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  • This presentation is based heavily on materials from AIESEC in Serbia and Armenia – thanks guys!

19993 Myaiesecnet1 19993 Myaiesecnet1 Presentation Transcript

  • myAIESEC.net Why we need it, what it is, and how to use it!
  • AIESEC.net – the old system What’s the first word that comes to mind if I say “AIESEC.net”? Was AIESEC.net efficient at helping our organisation? What’s wrong with it? Let’s say you want to see example calling scripts from other committees…
  • AIESEC.net – the old system 1) Sign up to as many national and local communities as you can
  • AIESEC.net – the old system FORUMS 2) Go into the file storage area for each community (which isn’t even always called that!) SURVEYS FORUMS PEOPLE FAQs MEMBERS FILE STORE FILES RESOURCE
  • AIESEC.net – the old system 3) Search through every mislabelled folder for a document that might have the right name… if it’s there at all ICX
    • 2001 pricelist.pdf
    • TheFile.doc
    • Strategy.doc
    • Press release.doc
    • OGX team photo.jpg
    • MCVPX contact details.xls
    • Policies.doc
    • Readme.txt
    • LC contacts 06.xls
    • LDS party photos.zip
    • 2006 cold calling template.doc
    • Calling guidelines.ppt
    • Letter template.doc
    • Company list.xls
    • Compendium.doc
    • Calling help.rtf
  • This isn’t working… This isn’t an efficient use of your time You probably won’t find what you were looking for anyway, so why bother? That’s why we’ve created an entirely new system…
  • A new paradigm The old communities have gone… The new system is USER-CENTRIC
  • Your AIESEC Experience
    • The system follows your AIESEC experience (AIESEC.net predated this)
    • Access the tools you need when you need them – e.g. team management
    • You decide what materials you need for your own experience
  • Shared knowledge
    • The system contains, wikis, forums, files, surveys, classifieds, news
    • All this is categorised by functional area, scope and purpose, and with relevant keywords
    • But you can access all of it without having to join communities!
    • How to find content among all this?
  • Search and Find
    • All content on the system can be searched, by virtually any criteria
    • Want info on OGX promotion? Search and you’ll get discussions and news as well as docs / presentations etc
    • Can narrow down by categories if needed
    • Let’s find those cold-calling scripts…
  • myAIESEC.net makes it easy! 1) Perform a search for “calling script” Calling guidance.pdf AIESEC Jaipur ICX script.rtf AIESEC UK Sales presentation.ppt AIESEC Belo Horizonte Cold calls.doc AIESEC Rwanda … look at the results, and get calling! Forum: cold-calling discussions AIESEC USA
  • What else?
    • Improved exchange management – fully integrated, and search by any criteria!
    • Social networking functionality to interact with AIESECers across the world
    • Tracks your personal development
    • Better tools for promotion (no more endless spams)
    • And much, much more…
  • So let’s take a quick look!
  • Login screen If you have an AIESEC.net account, the username and password are identical Or create a new account
  • Home page The system tracks your AIESEC Experience
  • Still on I2A?
    • If you haven’t previously passed the InsightXP test you’ll be in I2A stage
    • There’s not much to do there – you cannot even view forums!
    • So select “go to TR”, go through the survey to apply to the next stage, and the EB will approve you
  • Home page Quick links to the different types of content available Social networking Search the whole system from every page!
  • Types of content
    • News – announcements etc
    • Classifieds – advertise conferences, CEEDs, T-shirts…
    • Wiki – informative content that different people can edit
    • Forums – discussions (NB each “forum” corresponds to an AIESEC.net thread)
    • Files – images, docs etc
    • Surveys – ask questions
  • Search
  • Search
    • Search by keywords
    • Search by type of content
      • And options within that – e.g. file format for a file, or type of opportunity for a classified
    • Search by scope
      • Is it relevant to a particular entity (AI, GN, MC or LC) or generic?
  • Content overview (wiki) Create or edit your content from here By clicking on “Wiki” we see what wikis (editable pages) have been created recently
  • Wiki page All content can be bookmarked, subscribed to and rated A typical wiki page
  • Keeping up-to-date
    • The easiest way to see what people in you LC have been saying is to go to “forums” and use the “Entity filter” on the right - you can then see all the latest posts.
    • Clicking “subscribe” on any content item tells the system to email you if it is updated.
  • How do I create content?
  • Creating content 1) Click “create” on the screen for the type of content you want
  • Creating content 2) Add the basic details, including keywords
  • Creating content
    • It’s important we add keywords so people can find our content
    • Set the scope
      • “ Local” – specific for your LC. E.g. a forum about your careers fair or an exchange project
      • “ Generic” – not specific to any AIESEC entity (e.g. a forum about general ICX tips or an issue)
      • Don’t overuse “Generic” as it makes content harder to find.
  • Creating content 3) Assign administrative rights to individual members, or people in specific roles (“organisation” would be for corporates).
  • Creating content 4) In the same way for some content you can select who is allowed to view it (in this case participate in the survey)
  • Social networking
    • A bit like Facebook, but all AIESECers can access it. Click “Networking” and “Add new contact” to find people.
    • You can add as much info as you want to your profile, and make it visible to everyone or just friends.
  • Things to do…
    • Use the new system - have a look around and see what you can find!
    • Look at the new social networking functionality and make new @ friends
    • Add any content you think could be useful; just don’t forget to add keywords so the rest of the world can find it
    • Check regularly for discussions in your LC, and contribute to them!