks M José, W Tracy, A l, all! T aría ara, Joecreative process. k you Felipe, M . Juan, S a, Soren, Than lara, velyn is, Ev M aria C Daniel, E ablo, Lou lina, n, PBy thursday we were all tired, because of the intense activities Caro Robinso o, .and other responsabilities, like jobs and other classes, but Mate nd Soren ain the end everything worked out just well. Jorge