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Spanish Social Song Worksheet
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Spanish Social Song Worksheet

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  • 1. The waltz of the worker – Ska-p Tasks Proud to be among the proletariat A. Consider the title and discuss it it is difficult to make ends meet B. What do they want to resist? and to have to sweat and sweat C. What aspects of their society are they criticising? to earn our bread. D. Are there any groups in your country who sing similar songs? This is my place, these are my people E. Can you find any aspects in the song which might we are working, the preferential class be applied to your country too? because of it, proletarian brother, proudly I sing this song to you, we are the revolution. Yes sir! The revolution, Yes sir!, Yes sir!, we are the revolution, your enemy is the boss, Yes sir!, yes sir!, we are the revolution, Long live the revolution! I am fed up of bearing leeches, which steal the dignity from me. My life is consumed bearing this routine that suffocates me every day more. Happy the businessman, more corns in my hands my kidneys are going to burst. I am broke , but I continue paying my taxes your welfare state. RESISTANCE! This is my place.. In this democracy there are a lot of people who are getting rich squeezing our social class. They don’t give a shit if you have 14 children and the grandmother cannot be operated. We are the workers, the base of this game The one in which always the same stupid one loses, a well-thought game, in which they have us quiet and fuck you if you do not want to play. RESISTANCE! DISOBEDIENCE!