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The presentation of MISJ4 (TranslateIndonesia Co.) brand new app: Translate Indonesia.

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    1. 1. TranslateIndonesia Co.(Alda, Bella, Keshia and Sabrina)
    2. 2. 1.Executive Summary
    3. 3. Team Members Our company currently consists of four members (from left to right): Keshia Saradima, Disa Alda Naomi Sianipar, Sabrina Santoso, and Katharine Bella Suwarso
    4. 4. Market Our company has target market subdivisions comprising of  International & domestic tourists travelling to parts of Indonesia  Indonesian citizens of clashing cultures and ethnicity, and  Various schools and educational institutions in Indonesia
    5. 5. TranslateIndonesia TranslateIndonesia is a translator application currently suitable for Androids that translates English to Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and Indonesia’s ethnic dialects and local languages. Designed user-centered Accessible through search bar, categories, and maps Users are able to explore Indonesia’s culture through its unique and exotic languages.
    6. 6. Competition We have not found a single app that translates English to Indonesian dialects up to date. This distinct feature will be the highlight out of several aspects of the app that will elevate sales Our affordable price will appeal to our market sizes.
    7. 7. Competitive Edge To make it affordable our app comes in different language packages to give the users options TranslateIndonesia’s innovative concept will catch the attention of various medias and hopefully promote Indonesia’s culture and tourism in the future. The user-friendly interface design will result in ease of use and convenience for many ranges of the market size.
    8. 8. 1.1 Our Mission To preserve the exotic languages and cultures in Indonesia through the development of TranslateIndonesia app. We hope to bridge the gap between diverse cultures in our community by utilizing the technology provided through our app for our users.
    9. 9. Indonesia is an archipelago with thepopulation of 237,642,000 people and a total of 719 ethnic individual languages existing. From thesenumbers, 13 are extinct and 340 are in trouble - Ethnologue
    10. 10. 1.2 Assets ofTranslateIndonesia Features many languages that are not provided in other existing translation apps Features different ways to access words such as: search bar and geographically, which would increase the ease of use of TranslateIndonesia Aims to service different groups of smartphone users in Indonesia with affordable pricing
    11. 11. 1.3 Objectives Add more dialects into the app and expand the word choices and categories Expand sales and target market groups, reaching 50% of our potential customers in the first two years Expand from Android Market to Apple App Store and RIM’s Blackberry
    12. 12. 2. Our Company
    13. 13. 2.1 Start Up Company To launch our company legitimately and to perform tasks to complete our app, we will need resources such as following:- Computer programmers to complete the app and/orfuture developments- Workstations, equipped with computers- Money to pay for technical services in programming theapp, such as: databases, researches on languages- Money to launch sales on Android Market
    14. 14. 3. Product Description
    15. 15. 4. Market Analysis TranslateIndonesia Co. plans to sell our app for $0.99, containing a number (approximately four or five) of different dialects in Indonesia. We provide the service of adding more language packages with extra purchase of approximately $0.50.
    16. 16. 4. Market Analysis Indonesia has proven to have vast development on smartphone market—one of the fastest in Southeast Asia, thus increasing our chance on reaching out to more audiences every moment. This provides large market size of target audiences for the app. Indonesians smartphone users have increased with the sales increase of Blackberry, Apple, Android, Nokia and Samsung. This means that many people can access and buy our app— note the greater percentage of Android users compared to other brands, which will give us an advantage in putting out our app on Android Market (refer to Figure 2).
    17. 17. ―The world’s fourth most populous nation of Indonesia is not surprisingly the region’s largestsmartphone market. Its combined feature phone and smartphone volume sales grew by 26 percent intotal, with individual segments reflecting concurrent growth of 19 and 56 percent, respectively.‖ - SMBWORLD Asia Editors, 2012
    18. 18. Figure 1: Smartphone Growth Overview in Indonesia
    19. 19. ―Indonesia keeps on showing high growth as one of the mobile-centric markets in this region. Smartphone adoption will continue in speed –with Android leading – making it easier for brands tobe more creative and increasing the opportunity to cooperate with its customers.‖ - Karimuddin, 2012
    20. 20. The Android Market The Android Market has also increased substantially throughout the recent years, it being ―making significant inroads into Southeast Asia‖. (Einhorn, 2012). Given that our first version of the app is an Android app, this will benefit us a lot in attaining high number of sales and accessibility to the dominating Android users of Indonesia.
    21. 21. Figure 2: Smartphone Market Share in Indonesia
    22. 22. The Smartphone Market As a smartphone becomes one of the essentials of many citizens, our app will appeal to them in ways that it is portable, easy to use and very useful given the many languages existing in various parts of Indonesia (refer to Figure 3). People varying from lower social class up to high social class rely on phones and Internet to communicate and as learning tool. At the same time, many people only rely on dictionaries and books for linguistic resources that tend to be heavy, expensive and at times boring. Given the few competitors who actually utilized smartphone features to develop linguistic resources in the market nowadays, a large market consisting of language and culture enthusiasts are present to use our app.
    23. 23. 4.1 Marketing Subdivisions TranslateIndonesia aims for target audiences of  Indonesian citizens  students and educational centers / institutions  Tourists: foreign and domestic  expatriates who need to communicate better with the local peoples of various ethnicities
    24. 24. Tourists and Expatriates  Will have interests on buying the app due to its usability and convenience whilst travelling.  The app will satisfy their need to communicate with local peoples in Indonesia more accessibly.
    25. 25. Schools and Educational Institutions  Will utilize the app as unique and innovative learning tool to explore Indonesian culture through its many languages.  It will also be utilized as to preserve and promote the many Indonesian dialects that are currently decreasing in usages here in Indonesia.
    26. 26.  Indonesian Citizens  Will use the app to understand their different, neighboring linguistic group.  Many Indonesians are mixes of different cultures and ethnic groups that speak different languages, so the app will be useful at daily occurrences.  Indonesia comprises of diverse ethnic groups who speak different languages and dialects from one another (refer to Figure 3).  This may cause hindrances on communication between local citizens, and between foreigners and Indonesians as well. As many languages coexist in numbers of geographical locations, language clashes are not rare in society.
    27. 27. Figure 3: Ethnic Groups in IndonesiaImage Source: Gunawan Kartapranata, 15 September 2010
    28. 28. 4.2 Competition No particular translator app translates to Indonesian dialects and its many ethnic languages yet, therefore our app is already running on lead with the competitors we currently have.
    29. 29. Tap and Say – SpeakPhrases Book provides translations of national languages of countries with user-friendly design divides the words by locations and categories, which are similar features to our app don’t provide the location feature geographically, which we are proposing to in TranslateIndonesia. They also have language packs, which are convenient and what we plan to do as well. However, they did not provide dialects or other local languages for each country, which is an advantage to our app.
    30. 30. English IndonesianTranslator with Voice Very simplistic and minimalistic design Utilizes media of an audio, which makes the app interactive It can translate words or sentences, Does not provide the words and/or phrases in categories and language packs. TranslateIndonesia still secures its distinct feature of translating dialects and ethnic languages within Indonesia and its various methods to learn the languages.
    31. 31. Indonesian LanguageHostess Variety of learning media such as audio and video It organizes the words and phrases in categories as we also planned to do so. Although, the app lacks the option to pick categories or language packs since it charges higher price to buy the full version of app Once again, TranslateIndonesia is still prominent with its selling point of translating dialects and ethnic languages within Indonesia through search bars, categories and geographically.
    32. 32. 5. Strategy &Implementation Plan TranslateIndonesia aims to succeed due to our original concepts: to intermingle languages with cultures and geography. Competitors of similar apps mostly consist of translator apps that only provide English – Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) translation we will take our app to a bigger extent by translating English to other Indonesian dialects The app will be convenient for tourists and Indonesian language and culture enthusiasts.
    33. 33. 5.1 Competitive Edge Lead selling point: originality of our concept to translate Indonesian dialects Embraces the user-centered design in which users can select languages translation based on  locations (through Indonesia’s geographical map)  Search bars The language packages we provide cover basic necessities of normal conversations and cultural immersion of many cultures of Indonesia—which can be relevant linguistic resources for anyone living or travelling in Indonesia.
    34. 34. 5.2 Marketing & AdvertisingStrategy TranslateIndonesia plans to raise awareness of the development of the app through advertising on various media, such as: printed, online and any resources we can possibly get. It is important to spread the mission of TranslateIndonesia app as preserving culture and increasing tourism are some of the relevant issues of Indonesia nowadays. This will then result in increasing market size, since great awareness will bring about more potential buyers and users. We also plan on full-scale advertisements through tourism and cultural aspects: one being through the culture administrator and organizations in Indonesia. This way, we get to work with trustworthy officials and authorities to elevate the prominence of our company.
    35. 35. 5.2 Marketing & AdvertisingStrategy Our advertising strategy also involves active social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in which many citizens in Indonesia are active on. Advertisement on billboards in airports will also attract many foreign and domestic tourists arriving in parts of Indonesia. We will also start putting out advertisements and sales from Android Market since it is the biggest and fastest- increasing market in Indonesia currently. This will hopefully gain us great amount of attention from the vast market of Android users in Indonesia.
    36. 36. 5.3 Sales Strategy Our sales campaign will be focusing on our target audiences and its associated institutions, for example schools and education centers as well as tourism centers and tourism agencies. Our sale strategies work in collaboration with the implementation of our sales and advertising strategies. By involving and advertising our app in many developing aspects of Indonesian culture, tourism and technology we will appeal to bigger range of audiences starting from the local peoples to international customers later on.
    37. 37. Financial Analysis
    38. 38. 6.1 – The Product The product costs $0.99 The extra language packages cost $0.50 Equal or even cheaper to most competitors, making it affordable for many Indonesians in varying social statuses. Users have option to pick the extra language package that costs $0.50 based on their preferences, e.g.:  their travel destinations  the languages existing in their locations  what languages appeal to them
    39. 39. 6.1 – The Product Some of the more common languages we are researching and considering are Sundanese, Bahasa Padang, Betawi, Batak Toba amongst the long list of languages in Indonesia. If the user wants to buy all of the dialects, we want to sell the complete pack for approximately $5.99 up to $9.99, depending on the amount of languages we offer at that time. These price ranges are equal or even cheaper to most competitors that we have encountered, making it affordable for many Indonesians in varying social statuses and backgrounds. Given the fact that we haven’t found an app that offer the exact same attributes, our pricing is fair as compared to common translating apps.
    40. 40. 6.2 – The Income andOutcome In making the product, it is estimated we will spend around US$500 for human resources as to improve our app’s programming to get it ready to be sold in smartphones’ apps’ markets—considering the current labor costs in Indonesia. We might also consider spending as much as US$2000 for advertisements and promotions both in online and offline media; both free and paid. However, these prices can be lowered down with the connections and cooperation that we aim to gain trust and be involved in.
    41. 41. 6.2 – The Income andOutcome Considering the market size, e.g. smartphone usage in Indonesia, which is expected to be around 6.6 million Indonesians by 2011 (Rakphongpairoj, 2011), we have broad opportunities of purchases for our app. Considering that through our advertising, marketing and sales strategy we are aiming to attract at least 30% of them or 2.2 million Indonesians to purchase and use our app. We are estimating around at least 8 million foreign tourists in 2013 and onwards yearly, based on the data of 8,044,462 of foreign tourists in Indonesia in 2012 (Pratomo, 2013). Assuming that at least 55% percent of them are not travelling due to business affairs, and 50% of that number own smartphones, we have number of approximately 2.4 million foreign tourists who travel to
    42. 42. 6.2 The Income andOutcome Summed up together, we have approximately a big amount of 4.6 million potential customers upon the market sizes of tourists and Indonesians who own smartphones. Within the first 2 years, we aim to sell around 50% of this number through our advertisements and promotional efforts. Given that our app is available at $0.99 per download, we are looking at great amount of profit.
    43. 43. 6.2 – The Income andOutcome The growth of our financing in TranslateIndonesia can be seen in the language packs we will continue to add and update. We can extend the languages from the common ones up to those that are almost extinct. This will then keep expanding the potential customers from time to time as we keep them updated. We can extend the version of our app from English-based to Indonesian-based to make it more accessible to local users of the app. By this we will penetrate more Indonesians therefore acquiring bigger market size.
    44. 44. 6.2 – The Income andOutcome The development of branches and/or franchises of TranslateIndonesia to other countries and other dialects such as Malaysia, Philippines, and other nations with other dialects might also be possible. We can also extend this growth by taking in another country and cooperate with them to preserve their languages using the prototype that we have. This way, we can expand our mission and help not only our local community but also reaching out to our neighboring communities and hopefully later the global community.
    45. 45. How would you spend the$10,000 to take your app tomarket? Developing the App Better quality and programming; We would hire programmers to teach us and work along with us More language packages through extensive researches Expand our market from Android Market to Apple App Store and Blackberry App World PR/Marketing Strategy: to implement our sales and advertising strategies To put out advertisements that are reasonable on tourism and cultural preservation organizations online and printed We will spend a sum of the money for our app campaign and promotions
    46. 46. 100 Word App Description TranslateIndonesia lets you explore the linguistic cultures of Indonesia through this simple and affordable application! With just a few clicks and touches, you’ll be navigating through the country’s many islands and interacting with the locals of Indonesia with ease and comfort. The first $0.99 download gives you translations of basic and culturally appropriate phrases in the three biggest languages in the country, out of its total of 706 distinct dialects and languages. If you’re looking to sightsee across Indonesia or would like to be more acquainted with the fourth most populous country in the world, then TranslateIndonesia is the fastest way to do it.
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