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  • 1. AT&T
    Lisa Marie Yambo and Aleida Rodriguez
  • 2. Introduction
    AT&T is a part of the Telecommunication Industry, which offers a wide variety of services, such as telephone, Internet services, Digital Services and wireless services.
    AT&T is currently the largest telephone provider in the U.S. and the second largest company for wireless mobile communications
    In 2009, AT&T was ranked number one as the world’s most admired company in Fortune Magazines list.
  • 3. History
    AT&T can be dated as far back as 1885 when it was created to expand and operate the long distance telephone networks in the U.S. that were created by Alexander Bell.
    AT&T pioneered their way through early telecommunications, first with the invention of the phone then with the first T.V. and radio transmission.
    AT&T’s biggest accomplishment came in 1962 with the help of NASA, when AT&T placed the first commercial satellite in space.
  • 4. History continued
    In 1913, the government established the Kingsbury Commitment, that said AT&T could act as a monopoly to provide universal service. This commitment was overturned in 1982, which resulted in the AT&T’s break up into seven smaller divisions.
    As the new AT&T began, they changed their concentration to their networks for wireless communications and broadband.
  • 5. Competitors and Acquisitions
    Verizon (Land lines, TV, Wireless, Internet)
    Sprint (Wireless)
    T-Mobile (Wireless)
    Metro PCS (Wireless)
    Note: AT & T is the largest telecommunication provider, ranking in at number 7 with Fortune 500
    Cingular Wireless
  • 6. Financial Performance
    ‘A’ ratings by Fitch Ratings
    Profit-increased 26% in second quarter from last year.
    June 30, 2010-Cash on hand $1.4 billion
    June, 2010-financial debt decreased $2.1 billion to a total of $70 billion
    Profit totaling $4 billion
    End of 2009-Financial leverage was 1.74%
  • 7. Financial Performance (con’t)
    2005-Operating Revenue $43.7 billion
    2009-Operating Revenue $123 billion
    2009-Net Income $12.5 billion
  • 8. Stock Performance
    As of August 20, 2010
    Selling price $26.45
    52 week high $28.73
    52 week low is $23.78.
    Earnings per share in 2009= $2.12.
  • 9. Product performance
    U-verse revenue passed $1 billion
    iPhone-3.2 million activations in the second quarter
    iPhone 4-expected to increase new activations for third quarter
  • 10. Forecasts
    AT&T has improved wireless technology in which helped surpass original analyst’s forecasts.
    AT&T’s increase in sales, can be contributed to their Wi-Fi assets and network readiness.
    As of 2010, Forbes listed AT&T as the 13th largest company in the world and the 8th largest non-oil company in the world
  • 11. Forecasts Continued
    AT&T is currently the sole provider for the iPhone, and they recently teamed up with blackberry to release the new Blackberry torch with U-verse technology.
    AT&T is expected to expand the new U-Verse technology to their other phones, which will help to further increase the companies sales in the future.
  • 12. Issues & Resolutions
    Trouble getting new customer contracts
    • In an effort to increase new contracts AT&T is offering Tier data plans in place of unlimited plans
    • 13. Customers that want to pay less for data plans may prefer tiered plans
    High Wireless-Data Traffic
    • Tiered plans offer 200mb or 2GB
    • 14. This should control customers use of wireless data
    Customers Texting and Driving
    • AT&T teamed up with Phillies star Shane Victorino to run a Texting Can Wait Campaign
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