So h 3 july


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Slides from my School of Health presentation during their Staff Development Day on 3 July 2013.

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So h 3 july

  1. 1. School of Health development day Prof Alejandro Armellini Institute of L&T in HE
  2. 2. Structure • Part 1: Personal academic tutors • Part 2: Northampton’s strategic commitment in learning and teaching • Part 3: A vision • Part 4: Discussion
  3. 3. PATting students for academic skills development
  4. 4. Purpose To share practical ideas to enable you, as PATs, to help students enhance their academic skills.
  5. 5. Outline 1. Opinion v Evidence for critical thinking 2. Skills audit 3. Recording evidence in usable formats 4. Pointers
  6. 6. Opinion v Evidence for critical thinking A five-minute task
  7. 7. Skills audit Skill: I can... Yes No Not sure Action ...interact with my peers effectively as we tackle a task together [teamwork]. deadlines [time management]. ...take responsibility for our team and its outputs [leadership]. ...step into someone else's role at short notice [problem solving, negotiation]. ...summarise project findings clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing [academic writing and presentation].
  8. 8. Recording evidence in usable formats Your skill areas Your self- assessment Evidenced by Actions to generate evidence Example: Write clearly about complex subjects in a form appropriate to the purpose - e.g. report, summarise, explore, persuade, propose. "I think I can do that". Not sure - feedback from previous essays suggests that aspects of my academic writing are weak. Review submitted work and feedback with a CfAP tutor. Synthesise information by bringing together various sources and presenting your interpretation clearly and logically. Evaluate and interpret numerical & graphical data presented by others Add your own!
  9. 9. Pointers •  PAT site on NILE •  CfAP: o  Study Skills for Academic Success module o  Flying start o  NILE organisation o  Kate Littlemore, Head of CfAP •  Skills Hub:
  10. 10. Learning and teaching: strategic commitments
  11. 11. Strategic commitment to scaling up: 11 • Re-design for online and blended provision • CPD and accreditation • Openness
  12. 12. The L&T Plan 12 • Intellectual capital • Student experience • Enhancement and innovation in L&T
  13. 13. 13 TheL&TPlan
  14. 14. NILE design targets 14 Level   Focus   Key  features   Founda'on   Delivery   §  Absolute  minimum  expected   §  Course  informa'on,  handbook  and  guides   §  Learning  materials   Intermediate     Essential in all blended courses   Par4cipa4on   In  addi'on  to  ‘Delivery’:   §  Online  par'cipa'on  designed  into  the  course.     §  Tasks  provide  meaningful  forma've  scaffold.   §  Online  par'cipa'on  encouraged  and  moderated,  but  not  essen'al  to   achieve  learning  outcomes.   Advanced       Essen'al  in  all  online   courses   Collabora4on   In  addi'on  to  ‘Delivery’:   §  Regular learner  input  designed  into  course  &  essen/al  throughout.   §  Online  tasks  provide  meaningful  scaffold  to  forma've  and   summa've  assessment.     §  Collabora've  knowledge  construc'on  central  to  a  produc've   learning  environment.  
  15. 15. Effective course design… 15 • Is team-based • Focuses on the different types of interaction • Is not obsessed with content • Offers low cost but high value • Requires digital literacy skills • Must be innovative, participative and fun
  16. 16. Practical Courses (‘New Teacher’) < Level 7 Practical Interventions : Excellence and innovation in L&T (new and existing staff) < Level 7 L&T Leader- ship, HE Policy, Research Supervision etc. Level 7 EdD modules Level 8 Associate Fellow Fellow Senior Fellow 20 Credits PGCTHE 60 credits Masters 180 credits EdD Peer Review Mentoring Scholarship Level 7 Level 8Level 7Level 7 Qualifications
  17. 17. Open Northampton 17 Aim To put Northampton on the global OER-OEP map within 24 months.
  18. 18. Shift to… 18 • Appropriate ‘blends’ • Openness • Flexibility • Mobility
  19. 19. What will change with Waterside? • Less physical space + global competition for diverse and demanding students + innovation = critical need to change the way we go about our business • The ‘learning and teaching landscape’: composition and demographics of the student population.