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Rock The Post gave a crowdfunding presentation for entrepreneurs at the Wix Lounge on August 22, 2012. For more information, please visit

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Funding For Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Funding For Entrepreneurs August 22nd 2012
  2. 2. How many of you have heard about Crowdfunding?How many of you are planning or already have started aCrowdfunding campaign?How many of you have heard about Rock The Post?
  3. 3. Agenda About Rock The Post Most Asked Questions Misconceptions about crowdfunding Why crowdfund? Basic Crowdfunding Campaign Process How to launch a crowdfunding campaign
  4. 4. Why Rock The Post Was Born In 2009, U.S. banks posted the sharpest decline in private lending since 1942. 98% of the business plans received by accredited investors and VC’s are rejected. Our philosophy and deep passion: Funding innovation = Evolution
  5. 5. Most Frequently Asked Questions What is the most amount raised? Who pledges to projects? What is a good example of a success story? What is the difference between Rock The Post and others?
  6. 6. Crowdfunding Platform Comparison Kickstarter Indiegogo Rock The Post Company Focus Product focus Broad PurposeFunding All or nothing Flexible All or nothing Mass consumer Fund my life Entrepreneurs at Area products projects early stageCustomer Limited Limited Excellent Service
  7. 7. Our Purpose  Why? RTP is profoundly passionate about making a difference by funding innovation, which we believe is the catalyst for evolution.  How? RTP empowers project creators by providing outstanding customer service with the education needed to break new grounds!  What? RTP is the crowdfunding platform that brings funding to the people by the people.
  8. 8. Misconceptions About Crowdfunding Solely launching a project will bring in dollars  NOT LIKELY: leverage your inner networks By directing people to your project, people will pledge  NOT LIKELY: Be bold and clear, directly ask for donations Crowdfunding campaigns are effortless  NOT TRUE: It’s easier than traditional fundraising, but you still need to put in time and energy
  9. 9. Why Crowdfund? (The Benefits) Feedback from prospective customers Establish proof of concept Presell your product Test current business plan Analyze your product’s market demand Grow your audience Gather insight for improving your product Determine the best price point
  10. 10. Basic Crowdfunding Campaign Process1. Plan ahead for campaign i. Distribution lists ii. Set fundraising goal & campaign length iii. Target media outlets2. Create the crowdfunding campaign i. Create an epic story ii. Have enticing reward iii. Identify your target audience3. Once the campaign is running i. Spread The Word ii. Project updates
  11. 11. Spread The Word!  Personalized Email  Family, friends, colleagues  Social media  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc.  Blogs, Forums, Publications  Organizations  Media outreach *Be consistent and passionate, but not annoying.
  12. 12. Check List – Creating a Project A customized, convincing 2-3minute video A one-page description of your product and story 5-8 potential rewards you can offer to people for their pledges. The number of rewards for each level of donation that you are actually capable of fulfilling. Attractive product images. Short bio & photo of project owner & team Fundraising goal
  13. 13. Why People Pledge They connect with the message and the reason behind the project. They connect with some physical aspect of the projects, such as rewards and incentives. They connect with the unique way in which the project creator is trying to raise funds.
  14. 14. Importance of Rewards Incentives motivate people to donate. People want tangible/valuable rewards. Set number of rewards appropriately for each donation level.
  15. 15. Manage Expectations On average it takes 1-2 weeks to complete a well- crafted Post, unless working with a team. An average of 35-45% of projects are successfully funded. Successful projects typically raise 25-40% of funds from their inner social networks (family, friends, colleagues). Stay active throughout campaign.Note: Make sure that you’re promoting your project throughout the right industry, and thatyour marketing efforts stay aligned.
  16. 16. Target the Right Audience Who will be your target? How do you relate to them? How will you engage with them? .
  17. 17. Rock The Post Crowdfunding VideoThis Video can be located in our Help Center:
  18. 18. QuestionsWe will now take a few minutes to answer your questions.
  19. 19. Thanks For Attending!For further questions or comments please contact Rock The Post’s Community Manager: Danielle Kisza