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My autobiography Alejandra






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My autobiography Alejandra Presentation Transcript

  • 1. English:My Autobiography(MY STORY)
    By: Alejandra Charry
  • 2. Introduction:
    Hi, I am Alejandra Charry in this presentation am going to show you my autobiography. There you will find many things about me, my family, my school, friends, etc. But mostly of my entire life!
    Thanks: Alejandra Charry 5c
  • 3. Autobiography:
    I am Alejandra Charry, I have 11 years old, and I was born in August 31st of 1998, in the Imbanaco Hospital of Cali at 12:40 PM. When I was 1 year old I began walking, and when I was 2, my parents, sister, grandparents and me, went to Santa Marta. There we stay q long time, but we had to return because I got very sick.
  • 4. Also I remember that I always played with my father named Hugo, desk games, we also spend a lot of time together. He was very good with me. Other times when my sister named Andrea lived here on Cali, we always spend time together, and we also saw T.V together.
    Also when I was little all the weekends I went to sleep in my grandparents’ house. At night I always slept with my grandmother named Aracelly, and also we always used to say jokes to each other.
  • 5. In school when I was in Preparatory I was a very good student. I remember that in recess I always used to play with toys and many other things, but in that year, was when my father dies, he died because of a terrible accident in his job of aviator. At final the day he died, my mom came to the school and she told me the bad news, by then we went home.
  • 6. At 2006 I and my mother went to live to my grandparents’ house. There I had my first pet that was a cockatoo named “Linda”, she was white with her cheeks red, and she was very cute. Also there was a little parrot named “Luchi”, he was my grandmother´s pet. There in the house my grandfather named Luis Enrique began to redesign the house, for me, and my mother could live better.
    Living with my grandparents was very good, but I always was closer with my grandmother, than with my grandfather. She and I, always talked about fun things, and also we sometimes went to supermarkets. With my grandfather, I always used to play with him some games such as “Parqués” and also “Domino”, such times were very good.
  • 7. Also in 2006 when I was in second grade, I participated in my first play that was the “Nutcracker”. Also in second grade I had some disciplinary problems. One day I was playing kind of baseball with erasers and rulers, but someone went to T. Silena´s office and I had to stay in school until 4:00 PM.
    My worst accident was also in the 2006. It was because I was playing “Lleva” with my little cousin named Daniela, and there was no light, so because I was running, I accidentally crossed a glass door, and by that I cute many parts of my body. My uncle took me to the Occident Hospital, and then my mom went there, and took me to Imbanaco. There the doctors did me some operations.
  • 8. I am always close to my family; it is composed by my mother named Annabell, and my grandparents Aracelly, and Luis E. We always help each other and treat well.
    Sometimes I had some fights with my mother and grandfather, like little discussions. But we always forgave each other and continued with or nice relationship.
  • 9. Now in school I have many good friends, teachers, etc. In school I always have fun, but otherwise sometimes the classes are boring.
    Also now in 2010 my life in 5th grade is very good, I always have fun, the must funny thing I remember was that in math class I was in my seat, and then Luigi came and push me. Everyone was laughing so much.
    Also now I had got many good notes, and the best average of all the 3 periods is 44.4 of the third period. I have very good friends, family, and… I am about to 6th grade!!!.
  • 10. My images: