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Eslgold presentation

  1. 1. ESLGOLD O is the right place to improve our English skills to be more better. ESL means English study and learning materials. O This website provides interesting menus in English that we can learn in many levels ( for kids, low beginning, high beginning, low intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced) such as:
  2. 2. Speaking O Speaking English can be easy. Speak fluency English is the most important goal. Speak excellent English have more opportunities, find a good job, make more money, learn more knowledge. We can improve our speaking skill with speaking English resources like speaking situations, topics for conversation, phrases practice, speaking tasks, quizzes, and teaching speaking.
  3. 3. Listening O Just repeat Listening as many as possible, you will make a big progress. In Listening we can learn about listening practice technique, comprehension strategies, IELTS listening, English Podcasts, English videos, daily lessons, and teaching listening.
  4. 4. Reading O Reading is the great way to learn English. Here we can find about interesting articles and topic for discussion, English reading skills, simple English reading, textbook recommendations, short reading exercise, quizzes,teaching reading, and learning strategies. We short read many books to make our reading skill well.
  5. 5. Writing O Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols. We usually learn to writing in our daily activities. We can find about organizing and composing, topics for writing, writing textbooks, useful links for writing, writing strategies, and teaching writing.
  6. 6. Grammar O If you want to improve your grammar, you can study about explanations, examples, exercises, grammar tests, grammar textbooks, quizzes about grammar, learn grammar strategies, grammar software and teaching grammar.
  7. 7. Vocabulary O Vocabulary is the most important part of learning English, the more vocabulary you master the more English speak well, language four skills reading, listening, speaking ,writing are base on English vocabulary. We can find materials about learn vocabulary method, confusing words, words and phrases, academic vocabulary lists, quizzes, learning strategies, and teaching vocabulary.
  8. 8. Pronunciation O Learning English pronunciation can be easy if we learn seriously the materials about diagnostic exercises, sound and distinctions, textbook recommendations, pronunciation links, learning strategies, and software and CD-ROMs.
  9. 9. TOELF/TOEIC O TOEFL/TOEIC is test for ESL students english ability. TOEFL/TOEIC is mainly for students who want to study in USA, the first step is pass the TOEFL/TOEIC test. We can prepare ourselves to join TOELF/TOEIC with learn materials about textbook recommendations, TOELF/TOEIC links, learning strategies, software and CD-ROMs, and teaching TOELF/TOEIC.