High performance teams

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High Performance Teams, Atlantis

High Performance Teams, Atlantis

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  • 2. Structure • What is a HP team ? • What behaviors would you see in such a team ? • What drives people to give the best they have and do it for free ? • What can leaders do to nourish those drives ? • What does it means for AEISEC leaders ? 21/04/2014 INTC 2
  • 3. What is a high performing team ? 21/04/2014 INTC 3 Best possible results for the competencies/talents available.
  • 4. 21/04/2014 INTC 4 Tasks & relational competencies Performance
  • 5. Football-Mexican competition 21/04/2014 INTC 5 Team Star rating Transfer budget (GBP) Weekly wages (GBP) America 3.5 stars 6,000,000 336,000 Atlante 3.0 stars 500,000 163,000 Atlas 3.0 stars 425,000 179,000 Chiapas 3.0 stars 850,000 38,000 Club Leon 3.0 stars 1,700,000 32,000 Cruz Azul 3.5 stars 7,000,000 286,000 Guadalajara 3.0 stars 4,200,000 189,000 Monarcas 3.5 stars 2,500,000 295,000 Monterrey 3.5 stars 7,500,000 268,000 Pachuca 3.0 stars 7,500,000 205,000 Puebla 3.0 stars 500,000 157,000 Queretaro 3.0 stars 1,300,000 165,000 Santos Laguna 3.0 stars 4,200,000 253,000 Tigres 3.5 stars 8,500,000 351,000 Tijuana 3.5 stars 4,200,000 222,000 Toluca 3.0 stars 1,300,000 184,000 U.N.A.M. 3.0 stars 1,700,000 184,000 Veracruz 3.0 stars 1,300,000 48,000
  • 6. The Primera División 21/04/2014 INTC 6 Country Global Club Brand value 2012 Rating EV* BVEV 1 56 CD Guadalajara 38 AA+ 203 19% 2 68 Club America 25 AA 157 16% 3 91 Crur Azul 19 AAA 118 16% 4 99 Tigres UNAL 17 AAA 112 15% 5 106 CF Pachuca 14 A+ 125 12% In US$ millions *Indicative Enterprise Valuation Football-Mexican competition
  • 7. 21/04/2014 INTC 7 2012 Relegation (for 3 years) 2013/2014 Tigre UNAL Cruz Azul Cruz Azul Club America Tigres UNAL Toluca Atlas Santos Laguna Pumas Monarca Morelia Monarca Morelia Santos Laguna Cruz Azul Club America Club America Football-Mexican competition
  • 8. What are the behaviors you would see in HP team ? 21/04/2014 INTC 8
  • 9. What is visible ? 21/04/2014 INTC 9 • More energy. • More speaking out, less pretense. • More feedback to each other (the way of doing that might be different, depending on the culture). • People have more respect and consideration for each other, even if they are not best friends! • People share more easely fears and needs. • The non-verbal is more aligned with the verbal.
  • 10. High Performing teams? « First, I thought that it meant having a good manager. Then, I thought it was about clear objectives. Then, I thought a performing team had not too many conflicts. I thought that it implied for the team members not to be too much different from each other. Finally, I reach the conclusion that for a team to perform, its members should dare to share on their fears and needs, and they should give up the idea of being right. » 21/04/2014 INTC 10
  • 11. As a conclusion 21/04/2014 INTC 11 It is about bringing out the best of what you have for the objective that you want to reach.
  • 12. What makes that you want to give the best of yourself ? 21/04/2014 INTC 12
  • 13. The Gallup Q12TM Items 21/04/2014 13  I know WHAT IS EXPECTED OF ME at work  I have the MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT I need to do my work right  At work, I have the opportunity to DO WHAT I DO BEST every day  In the last 7 days, I have received RECOGNITION or praise for doing good work  My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to CARE ABOUT ME as a person  There is someone at work who ENCOURAGES my development  At work, MY OPINIONS seem to count  The MISSION/PURPOSE OF MY COMPANY makes me feel my job is important  MY ASSOCIATES (fellow employees) are committed to doing quality work  I have a BEST FRIEND at work  In the last six months, someone at work has TALKED TO ME ABOUT MY PROGRESS  This last year, I have had opportunities at work to LEARN AND GROW Copyright © 2014 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved INTC
  • 14. Engagement hierarchy 21/04/2014 14 Growth Teamwork Management Support Basic Needs • I have materials and equipment I need to do my work right • I know what is expected of me at work • I have a best friend at work • Co-workers committed to quality • Mission/purpose of company • At work, my opinions seem to count • Opportunities to learn and grow • Progress in last six months • Someone at work encourages my development • Supervisor/someone at work cares • Recognition last 7 days • Do what I do best every day Gallup Q12TM Copyright © 2014 Gallup, Inc. All rights reservedINTC
  • 15. Communication law 15 1. All people have purposes and concerns. 2. When they think that you threaten or are unaware of their purposes and concerns, they resist. This is wasteful. 3. When they think that you are aware of and sensitive to their purposes and concerns, they communicate and collaborate. This adds value. 15 21/04/2014 INTC
  • 16. What does that mean in terms of leadership ? 21/04/2014 INTC 16 You have to be able to capture what your team members drive in general, and each specifically (= understanding the mental map of the others).
  • 17. Influencing behavior through impactful conversations situation behavior result MENTAL MAP People do not react to situations; they react to what situations mean to them. Behavior derives from peole’s feeling and thinking (mental map), and the benefits for them in the result (consequences). Impactful conversations, are conversations using the lever of the mental map to create a motivated change. Together with consequence management, impactful conversations will drive sustainable behavioral change 21/04/2014 INTC 17
  • 18. The conversation meter 18 From Connolly and Rianoshek, The Communication Catalyst 100 50 25 75 0 From Connolly and Rianoshek, The Communication Catalyst 21/04/2014 INTC 18
  • 19. Most of the time I am likely to be.... 19 An energetic person who is quick to see opportunities and advantages A feeling person who is quick to respond to other people’s needs A practical person who is careful not to rush into decisions before I have had a chance to think things through 19 21/04/2014 INTC
  • 20. It is most like me to: 20 Be patient, practical and sure of what I am doing Do the best I can and trust others to recognize my contribution Take the lead in developing opportunities and influencing decisions 20 21/04/2014 INTC
  • 21. Give time to the team so it can develop 21/04/2014 INTC 21 Let the team structure its energy
  • 22. Prestage I Stage I Forming Stage II Storming Stage III Norming Stage IV Performing Stage V Adjourning Bruce Tuckman Stage of team development 2221/04/2014 INTC
  • 23. What “good leaders” do 23  Challenging the process  The search for opportunities  Experiments and risk-taking  Inspiring a shared vision  Envision the future  Enlist others  Enabling others to act  Fostering collaboration  Strengthening others  Modelling the way  Set the example  Plan small wins  Encouraging The Heart  Recognize individual contributions  Celebrate accomplishments Leaders lead people and manage task, they do not lead task and manage people 21/04/2014 INTC
  • 24. AS A CONCLUSION: 21/04/2014 INTC 24 « The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already. »