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Unversità Studi di Padova, a.a. 2008/2009, corso Marketing Avanzato, Prof. Bettiol.

Marketing Project in colaboration with De Rigo S.p.A (eyewear).

Collaborated with a six-member team to rebrand Italian fashion firm Police by DeRigo. Carried out brand analysis. Created: a 3D model for the retail and flagship stores, a guerrilla marketing action plan, an interactive contest, a Facebook page, and an intervention of corporate social responsibility. Produced a video showing interviews of consumers and a news report about the product. Awarded best creative proposal by Police by DeRigo brand management team.

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Police_Final Project

  1. 1. AlessandraCapelli
  2. 2. CinziaLucato
  3. 3. ElisaNicoletto
  4. 4. SilviaZaramella
  5. 5. MatteoBrotto
  6. 6. Marco Santo Danesi
  7. 7. Witch’s€apprentice coming from the€ countryside. She likes sunglasses and€mirror lenses.€She loves POLICE€since the€ Gothic P€is really closed to her appearence. She carried out€an investigation to analyse POLICE€brand€awareness using her magic powers.
  8. 8. Young€but determined,€he describes himself as a€cosmopolitan boy.He is a€P.R.€He loves surfing€the€web€ and€chatting.He would like to become a€model and€ he does€nothing€but€look€at€himself€ in€the€mirror.He would like to collaborate€actively with POLICE.
  9. 9. Kind and€sociable,€this shopkeeper really inspires confidence. After discovering POLICE€as a€lifestyle brand,€he has decided to work€in€its new flaghship store in€Milan.Methodical and€neat,€he decided to adopt his artistic style€to furnish his shop,€ together with many metropolitan innovations.He loves Arts and€he has decided to bring some€pieces of Art€into his flagshipstore.
  10. 10. PENE LOPE She is a€dreamer and€she likes fluttering all over the€world. Stubborn as a€mule,she decided to collaborate€to the€ creation of the€YouniCUBE (a€ foundation,€a€meeting€point forthe€aggregation of young people,€a€ breeding ground for artists).€
  11. 11. Our superheroes
  12. 12. analysis tools Ali€di€pipistrello€€€€€€ S.W.O.T. Analysis Zampette€di€ragno 89€questionari€cartacei Occhi€di€salamandra 355€questionari€online Branchie€di€tritone 29€questionari€ad€ottici Coda€di€rospo Video€finale
  13. 13. Looking back at the analysis WHAT€WE€HAVE€FOUND€OUT€ABOUT: THE€TARGET •Now:€25/30€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ male,€macho,€ metropolitan,€educated • Our Suggestion:€€20/35€€€€€ unisex,€metropolitan,€ educated,€irriverent
  14. 14. Looking back at the analysis WHAT€WE€HAVE€FOUND€OUT€ABOUT: THE€BRAND •No€distinctive products •Increase brand€awareness •Make the€brand€image younger •Memorable product:€BLUE€MIRRORS •Lifestyle •Brand€quality :€price€
  15. 15. Our goal Make people€aware of the€initiative“BeYounique” and€interact through the€Web€2.0 POLICE€makes people€UNIQUE POLICE€€highlights your YOUNIQUENESS€in€ standardized contexts,€where you are€ featureless and€indinstict in€the€crowd.
  16. 16. 3 steps with our superheroes • Metropolitan,€fast€ 1.€GUERRILLA€MKT actions that arise curiosity towards the€ brand TOGETHER€WITH…. • Proximity mkt • Web€2.0€tools:€Blog,€ Facebook€POLICE€page,€ applications.
  17. 17. 3 steps with our superheroes • Retail stores:€installations,€ 2.€RETAIL€&€€€€€ corners,€mirrors FLAGSHIP€STORE • Flagship store:€ metropolitan and€educated space with bistrot€area€and€ art€gallery
  18. 18. 3 steps with our superheroes • Foundation,€gathering€and€ 3.€YouniCUBE meeting€place€where€ everybody€can€show€their€ Youniquess • Intervention€of€corporate€ social€responsibility€in€order€to€ increase€Police’s€goodwill
  19. 19. Our superheroes
  20. 20. Why guerrilla? guerrilla? Fast€actions that involve€the€ consumers and€make them the€brand Reminds of the€idea€of YOUNIQUENESSE without showing the€products Striking actions that make the€ consumer€bear€in€mind the€claim
  21. 21. Jan€van Eyck 1390€- 1441 Keith€Haring 1958€- 1990Osvaldo€Cavandoli€1920€- 2007 Michelangelo€Pistoletto€ 1933
  22. 22. Metropolitan mirrorlandscapes Mirror surfaces installations with www.police-beyounique.com Train stations Airports Subways
  23. 23. Metropolitan mirrorlandscapes
  24. 24. Metropolitan mirrorlandscapes
  25. 25. Younique siLhouettes •Installations€of€plastic€hollow€ silhouettes€with€ www.police-beyounique.com printed€on€the€border.€ •People€can€interact with€the€ silhouettes€miming€the€pose.€ Squares Concerts Fairs
  26. 26. Why?Why? •People€become aware of their YOUNIQUENESSE€by looking at€ BRAND€ one’s€own image reflected in€ the€mirror /€by playing with the€ AWARENESS silhouettes in€a€crowded space •People€are€invited to surf€the€ net€and€participate in€the€blog€ WORD€OF€ MOUTH www.police-beyounique.com
  27. 27. (sexy) siLhouettes November 2006 Milan "Lidea€del€video€in€metropolitana€fa€ parte€di€un€progetto€più ampio.€ Stiamo€creando€- afferma€uno€degli€ organizzatori€- un€programma€ televisivo€di€ragazze€briose€che€ combinano€guai€in€giro€per€le€città.€ Invaderemo€le€strade€italiane€con€la€ nostra€comicità sexy".€"Guai€a€ chiamarle€veline:€le€nostre€ragazze€ - conclude€- hanno€anche€un€ cervello.€Sono€le€pin€up€del€2000"
  28. 28. (famous) siLhouettes(famous)
  29. 29. POETRY
  30. 30. HISTORY
  31. 31. MUSIC
  32. 32. MUSIC
  33. 33. TRAGEDY
  34. 34. MIME
  35. 35. COMMEDY
  36. 36. DANCE
  37. 37. ASTRONOMY
  38. 38. Proximity mkt For both the€guerilla actions a€bluetooth€message will be sent€to mobile€phones,€pocket€ computers,€bluetooth€and€ wireless€devices. “Are€YOUNIQUE?”
  40. 40. New€York, 2012 Che€sta€ succedendo? www.police-beyounique.com Partecipa€anche€tu€e€compila€il€modulo€online Smsinoltrato… Bella,€ giovane€ e€ in€ carriera€ ma€ ormai€ sfila€ solo€ sopra€ ad€ un€ manto€ di€ nuvole.€ Katerina Gulp… Zaklova è definitivamente€ scomparsa€ dalle€ scene.€ Omicidio€ o€ suicidio?€ Aiuta€ il€ detective€ Sidmons a€ risolvere€ il€ caso€per€le€vie€di€NYC….
  41. 41. Storytelling autoriale
  42. 42. 1° step:€SMS€selection -I potenziali concorrenti lasciano il loro numero nel punto vendita e su internet -A una data ora di un POLICE Crime Scene POLICE Crime Scene dato giorno i concorrenti C ====WELCOME==== ===HAI VINTO=== Primo step superato. Sei tra i DomandaCongratulazioni! primi 200. N°1 “Qual è a giocare. indizio, Continua la capitale ricevono una domanda via SMS -Vengono selezionati i primi 200 100 50 25 5 INVIA SMS dello stato ildomanda del Per scoprire prossimo rispondi alla di NY?” 1NUOVO SMS 19 giugno alle ore 20 in base alla correttezza della risposta e alla velocità 1NUOVO SMS 48100 a) New York City RICEVUTO DA INVIATO RICEVUTO DA b) Brooklyn Police Crime Scene c)Police Crime Scene Albany
  43. 43. 2° step:€Fase€attiva
  44. 44. WEB 2.0 TOOLS1 a step www.police-beyounique.com BLOG • Contest€A€(Guerrilla):€ people€upload€their videos/photos with the€ mirrors &€the€silhouettes • Contest€B€(Highlight Yourself):€ people€upload€files (photos,€ videos,€graphic arts,€short€ stories)€which narrate€their The€winners will YOUNIQUENESS be awarded in€ future€events…
  45. 45. WEB 2.0 TOOLS1 B step POLICE€Facebook€Profile Foto Pdf’s Twitter Music File€Sharing Coupon Video Link Rss Feed Fbml Slides Poll
  46. 46. POLICE€wall Applications
  47. 47. Coupon
  48. 48. WEB 2.0 TOOLS2 step APPLICATIONS€:€to increase visibility and€ interactivity towards a€two-way relationship consumer/company • Chat • Phone and€ Internet-Call • Direct Line to the€company •Web€site€€ mobile€version
  49. 49. WEB 2.0 TOOLS APPLICATIONS€ to increase visibility and€interactivity •Among consumers •Between the€consumers and€the€company mobility involvement rapidity interaction feedback
  50. 50. Our superheroes
  51. 51. Retail elements: mirror elements:Reminds€of€the€brand,€the€pay- off€the€web€site,€and€the€guerrilla€mkt younique.com www.police-be
  52. 52. Retail elements: exhibitors elements: The€base€form€can€be€modified€to€ compose€different€kinds€of€ exhibitors€for€different€retails. It€is€designed€with€a€light€but€ resistant€material€that€it€can€ support€the€product€without€ occupying€too€much€space.€
  53. 53. Exhibitors employment Designed€with€a€ The€construction€ The€horizontal€ series€of€ can€have€a€ construction€can€ shelves€where€ smaller€ be€ideated€ the€product€ dimension€and€it€ without€any€ can€be€ can€be€made€ shelf. collocated. horizontally. Products€can€be€ Built€vertically€ This€is€functional€ put€on€the€flat€ in€order€to€take€ for€the€retailer€ basis€on€the€ up€the€smallest€ and€can€be€put€on€ skyscraper€as€a€ space€possible. every€surface. peak.
  55. 55. FLAGSHIP STORE: • ideal€world€of€brand’s€values • describes€€strongly€and€€€€€€€€€€€€€ clearly€the€brand€identity
  56. 56. Key ideas •Metropolitan€culture •High€quality€brand •Lifestyle •Experiential€purchase •Interaction B€to C Technology C€to C
  57. 57. Internal structure SIX€CORNERS€ Blue Police€ Sliding Street Red€brick Technology Mirrors one for every Police€product category Logo doors lamps wall
  58. 58. Internal structure ART€GALLERY BISTROT • videos • cafè français • paintings • meeting€point • sculptures • socializing space • OPENING€HOURS€09:00€– 00:00 • MIXTURE€OF€ART€AND€POLICE€PRODUCTS • WORKS€FROM€“YOUniCUBE”
  59. 59. Flagship store: overview store:
  60. 60. Flagship store: overview store:
  61. 61. Flagship store: overview store:
  62. 62. Flagship store: products area store:
  63. 63. Flagship store: bistrot store:
  64. 64. Flagship store: bistrot store:
  65. 65. Flagship store: materials store:
  66. 66. Eyewear police corner More€info€at: hea d€ m oun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J ted d3-eiid- €se nso Uw&feature=player_embedded r €ba r Content€of€ installations:€ •3D€short€films “The€display€properly€reacts€to€head€ •Video€art and€body€movement€as€if€it€were€a€ real€window€creating€a€realistic€illusion€ •3D€Graphic€art of€depth€and€space.” (Johnny€Chung€Lee)
  67. 67. Accessories police corner More€info: http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=0awjPUkBXOU&feature=player _embedded “you€can€use€the€infrared€camera€ in€the€Wii remote€to€track€objects,€ like€your€fingers,€in€2D€space.€This€ Start€up€and€ lets€you€interact€with€your€ costumize Police€ computer€simply€by€waving€your€ hands€in€the€air€similar€to€the€ Products interaction€seen€in€the€movie€ POLICE€ "Minority€Report".€ LIMITED€EDITION (Johnny€Chung€Lee)
  68. 68. Minority report
  69. 69. Apparel police corner
  70. 70. invitations Before every new exhibition an invitation will be given to every customer. On€the€DVD€you can€find: • the€POLICE€catalogue • the€list of the€artits and€their works • list of the€next exhibitions
  71. 71. Flagship Stores locator FLAGSHIP€STORES Milan New€York London Berlin Barcellona Helsinki Shanghai Dubai Tokyo
  72. 72. Our superheroes
  73. 73. ® ®
  74. 74. social responsibility Source:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003)«Le€imprese€con€più alti€valori€di€sostenibilità sono,€allo€stesso€tempo,€eccellenti€economicamente€e€mediamente€migliori€della€concorrenza» (Dow Jones€Sustainability Index) Responsabilità filantropica A)€Corporate€issue (be a€good corporate€citizen) Promotion B)€Good corporate€ Responsabilità etica Citizenship (be ethical) C) Revenue-producing transaction Responsabilità legale (obey the€law) Responsabilità economica (be profitable)
  75. 75. Cause related marketingSource:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003) CRM «processo€di€formulazione€e€implementazione€ di€attività di€marketing,€caratterizzato€da€ un’offerta€dell’azienda€di€contribuire€con€un€ ammontare€specifico€ad€una€data€causa,€ quando€il€consumatore€è coinvolto€in€scambi€ remunerativi€che€soddisfano€obiettivi€sia€ dell’impresa€che€individuali» Stategic alliance with a€ Direct approach to no-profit organization the€social€causePrerequisites: • Top€management€must€be€convinced€and€highly€involved • Members€of€the€staff€and€employers€have€to€give€their€consent
  76. 76. The metropolis behindNew york city
  77. 77. The metropolis behindNew york city
  78. 78. The metropolis behinddubai
  79. 79. The metropolis behinddubai
  80. 80. The metropolis behindHong kong
  81. 81. The metropolis behindHong kong
  82. 82. The metropolis behindCairo city
  83. 83. The metropolis behindCairo city
  84. 84. The metropolis behindmilano
  85. 85. The metropolis behindmilano
  86. 86. Inspired by... by...LA€FABBRICA€DEL€VAPOREFunded€by€Comune di Milano,€Tempo€Liberosector,€who€leads€240€mq hosting€exhibitions,€theatre€and€dance€shows,€workshop€and€lectures.PARTNER• Cultural€associations The€ foundation€ could€ economically€ support€• S.r.l.€(show€Biz€– Studio€Azzurro) the€ association,€ while€ providing€ awareness€• Companies€that€lead€artistic€projects and€making€word€of€mouth.
  87. 87. facilities• Music€(music€room,€studios) • Catering€(multiethnic€ restaurants)• Design/graphics€(labs€and€workshops) • Retail€(books,€DVDs€of€ people€working€there)• Visual€arts,€photography, • Infirmary,€ticket€new€media office,€cleaning€ service• Theatre/dance/cinema
  88. 88. Younicube WHAT :€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ A€corporate€foundation against urban and€ social€decay of the€suburbs that collaborates with existing no-profit€associations in€ metropolitan contexts. WHY :€€give POLICE€a€social€profile like many other companies do€ ex.€Fondazione€Accenture,€Fondazione€Vodafone,€Fondazione€ Adecco€per€le€Pari€Opportunità,€Fondazione€Trussardi,€UNIDEA€ Unicredit€Foundation
  89. 89. Younicube
  90. 90. Younicube MISSION :€ • showing the€two faces of the€metropolis • getting rid of the€stereotype of the€sparkling icon • becoming aware of the€problems connected with the€€ suburbs POLICE : • “l’etica€e€l’utile€convivono€nelle€strategie€aziendali€senza€ pericolose€contaminazioni” Caldani€e€Brioschi,€1997 • “una€realtà che€vede€l’impresa€comunicare€la€propria€ assunzione€di€responsabilità sociale€al€fine€di€riscuotere€la€ fiducia€e€il€goodwill del€pubblico” Giovanna€Gadotti,€2003 Source:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003)
  91. 91. Younicube : what’s in? what’s AREAS:€ • Music Room with instruments • Recording room • All-purpose room ACTIVITIES:€ • urban architecture SOCIAL€ workshop REDEVELOPMENT€ • Graffiti€workshop OF€€URBAN€AREAS • Graphics workshop • Contact and€collaboration with companies
  92. 92. Areaodeon: whoAreaodeon:• Collective€ urban€ area€ producing€ and€developing€ innovative€ artistic€ projects€ to€re-qualify€ and€ re-vitalize€ public€ spaces€ in€decay. www.areaodeon.it
  93. 93. Areaodeon’s people Areaodeon’s• Collaboration€ with€ human€ resources€ and€economic,€productive,€educational€actors.• Young€ people€ aged€ 18-30€ coordinated€ by€€experts€ in€ arts€ (architects,€ ex-professors,€volunteers,€students) Everything€is€made€by€ “any€brave€artist€who€wants€to€freely€ confront€him/herself€with€contemporary€ society..” (MySpace€quote)
  94. 94. Police’s role Police’sACTIVITIES€ workshops€on€visual€arts,€new€media film€festivals€(ex:€“La€Ciotat” ) theatre€performances€ artistic€interactive€installations video-photography€exhibitionsSUGGESTIONOur€foundation€could€financially€€support€the€association,€while€providing€awareness€and€making€word€of€mouth.
  95. 95. Area odeon + Younicube
  96. 96. Kollatino undergroundCultural€ association€ born€ in€ VI€ Municipio,€ Rome,€ in€2001,€and€run€by€students€and€volunteers.Its€ aim€ is€ to€ regain€ a€ public€ space€ to€ serve€ as€ a€cultural€ centre,€ where€ artistic€ expression€ of€ young€people€are€dreams€that€can€become€true. www.kollatinounderground.org
  97. 97. Police’s role Police’sACTIVITIES Drama,€photography,€artisan€lab€lessons Work€ in€ progress:€ music€ room run€ by€ a€partner€ called€ ecletticalab,€ which€ entertains€ the€kollatino’s events€ with€ performances€ live€ (rock,€blues,€jazz)€and€dj-sets€(techno,€electronic)SUGGESTIONOur€foundation€could€be€a€supporter€of€the€musical€initiatives€by€providing€a€free€music€room€with€instruments€and€mixer.
  98. 98. YOutube and iTunes YOUniCUBE Channel Upload€of the€songs Video€streaming€of by YouniCUBE artists performances and€ € 1,00€per€song ads
  99. 99. In-store music promotionIn-store
  100. 100. Police music tower
  101. 101. Police key
  102. 102. In-store Art promotionIn-storeArt gallery from the cube
  103. 103. On-line auctionOn-line
  104. 104. On-line auctionOn-line
  105. 105. How do we manage profit MUSIC WORKS€OF€ART $$$ 60% to the€ 40% to the€artist sponsored association Goodwill
  106. 106. Visit us for more information atwww.younicube.com