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Holy week alejandro Holy week alejandro Presentation Transcript

  •  Introduction Gastronomy “Costaleros” Natharens Holy week in Seville Dolores brotherhood (Lebrija) Summary Questions Video
  •  The Passion of Christ, or Easter Week is known in Spain as “Semana Santa” It commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ and it is a celebration with centuries of history and tradition. It is settled according to the “moon cycle” which means, that it does not take place on a concrete and regular date alike Chritsmas. So , the date when Holy Week takes places on the first day with full moon between march and april. The festivities begin with the Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) and end with Lunes de Pascua (Easter Monday).
  •  There are several enjoyable things in Easter. In addition to religious celebrations and familiar meetings, it is the gastronomy. You cannot eat meat but there are some special sweets. The most famous are Torrijas. Other sweets are called Rosquetes.
  •  “Costalero” is a person who carries “the paso”. There are different types of “costalero”: “patero”, “fijador”, “costeros” and “corrientes”. They use a specific clothes.
  •  They are four. The pateros are in the paso´s corners. They are very important because it is a post which involves a great deal of responsability.
  •  They go obviously under the “paso” But they go on the sides of the “paso”.
  •  The “fijador” have a special task. He suports the “patero” on its labour The “corriente” have not got any special task.
  •  T-shirt , trousers and shoes. Costal. Morcilla. Faja.
  •  Penitents are the members of the brotherhood who accompany it. Clothes : Mask Gloves Cape Belt Robe Sandal s
  •  Holy Week in Seville is very famous around the world. There are 61 brotherhoods. Three brotherhoods:  Macarena´s brotherhood.  Rendeción-Rocío´s brotherhood  San Gonzalo´s brotherhood
  •  The brotherhood is in the church called “Santa María de la Esperanza Macarena”. It is located in San Gil neighbourhood. It was found in 1595. It has got 12.000 members. The brotherhood go out on Friday daybreak. They go out from 00:00 to 13:00. The number of penitents are 2.800.
  •  Penitents:
  •  The brotherhood is in the church called “Santiago” It was found in 1955 The brotherhood go out on Monday They go out from 14:45 pm to 1:00 am The numbers of penitents are 1.250
  •  Penitents:
  •  The brotherhood is in the church called San Gonzalo. It is located in Triana neighbourhood. It was found in 1942. It has got 5.000 members. The brotherhood go out on Monday. They go out from 15:00 pm to 3:30 am. There are 2500 penitents.
  •  Penitents:
  •  The brotherhood is in the church calles San Francisco It was found in 1587. We go out on Friday daybreak from 3:00 am to 9:00 am The brotherhood has got 1.996 members. It has got 707 penitents and four pasos.
  •  Penitents:
  • Pasos Santa Mujer Verónica San Juan Evangelista Jesús Nazareno Virgen de los Dolores
  •  Holy Week commemorates pasion christ and his death. There are some sweets like “rosquetes” and “torrijas”. There are different types of “costaleros”. The penitents are the people who accompany “the paso”. Holy Week in Seville is the most famous around the world. My favourite brotherhoods are “San Gonzalo”, “La Macarena” and “Redención”. My brotherhood is called “Los Dolores”.
  •  Have Holy Week always the same date?a) Nob) Yes What are the most famous sweets in Holy Week?a) Rosquetes and chocolateb) Rosquetes and cakesc) Rosquetes and torrijas How many types of costaleros are there?a) 2b) 3c) 4
  •  How many brotherhoods are in Seville?a) 35b) 61c) 56 Which brotherhood have more penitents?a) Rendenciónb) San Gonzaloc) La Macarena
  •  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO3E0Jg6kgs