Lookout alcohol and tobacco registration


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Lookout alcohol and tobacco registration

  1. 1. Lookout Websites• How do we start looking for information and clues? Click on any highlighted area in the town to start exploring.• In each area there are several “hotspot” areas which will bring up facts and information. Click on the ‘more info’ button and use the side bar to scroll through for further information.• At the end of each hotspot you will find a question. All questions have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. For each correct answer the user will receive one digit of code - there can be up to 5 pieces of code for some aliens. The objective is to get the required codes for each alien.• Once you have these you can go to the Alien Observatory and take a photograph of your alien. Take care though... aliens are not easy to catch and focus and do not understand that they need to keep still!
  2. 2. On-line evaluationWe value your comments please fill in an on-line evaluationwhen you have used the website. There is also an online evaluation formfor your pupils to complete.1. Do you think the site will support you in delivering alcohol awareness messages to your class ?2. Will you use this site in your school?3. Do you think the website will encourage your pupils to make informed choices about alcohol and raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol misuse?4. What do you think of the information?
  3. 3. On-line evaluation5. How do you rate the lesson ideas6. How do you rate the activities?7. Will your encourage your pupils to discuss alcohol issues with parents at home as a result of using this site?8. How do you rate the website overall & what year groups do you think it should be targeted at?For further information contact:Nicola TurnerTeacher Adviser – Lancashire County Councilnicola.turner@lancashire.gov.ukSam BeethamYoung Persons Alcohol & Tobacco Teamsamantha.beetham@lancashire.gov.uk
  4. 4. Lookout Alcohol website www.lookoutalcohol.co.uk
  5. 5. Teaching Ideas• History Years 3 & 4: The Victorians Objective: To begin to have some understanding of the differences & similarities between the present day and Victorian times.• Cross curricular link creative writing linked to literacy hour Year 3 Term 3.• Activity sheet.
  6. 6. Teaching Ideas• IT & Citizenship Years 5 & 6: Helping people Objective: To build knowledge & understanding about alcohol & practise skills to deal with pressure from peers.• Suggestions for small group activity / class activity.
  7. 7. Teaching Ideas• Using ICT to retrieve information: Year 3 & 4 Objective: To use the internet to find appropriate information & facts.• Suggestions for group activity / whole class activity.• Activity sheet and extension activity.
  8. 8. Teaching Ideas• Citizenship: Years 5 & 6 Objective: To have some understanding of the role of organisations that don’t make money. Children should also recognise the role of voluntary community and pressure groups.• Extension ideas.
  9. 9. Teaching Ideas• Survey: Years 5 & 6 Objective: To research the use and frequency of alcohol in Soaps on television between the hours of 6pm - 9pm.
  10. 10. Teaching Ideas• Literacy – news report: Year 6 Objective: To develop a journalistic style through considering – Balance & ethical reporting – What is of public interest in events – The interest of the reader – Selection & presentation of information• Role play activity.
  11. 11. Areas within the townand mapping diagrams of the content of each area
  12. 12. Discussion –– good & bad Discussion good & bad experiments experiments Lesson idea 55 Lesson idea Alcohol survey in Soaps Fridge Fridge Rules on Alcohol survey in Soaps Rules on Experimentation Experimentation Alcohol Alcohol advertising advertising Television Radio Radio Television Advertising Lesson idea 44 Lesson idea The Media The Media Advertising Citizenship Citizenship Dad Dad Cosmos Lane Sister Cosmos Lane Sister Long Term Long Term Hotspots Confidence Hotspots Confidence Downloadable pdf effects effects Downloadable pdf What do you think? What do you think? Downloadable pdfDownloadable pdf Weblinks & Weblinks & phone nos. Computer Computer phone nos. Wine rack Wine rack Lesson idea 55 Lesson idea Family Issues Family Issues Role play activities Units Units Role play activities Newspaper Newspaper Facts about alcohol Alcohol free Alcohol free Facts about alcohol childhood childhood Interactive Unit Calculator Lesson idea 66 Homework activity Lesson idea Homework activity Literacy 11 & 1A & 1A Literacy Homework activity News report Homework activity News report 4. 4A & 4B 4. 4A & 4B Guidance from Chief Guidance from Chief Medical Officer Medical Officer
  13. 13. Discussion – advertising Discussion – advertising Discussion about Discussion about the effects Poster the effects Poster of alcohol on othersof alcohol on others Advertising Advertising Magazine Magazine Gender differences Gender differences Receptionist Receptionist Long term affects Long term affects Stereotyping Stereotyping Community Centre Leaflets Leaflets Community Centre Getting help Hotspots Hotspots Getting help Downloadable pdf Downloadable pdf Local organisations Local organisations Computer Computer In Lancashire In Lancashire Alcohol & religion Window Window Alcohol & religion Behaviours Behaviours Noticeboard Noticeboard Effects on body & Effects on body & How do different mind How do different mind religions Interactive scenario religions regard alcohol Trip to the park regard alcohol Discussion opportunity Alcohol information for Alcohol information for young people young people
  14. 14. Lesson idea Ways to keep safe Lesson idea Ways to keep safe Role play & hot seating Role play & hot seating Activities Activities Theme- Anti-social behaviour Poster PosterTheme- Anti-social behaviour Personal safety Personal safety Police officer –– Police officer What to Do Reception Reception Police Officer 22 Police Officer What to Do Anti-social Domestic violence Domestic violence Anti-social behaviour behaviour Interactive Police Station Police Station Spot the anti-social Hotspots behaviours Hotspots Magazine Magazine Laws Laws Noticeboard Noticeboard Being aavictim Being victim Knowing what to do Wanted poster Wanted poster Knowing what to do Drinking alcohol in How to feel safe while How to feel safe while Drink driving Drink driving Drinking alcohol in Getting around public spaces Getting around public spaces http:// http:// www.yrspace.info/ www.yrspace.info/ What are the penalties? What are the penalties?
  15. 15. Interactive Being assertive Interactive Being assertive Broken record Graph shows drinking technique Caretaker habits Caretaker Drinking habits Drinking habits Locker Locker Rules Young people Rules Homework activity Young people Behaviour Homework activity Peer pressure Behaviour 5,5A & 5B Peer pressure 5,5A & 5B Being assertive Being assertive Noticeboard Noticeboard School School Help services Help services Hotspots Hotspots Downloadable pdfDownloadable pdf Sports hall of useful agencies Sports hallof useful agencies Health & activity Flag Flag Health & activity Performance Performance Computer Computer Family issues Family issues Importance of pubs & Importance of pubs & pub owners in the Interactive Game pub owners in the history of sports shows how history of sports alcohol affects co-ordination Homework activity Homework activity 11 & 1A & 1A Our family rules & values Our family rules & values
  16. 16. Buy one,get one Interactive Buy one,get one Cost Calculator free! free! Costs to the UK Costs to the UK Barriers Barriers Issues for Issues for retailers retailers Supermarket Assistant Assistant Supermarket Shops & licensing Obtaining aa Obtaining Hotspots Hotspots Shops & licensing license license Shopworker’s Shopworker’s responsibilities responsibilities Discussion –– why Discussion why Till shouldn’t young Till shouldn’t young Comparing costs people be able to buypeople be able to buy Comparing costs alcohol alcohol Alcohol Industry Alcohol Industry How much money How much money does itit make? does make?
  17. 17. Problem page letters Problem page letters about alcohol about alcohol Lesson idea 22 Lesson idea Leaflets/ magazine Y5 & Y6 Leaflets/ magazine Y5 & Y6 Ask Angie Ask Angie Homework activityHomework activity 6,6A,6B 6,6A,6B Problem page Problem page Library Computer Computer Library Who to talk to Hotspots Hotspots Who to talk to Links out to History books Links out to History books Support websites Quirky facts Health books Health books Support websites Quirky facts Benefits & risks Benefits & risks Law books Law books Downloadable pdf The law The law Downloadable pdf Quirky facts Quirky facts Lesson idea 33 Lesson idea Art ideas Interesting laws Art ideas Interesting laws through the ages through the ages
  18. 18. Costs of alcohol in Costs of alcohol in relation to benefits relation to benefits and risks and risks Link to Link to Till www.lookouttobacco.co.uk Till www.lookouttobacco.co.uk Costs Costs Interactive Interactive Facts on how Facts on how to cut down to cut down No smoking sign Fruit machine Fruit machine the risks No smoking sign the risks Smoking ban Taking Risks Taking Risks Brief history of Smoking ban Brief history of Pub opening hoursPub opening hours Bar Landlady Landlady Clock Clock Bar Proof of age Iicensing hours Iicensing hours Hotspots Hotspots Proof of age Downloadable pdf Downloadable pdf Sample Check 21 Sample Check 21 Proof of age poster Proof of age poster Beer pumps Beer pumps Units Wine glass Wine glass Units Experimentation Experimentation Homework activity 2 Homework activity 2 License notice Alcohol quiz Recommended units in License notice Alcohol quiz Recommended units in Laws various drinks Laws various drinks Downloadable pdfs Downloadable pdfs Why young people Why young people try alcohol try alcohol Interactive Why young people Why young people Unit calculator Don’t try alcohol Don’t try alcohol Current licensingHomework activity 44 Homework activity Current licensing lawsMake aa unit calculator Make unit calculator laws
  19. 19. Homework ActivitiesAll home work activity sheets include the proviso: “As a parent, it is your decision as to what you feel comfortable discussing with your child”• Activity One: Our Family• Family values / rules• Keeping safe – Tips for Safe web surfing• Activity sheet
  20. 20. Homework ActivitiesActivity Two: Alcohol Quiz• Discussion points for parents & child – What does your child know about alcohol? – Do they understand it’s effects on the body? – Do they know the law around alcohol?• Activity sheet
  21. 21. Homework ActivitiesActivity Three: Effects of alcohol• Quiz and answer sheetActivity Four: Alcohol survey• Drinking guidelines / units• Activity sheet – Make a unit calculator
  22. 22. Homework ActivitiesActivity Five: Being Assertive – Learning to say ‘no’• It can be a worrying time for parents when your children move up from primary to secondary school. You may worry about the people they will be mixing with & that older children may try and influence them to do things they don’t really want to do.• This section will give you some ideas which you can discuss with your child to help develop self- assertive exercises that they can use.
  23. 23. Homework ActivitiesActivity Six: Problem Page• Talking about somebody else’s problems can be a great way of opening general discussions with your child about a variety of subjects, including the affects of alcohol & bullying. In these examples the problems deal with issues around alcohol. Being honest, respectful & open while talking now will help build bridges for future discussions with your child when they might need your advice and support.• Activity sheets
  24. 24. Lookout Tobacco website www.lookouttobacco.co.uk
  25. 25. Teaching Ideas• Activity One – Using ICT to search the site and find information Objective: To use the internet to find appropriate information and facts• Activity sheet – group activity where young people explore the website to find answers; computer suite if possible, internet access• Resources needed: Activity sheet 1, computer suite if possible, internet access
  26. 26. Teaching Ideas• Activity Two – Attitudes and peer pressure Objective: To have some understanding of how attitudes and peer pressure can impact on the way we feel and react in certain situations.• Cross curricular link to Literacy• Group activity: Positive and negative situations• Class activity: Identifying problems, finding evidence of negative positive persuasion, identifying feelings and considering how they would answer a problem• Resources needed: Activity sheet 2 - Problem page letters, a selection of magazines suitable for the age group with sample problem pages
  27. 27. Teaching Ideas• Activity Three - Laws around tobacco Objective: To show some understanding of the laws around tobacco, using ICT or another medium to produce a fact sheet or poster about these laws• Cross curricular link to ICT• Whole class activity: Identifying existing laws• Individual activity: Making a fact sheet or poster outlining some of the laws around tobacco• Resources needed: Computers, selection of media to make a poster, examples of posters and fact sheets to use as comparisons
  28. 28. Teaching Ideas• Activity Four – Effects of tobacco on the body Objective: To have some understanding of the effects of tobacco on the body and how these relate to personal health.• Whole class activity: Using the website to find out how tobacco effects the body• Two activity sheets – Identifying internal organs that are affected by smoking tobacco; Write a short description of the effects• Resources needed: Activity sheet 4 and computers with internet access
  29. 29. Teaching Ideas• Activity Five – Fact or opinion Objective: To have some understanding of the difference between fact and opinion. To give reasoned answers for their differentiation.• Paired activity: Writing a simple definition of fact and opinion• Whole class activity: Identifying which comments are fact and which are opinion• Activity sheet – 27 statements of fact or opinion• Resources needed: Activity sheet 5, dictionaries
  30. 30. Teaching Ideas• Activity Six – Speaking and listening – Role play• Objective: To develop speaking and listening opportunities through role play• Group work : Developing role play based on one of four scenarios• Whole class activity: Hot seating• Activity sheet – Four scenarios• Resources needed: Activity sheet 6
  31. 31. Areas within the townand mapping diagrams of the content of each area
  32. 32. Activity 11 Activity Using ICT to retrieve Using ICT to retrieve information information Have you seen or heard an (this can be used in all areas) Have you seen or heard an Smoking ban in soaps (this can be used in all areas) anti-smoking advert recently? Smoking ban in soaps anti-smoking advert recently? Impact on children’s health Television Speakers Speakers Impact on children’s health Television Campaigns secondhand smoke The Media Campaigns secondhand smoke The Media Dad Sister Sister Dad Cosmos Lane Cosmos Lane Secondhand Confidence Confidence Secondhand Hotspots Hotspots How to stop smoke smoke How to stop Activity 55 Activity Fact or opinionFact or opinion Smoke alarm Smoke alarm Computer Computer Fire risks / /hazard Fire risks hazard Wallpapers Wallpapers Remote control Remote control Car Car Accidental fires / / Accidental fires Secondhand smoke furniture safety Secondhand smoke furniture safety Dangers from secondhand smoke Dangers from secondhand smoke in cars in cars
  33. 33. Problem page letters Problem page letters about smoking about smoking Activity 22 Activity Attitudes and peer pressure Leaflets / /magazine Leaflets magazineAttitudes and peer pressure Problem page Problem page Activity 11 Activity Using ICT to retrieve Using ICT to retrieve information information (this can be used in all areas)(this can be used in all areas) Library Computer Computer Library Who to talk to Hotspots Hotspots Who to talk to Links out to Links out to support websites History books Health & medicine support websites History books Health & medicine Facts about tobacco books Facts about tobacco books Risks of smoking Risks of smoking Legal book Legal book The law The law Short term and long term James the 1st Short term and long term James the 1st effects effects Activity 33 Activity Laws around tobacco Example of aa legal notice Example of legal notice Minimum legal age Laws around tobacco Minimum legal age
  34. 34. Display of legal notice and Interactive Display of legal notice and fines to shop keepers Cost Calculator fines to shop keepers Legal notice Legal notice Tobacco sales Activity 33 Activity Tobacco sales Laws aroundLaws around ZZbox computer game box computer game tobacco comparing costs tobacco comparing costs Cigarette packet on shelf Price of Cigarette packet on shelf Price of Illegal tobacco cigarettes Illegal tobacco cigarettes Shop keeper Shop keeper Shop Shop Laws around selling Counterfeit tobacco Laws around selling Counterfeit tobacco and dangers Hotspots Hotspots tobacco and dangers tobacco Minimum Poster on counter Minimum Poster on counter legal age legal age Health warnings Health warnings Till Till Buying single Buying single cigarettes cigarettes Introduction of Activity 3 Introduction of Activity 3 picture warnings Laws around tobacco picture warnings Laws around tobacco Buying loose / / single Buying loose single cigarettes is cigarettes is against the law against the law Links to examples of Links to examples of picture warnings picture warnings
  35. 35. Buying cigarettes from vending How does tobacco Buying cigarettes from vendingHow does tobacco machines is against the law affect Interactive machines is against the law affect different parts Tobacco effects ifif you are under 18 you are under 18 different parts of your body on the body of your body Vending machine Vending machine The Law The Law Information about Information about NHS Stop NHS Stop Smoking Services Magazine Smoking Services Activity 4 Magazine & national helplines & national helplines Activity 4 Local help and Effects of tobaccoEffects of tobacco Local help and on the body support support on the body Receptionist Receptionist Long term effects Links to Long term effects Links to Websites Websites www.smokefree.nhs.uk www.smokefree.nhs.uk Activity 11 Activity Community Centre Community Centre Using ICT to retrieve Hotspots Leaflet rack Leaflet rack Using ICT to retrieve information Hotspots Why do some information Why do some (this can be used in all areas) young people smoke(this can be used in all areas) young people smoke Computer Computer No smoking sign Reasons why young Reasons not to Reasons not to No smoking sign Reasons why young people smoke smoke Smokefree ban Smokefree ban people smoke smoke Noticeboard Noticeboard Advertising Advertising Reasons why people Reasons why people Smokefree laws choose Smokefree laws choose not to smoke not to smoke Laws around advertising Laws around advertising tobacco tobacco
  36. 36. Activity 11 Activity Interactive Using ICT to retrieve Using ICT to retrieve Doctor Pong – a game that information Doctor information shows how (this can be used in all areas) (this can be used in all areas) Stop Smoking Aids Stop Smoking Aids something becomes addictive Nicotine Replacement Nicotine Replacement Notice board Notice board Therapy – Therapy – What is addiction? What is addiction? gum & patches gum & patchesAre you addicted ?? Are you addicted Health Centre Health Centre Hotspots Hotspots Pregnant mum Pregnant mum Smoking and pregnancy Smoking and pregnancy No Smoking sign No Smoking sign What’s in aa cigarette? What’s in cigarette? Interactive What’s in a How smoking cigarette? How smoking affects affects Beauty salon poster the health of an Beauty salon poster the health of an Risks of smoking unborn baby Risks of smoking unborn baby Interactive Can smoking affect Activity 44 Activity your appearance? Ben and Joe Effects of tobacco on the body Ben and Joe Effects of tobacco on the body
  37. 37. Activity 66 Activity How is litter Being assertive How is litter Scenarios Being assertive Managed in your Scenarios Managed in your School ?? School Council fines Caretaker Council fines Caretaker Environmental issues Environmental issues Locker Locker Young people Young people Information about School rules School rules Information about Peer pressure Peer pressure no smoking policies no smoking policies and signage and signage Noticeboard Noticeboard School School Download an example Download an example Where to find help Where to find help Hotspots Hotspots of of no smoking sign no smoking sign Website links Website links including including www.gosmokefree.nhs.ukwww.gosmokefree.nhs.uk Sports hall Flag Flag Sports hall Health & sports How does smoking How does smoking Health & sports affect your game affect your game Computer Computer Young peoples Interactive Giving up smoking Giving up smoking Young peoples What happens to a tobacco use tobacco use smokers arteries ? Interactive Decline in Interactive smoking Statistics on young When smokers quit Statistics on young peoples tobacco use rates graph peoples tobacco use
  38. 38. Homework ActivitiesThe home work activity sheets include a note to parentsand carers stating that the activities are not meant tojudge anybody but have been developed as startingpoints to beginning conversations with their children abouttobacco whether they smoke or not.There are 6 homework activities.
  39. 39. Homework ActivitiesActivity One: Attitudes and values Discussion points for parents & child 3 scenarios around issues of smoking – health effects, financial costs and legal issues.Activity Two : Laws around tobacco There are several laws about tobacco these days. Do you know what they are?• Activity sheet 2 – Tobacco quiz and answers• Activity sheet 2b – Design a poster to warn about the dangers of smoking or buying illegal or fake cigarettes.
  40. 40. Homework ActivitiesActivity Three : Effects of tobacco on the body• Covers some health impacts of stopping smoking.• Activity sheet 3 – Identifying the ways parts of the body are affected.Activity Four : Costs of smoking• Three activity sheets- choose either the activity sheet or the scenario sheet to discuss. In each scenario one of more members of the family are saving up. Ask your child to work out the savings, don’t forget to use a calculator if your child struggles with maths.
  41. 41. Homework ActivitiesActivity Five : Peer pressure Help preparing young people when they come up against difficult situations. A good way of preparing the way is to practise simple ways of saying ‘no’ together’ Some simple scenarios to act out togetherActivity Six : Problem solving Four problem page letters for parents and children to read together and decide how to respond, what advice would you give.