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Gather Around The Pump Handle
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Gather Around The Pump Handle


A presentation for the 2/10/10 Pacific Northwest RML Rendezvous webinar. Intended to introduce health sciences librarians to the topic of public health.

A presentation for the 2/10/10 Pacific Northwest RML Rendezvous webinar. Intended to introduce health sciences librarians to the topic of public health.

Published in Health & Medicine , Education
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  • London had poor sanitation; no real sewage management systemSnow suspected water contaminationCreated maps indicating where infected people lived & how outbreak was spreadingInterviewed infected people & their families; found out many of them drank water from the pumpRemoved pump handle; outbreak dramatically slowedSnow’s story was the subject of a 2007 creative non-fiction book called Ghost Map.Pump Handle is also a popular public health group blog – subtitle is “water cooler for the public health crowd”
  • Healthy People 2010 (also 2000, 1990, 1980) is a strategic planning initiative from HHS. Provides a set of public health goals and objectives for the decade. HP 2020 is currently under development and is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year.
  • 3 core functions: Assurance, Assessment, and Policy Development10 essential services: AssuranceEnforce LawsLink to and Provide CareAssure Competent WorkforceEvaluateAssessment-Monitor Health-Diagnose and InvestigatePolicy Development-Inform, Educate, Empower-Mobilize Community Partnerships-Develop Policies
  • Scientist analyzing samples in a lab – maybe verifying H1N1? Outside of the lab – could be looking at community health status indicator data, i.e. obesity rates or access to primary care services (more about CHSI later)Can of peanut butter – you remember the pb recall last year – epidemiologists tracked down the source of the salmonella outbreak. FDA and local public health share food safety responsibilities.Smoke stacks – Public health has a role in monitoring air and water qualityGraph – Reported cases of flu – monitoring the progress of the pandemic
  • Picket sign saying “Health Care Reform Cannot Wait!” – public health has an interest in extending access to health care to as much of the population as possible, so it has a role in advising health care reform strategiesSchool lunch – deciding on nutrition requirementsHurricane Dean from the air – public health has a coordination function in mobilizing community partners, first responders, and the government agencies charged with emergency preparedness and disaster response (natural or man-made disasters)President Obama signing a bill – policy development happens at the federal level, but also at the global level, the state, county, or community level, the campus level as w/ H1N1
  • Man receiving a flu shot – public health makes policies (sometimes unpopular) about priority groups for receiving flu shotsShrimp truck – state and county standards for food safety and hygieneOregon Health GoLocal – links Oregonians to local health resources from within MedlinePlusBaby on a scale – WIC program to make sure babies from low-income families get proper nutrition
  • Randomized controlled trials have become a gold standard in clinical medicine; considered the most valid source of evidence for evidence-based medicine.In public health – not feasible (populations are difficult to control, time is a factor), not ethical (withhold information?) or not all that useful/generalizable (study participants in RCTs are homogenous groups because the goal is to reduce confounding variables)Instead: observational studies, case-control studies, cohort studies, qualitative research, best practices reports, grey literature (next slide)
  • The best evidence is the best available evidence.Often free to access, but difficult to find and manage.
  • Sometimes what seems like sensible policy at the population level comes into conflict with what makes sense to individuals, or to physicians interact with patients one at a time.
  • Resourcesare linked from the upcoming slides.Nolive searches planned; make a note if you would like to see something after the presentation.
  • Public health is extremely interdisciplinary. Topics border or education, psychology, urban planning, engineering, business, ecology… To really be an expert searcher in public health, you need to go way beyond Medline and become familiar with as many database as are available to you.
  • In the middle – public health news, time-sensitive informationMain topic pages – loooong lists of links. These pages are organized by material type.
  • Looong lists. This is a fraction of what’s available under health data tools and statistics.Students in epidemiology classes may need raw data sets to manipuate. This is a good place to look.
  • Main topic pages – loooong lists of links. These pages are organized by material type.Over the last year or so, the Partners have begun adding Public Health topic pages. Currently there are 8.
  • HIV AIDS page gives topic specific information broken out by “main topics”
  • Healthy People 2010 topicsearches – very popular
  • A detailed, librarian-developed search strategy for every objective
  • If you can understand this, you may be a librarian May be seeking volunteers to develop searches for HP2020.
  • National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) is producing 4 live webinar sessions about health indicators. #2 took place 2 weeks ago – specifically talked about this resource.Link above goes to session descriptions; slides and video available soon – MLA credit available for viewing
  • Age and race demographicsBirth and Death stats including leading causes of deathRisk factors of particular concern, such as number of smokersAccess to care – how many physicians, nurses, dentists, etc. are there to serve that county’s populationEnvironmental health concerns – rates of foodborne and waterborne illness; air quality data
  • Newer features – mapping and peer county comparisonsMap of unemployment rates in Idaho with Kootenai county highlightedTable comparing Kootenai county indicators with national levels and w/ peer county levelsThroughout CHSI, the magnifying glass means “you might want to investigate these issues” whereas the apple means your county compares favorably to peer counties and/or to national averages.
  • Environmental Health is a big part of public healthResources from NLM’s Specialized Information Services division – great stuff in hereA good page to bookmark
  • Produce maps of toxic release sites – get factory names, a list of reportable toxic substances they emit, and how muchCan also overlay census-type data – so not uncommon to see that areas with a high concentration of factors have low income residentsCan also overlay mortality data, so you can visualize which areas have highest mortality from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Radiation Event Medical ManagementWireless Information System for Emergency Responders
  • New center for researching ways to get health information to people when there’s a disasterPage of info resources for people working in HaitiEmergency Access Initiative -  free full-text articles from over 200 biomedical journals and over 65 reference books for libraries and hospitals affected by the earthquake in Haiti.  The collection is also intended for healthcare personnel responding to the disaster.
  • Contact your local health dept – make sure they are aware of your services Go to a meeting – help staff an NLM exhibit, attend sessionsFor the past several years, the Sewell Memorial Fund has offered stipend awards for ~10 librarians to attend national APHALots of energy and excitementConference is in November; application deadline usually early summerExhibit space, esp. in a public or heavily trafficked area, and need a way to fill? Scan the news for hot topics in local public health, create an exhibit around that topicHelp that’s needed might have nothing to do with your library collection. Maybe the ph workers in your community could use training on social media, or how to be better information managers themselves.


  • 1. Gather Around the Pump Handle:Public Health Resources and Outreach Ideas
    Pump Handle by cindy47542 on flickr
  • 2. What’s this pump handle business?
    • Dr. John Snow, 1813 – 1858
    • 3. “Father of Modern Epidemiology”
    • 4. Isolated the source of an 1854 London cholera outbreak to water from the Broad Street pump
  • Agenda
    What is public health?
    Key resources
    Ideas for Outreach
  • 5. Mission
    To promote physical and mental health and prevent disease, injury, and disability to realize the vision of healthy people in healthy communities.
    -Healthy People 2010
  • 6. Quality information is central to good public health practice.
    3 core functions
    10 essential services
  • 7. Assessment
    Image credits: NIOSH, Retropocketlint, otodo, CDC
  • 8. Policy Development
    Image credits: seiuhealthcare775nw, Teejayhanton, toptechwriter, doi.gov
  • 9. Assurance
    Image credits: (vaccination) USACE Europe District, (baby) bibliocone
  • 10. Public Health vs. Medicine
    Public Health
    Focus on population
    Variable certification
    Numeric training essential
    Emphasis on prevention and health promotion of community
    Focus on individual
    Uniform certification
    Numeric training minor portion
    Emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of patient
  • 11. Study Designs
    RCTs are not always feasible, ethical, or useful in public health.
    Observational studies
    Case-control studies
    Cohort studies
    Qualitative research
    Theory-based research
  • 12. Grey Literature
    Government Reports
    White Papers
    Conference proceedings
    Self-published works
  • 13. Conflicting Perspectives
    Mammograms not recommended for women under 40 50.
    – US Preventive Services Task Force
    “I’m angry.”
    – 47-year old breast cancer patient
  • 14. Key Resources
    PubMed / MedlinePlus
    Community Health Status Indicators
    Environmental Health Resources
  • 15. The Usual Suspects…
    Professional journal literature
    Consumer-level health information
  • 16. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
    American Public Health Association (APHA)
    Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH)
    Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
    Medical Library Association (MLA)
    National Agricultural Library
    National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)
    National Library of Medicine (NLM)
    National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)
    Public Health Foundation (PHF)
    Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
    Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce
  • 17. http://phpartners.org
  • 18. http://phpartners.org/health_stats.html
  • 19. http://phpartners.org
  • 20. http://phpartners.org
  • 21. http://phpartners.org
  • 22. http://phpartners.org/hp/phys_fit.html
  • 23. Increase daily PE in schoolsObjective 22-08
    ("physical education and training"[MeSH Terms] OR "motor activity"[MeSH Terms] OR ("physical fitness"[MeSH Terms] OR ("physical"[All Fields] AND "fitness"[All Fields]) OR "physical fitness"[All Fields]) OR "sports"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "exercise"[MeSH Terms]) AND ("schools"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "curriculum/standards"[Mesh Terms] OR ("mandatory programmes"[All Fields] OR "mandatory programs"[MeSH Terms] OR ("mandatory"[All Fields] AND "programs"[All Fields]) OR "mandatory programs"[All Fields]) OR "health education"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "health promotion"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "health knowledge, attitudes, practice"[MeSH Major Topic] OR "models, educational"[MeSH Terms]) NOT ("universities"[MeSH Terms] OR (college[All Fields] OR college/abassi[All Fields] OR college/albany[All Fields] OR college/area[All Fields] OR college/burke[All Fields] OR college/chang[All Fields] OR college/children's[All Fields] OR college/chinese[All Fields] OR college/city[All Fields] OR college/civil[All Fields] OR college/class[All Fields] OR college/college[All Fields] OR college/columbia[All Fields] OR college/community[All Fields] OR college/cook[All Fields] OR college/cornell[All Fields] OR college/cuny[All Fields] OR college/dalhousie[All Fields] OR college/dec[All Fields] OR college/dominican[All Fields] OR college/ems[All Fields] OR college/first[All Fields] OR college/fisheries[All Fields] OR college/g[All Fields] OR college/ghurki[All Fields] OR college/gnd[All Fields] OR college/gov't[All Fields] OR college/govt[All Fields] OR college/graduate[All Fields] OR college/guangzhou[All Fields] OR college/guizhou[All Fields] OR college/guru[All Fields] OR college/guy's[All Fields] OR college/hartford[All Fields] OR college/hospital[All Fields] OR college/imperial[All Fields] OR college/institute[All Fields] OR college/jinnah[All Fields] OR college/johns[All Fields] OR college/khyber[All Fields] OR college/kr[All Fields] OR college/lions[All Fields] OR college/lishui[All Fields] OR college/ln[All Fields] OR college/london[All Fields] OR college/mackay[All Fields] OR college/mayo[All Fields] OR college/metropolitan[All Fields] OR college/middlesex[All Fields] OR college/miet[All Fields] OR college/montefiore[All Fields] OR college/mount[All Fields] OR college/mt[All Fields] OR college/nanjing[All Fields] OR college/new[All Fields] OR college/njaes[All Fields] OR college/north[All Fields] OR college/nust[All Fields] OR college/ny[All Fields] OR college/osmania[All Fields] OR college/our[All Fields] OR college/payne[All Fields] OR college/pennsylvania[All Fields] OR college/polytechnic[All Fields] OR college/rajendra[All Fields] OR college/rajindra[All Fields] OR college/regional[All Fields] OR college/rockefeller[All Fields] OR college/royal[All Fields] OR college/sassoon[All Fields] OR college/school[All Fields] OR college/sir[All Fields] OR college/specialized[All Fields] OR college/st[All Fields] OR college/state[All Fields] OR college/stratham[All Fields] OR college/sunnaas[All Fields] OR college/suny[All Fields] OR college/technical[All Fields] OR college/the[All Fields] OR college/thomas[All Fields] OR college/tumaini[All Fields] OR college/uhi[All Fields] OR college/universities[All Fields] OR college/university[All Fields] OR college/usf[All Fields] OR college/vanderbilt[All Fields] OR college/west[All Fields] OR college/westchester[All Fields] OR college/western[All Fields] OR college/women's[All Fields] OR college/wuyi[All Fields] OR college/young[All Fields] OR college'[All Fields] OR college's[All Fields] OR college3[All Fields] OR collegeage[All Fields] OR collegeality[All Fields] OR collegeasahikawa[All Fields] OR collegebiochem[All Fields] OR collegebuilding[All Fields] OR collegechestnut[All Fields] OR collegedale[All Fields] OR collegede[All Fields] OR collegedepartment[All Fields] OR collegee[All Fields] OR collegefdcnet[All Fields] OR collegehill[All Fields] OR collegel[All Fields] OR collegem[All Fields] OR collegen[All Fields] OR collegenase[All Fields] OR collegenases[All Fields] OR collegenew[All Fields] OR collegenin[All Fields] OR collegenolytic[All Fields] OR collegenoses[All Fields] OR collegenous[All Fields] OR collegeo[All Fields] OR collegeof[All Fields] OR collegepeking[All Fields] OR collegergia[All Fields] OR colleges[All Fields] OR colleges/courses[All Fields] OR colleges/health[All Fields] OR colleges/junior[All Fields] OR colleges/schools[All Fields] OR colleges/teaching[All Fields] OR colleges/universities[All Fields] OR colleges'[All Fields] OR colleges's[All Fields] OR collegeshawinigan[All Fields] OR collegesherbrooke[All Fields] OR collegestation[All Fields] OR collegetown[All Fields] OR collegeville[All Fields] OR collegew[All Fields] OR collegeylm[All Fields]) OR (undergraduate[All Fields] OR undergraduate/baccalaureate[All Fields] OR undergraduate/entry[All Fields] OR undergraduate/graduate[All Fields] OR undergraduate/postgraduate[All Fields] OR undergraduate'[All Fields] OR undergraduate's[All Fields] OR undergraduated[All Fields] OR undergraduates[All Fields] OR undergraduates/graduates[All Fields] OR undergraduates'[All Fields]) OR (graduate[All Fields] OR graduate/12[All Fields] OR graduate/first[All Fields] OR graduate/general[All Fields] OR graduate/independent[All Fields] OR graduate/postgraduate[All Fields] OR graduate/prepare[All Fields] OR graduate/professional[All Fields] OR graduate/staff[All Fields] OR graduate/undergraduate[All Fields] OR graduate'[All Fields] OR graduate's[All Fields] OR graduate531[All Fields] OR graduatecenter[All Fields] OR graduatecentre[All Fields] OR graduated[All Fields] OR graduated/ungraduated[All Fields] OR graduatedlly[All Fields] OR graduateinstitute[All Fields] OR graduateness[All Fields] OR graduates[All Fields] OR graduates/1000[All Fields] OR graduates/diplomates[All Fields] OR graduates/faculty[All Fields] OR graduates/graduating[All Fields] OR graduates/interns[All Fields] OR graduates/postgraduates[All Fields] OR graduates/world[All Fields] OR graduates'[All Fields] OR graduates'/diplomates[All Fields] OR graduates'needs[All Fields] OR graduates'perceptions[All Fields] OR graduateschool[All Fields]) OR baccalaureate[All Fields]) AND english[la] AND "humans"[MeSH Terms] NOT ("adult"[MeSH Terms] OR "adult"[All Fields]) AND ("united states"[MeSH Terms] OR ("united"[All Fields] AND "states"[All Fields]) OR "united states"[All Fields]) AND (("child"[MeSH Terms] OR "child"[All Fields]) OR ("adolescent"[MeSH Terms] OR "adolescent"[All Fields])) NOT ("creatine"[MeSH Terms] OR "creatine"[All Fields]) NOT "melanoma"[MeSH Terms]
  • 24. Health Indicators: A 4-Part Webinar Series http://www.nlm.nih.gov/nichsr/healthindicators/index.html
  • 25. County-level data on:
    Birth and Death
    Risk Factors
    Vulnerable Populations
    Preventive Services Use
    Environmental Health
    Access to Care
    National and Peer County Comparisons
  • 26. Kootenai County, Idaho
  • 27. Environmental Health Resources http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/enviro.html
  • 28. Environmental Health Resources http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/enviro.html
    Search TOXNET for hazardous substance information; TOXMAP to create maps of toxic releases
  • 29. Environmental Health Resources http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/enviro.html
    REMM and WISER for first responders to HAZMAT incidents
    Mobile versions available
  • 30. Environmental Health Resources http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/enviro.html
    Disaster Information Management Resource Center (DIMRC)
  • 31. Outreach Ideas
    Contact your local health department
    Go to a meeting
    Host an exhibit
    Assist with social media or personal info management strategies
    [Your idea here]
    “Our world is run by those who show up.”
  • 32. Got Funding?
    Express Outreach Awards
    (Pacific Northwest Region only)
    up to $12,000
    Priority will be given to proposals involving outreach to public health workers, emergency responders, health professionals serving low-income populations …
    Proposals due April 23
  • 33. Thank You!
    Alison Aldrich, MSI MPH
    Technology Outreach Coordinator
    National Network of Libraries of Medicine,
    Pacific Northwest Region