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Future of Work
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Future of Work


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Future of Work …

Future of Work

Trend Forces and Insights for the future of work

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. The Future of Work Alyssa Martin
  • 2. Hypothesis The U.S. economy is undergoing deeply structural changes which are affecting the way we work, and uprooting all previous beliefs about what ‘work’ is. Alyssa Martin
  • 3. Key Forces Technology has created new jobs to support itself and eliminated others Internet created worldwide networks, allowing for ease of communication Globalization product of technology and outsourcing Financial Crisis has made the job market unpredicatable Benefits not guaranteed employee sponsored health insurance and benefits are no longer a given New Generation baby boomers retiring, new generation taking over Women women in all areas of work and in business/leadership positions Sustainability increasing awareness of our surroundings and impacts Alyssa Martin
  • 4. Trend Example Resourcefulness use what you have to learn new skills and get ahead skillsharing youtube learning & online tutorials/programs co-working lean startup New jobs are being created everyday, we need entrepreneurs and an adaptable workforce to keep up with the new demands of the 21st century. Technology has made education more accessible than ever before. Alyssa Martin
  • 5. Trend Example Crowdsourcing & Contracting colloborate with other people to get work done craigslist fiverr skype google docs project teams Companies already want more short-term independent contractors and consultants and fewer traditional employees because contractors are cheaper. In the future there's going to be a huge focus on finding the essential people and outsourcing the rest. Work will mean managing a tribe, creating a movement and operating in teams to change the world. Alyssa Martin
  • 6. Trend Example Personal Autonomy work when you want, where you want, how you want permanent freelance workplace as comfortable as home location independent, working anywhere career lattice instead of ladder Temporary and freelance jobs are simply reflections of the new reality: All business is contingent and nothing is guaranteed to last. Success will be defined not by rank or seniority but by getting what matters to you personally. Alyssa Martin
  • 7. Subculture Barter Economy to trade goods or services without the exchange of money being self-reliant work as much or as little as you want allows for creativity utilizing skills and items you already posesss off the grid This resourcefulness and thriftiness is a backlash against big business and commercialism and is an extension of the permanent freelance trend where you have to be motivated to make the system work for you. Alyssa Martin
  • 8. Client Google can use these trends to expand their definition of work and employees Resourcefulness Promote Educational Googling allow users to curate google searches in educational interest and hobbie bundles to aid in people being resourceful and learning on their own Crowdsourcing & Contracting Find ways to employ and pay the public share the wealth, literally, by putting googles millions of users to work on small items and pay them for it, this will help google seem more friendly and less like a big business. Alyssa Martin