Hispanic 101- English


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US Hispanic Trends & Behaviors

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Hispanic 101- English

  1. 1. US Hispanic Trends and Behaviors
  2. 2. Hispanic Digital Media 1. Introductions! 2. Alcance Media Group - Hispanic Digital Media Solutions! 3. Hispanic Audiences – Segmenting! 4. Hispanic Media/Tech Consumption! 5. Hispanic Shopping Trends! 6. Generational Interests! 7. Hispanic Advertising Messaging! 8. Q/A
  3. 3. The Alcance Media Group Difference • 25MM Monthly Uniques – US Hispanics ! • Targeted Content/Channels ! • Demo, Geo and Age Targeting ! • Online, Mobile, Tablet, Video, RM, Social, Bloggers ! • Premium Content Partners ! • 100% Audience Speak Spanish ! • 55% Speak Both Spanish & English ! • Alcance Media Group’s Audience is engaged – they’re leaning in to consume their media and content
  4. 4. US Hispanic Population Sources:- 1Google/OTX Google/OTX US Hispanics, October 2013-
  5. 5. Segmentation Acculturation is the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture. • Acculturation is the time between arrival to a new culture and assimilation into that culture. • Hispanics may have longer acculturation periods due to staying connected to culture/roots and celebration of diversity • Technology allows people to stay connected with friends and family back home • “Celebration of diversity” – Now is encouraged vs. not encouraged 20-­‐30 years
  6. 6. Hispanic Tech Consumption The growing Hispanic middle class is super connected • 88% of U.S. Hispanics with a HHI of $50k+ are online • 41MM U.S. Hispanics have a Mobile phone (77% of the Population!) • 64% -­‐ By Age 15 Own a Mobile Phone • 78% -­‐ By age 17 Own a mobile a phone • U.S. Hispanics spend 42% more on mobile devices & 35% more on data services than the general market. KEY INSIGHT: Tech, Financial Services & Travel categories should continue to invest in reaching US Hispanic audiences in media where they explore your products, research options, share experiences with communities, and have access to purchase. Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013
  7. 7. Hispanic Tech and Shopping Trends US Hispanic Audience Shops Via Smartphones • 54% of US Hispanic Smartphone Owners visited an online store • US Hispanics spend more time in online stores, via their mobile devices, than the general population and have over-­‐indexed: ‣ Macys.com Index of 245 (Non Hispanics Index 100) ‣ Sears.com Index of 187 ‣ Gamestop.com Index of 159 ‣ Walmart.com Index of 153 ‣ OldNavy.com Index of 140 Source: Media Post Jan 2014
  8. 8. Hispanic Shopping Trends US Hispanic Audience and Social Shopping • US Hispanics are 30% more likely to purchase a product advertised on a Social Site • US Hispanics also use technology to make the most efficient purchases. A Valassis study showed: ‣ 84% of US Hispanics look for online coupons, compared to 71% of US General population ‣ 80% of US Hispanics have downloaded online coupons from a mobile device, compared to only 66% of the US General Population. ‣ Almost 70% of US Hispanics said they have used coupons found on social media sites and 61% said they have shared coupons! This is more than 20% more than the general consumer; with only 39% of them stating they share coupons via social media. Source: Media Post Jan 2014
  9. 9. Hispanic Media Consumption Source: Nielsen 2013 ! Activity Hours/day Watching TV 3.54 Using internet on home computer 3.50 Listening to music online 2.22 Watching videos online 1.92 Reading e-books 1.87 Playing computer video games 1.84 Using internet on tablet 1.72 Using internet on cellphone 1.72 Listening to radio 1.70 Playing console video games 1.70 Activity Hours/day Listening to MP3 1.67 Playing portable video games 1.67 Playing video games on tablet 1.60 Using IM 1.32 Talking on cellphone 1.24 Emailing 1.18 Texting on cellphone 1.17 Playing video games on cellphone 1.16 Reading newspapers 0.88 Reading magazines 0.75
  10. 10. Hispanic Media Consumption • 66% say it’s important to be recognized as Hispanic through culturally relevant content • 67% Go Online for UGC Content • 40% of online Hispanics create content and provide their opinions online • Entertainment content is also key content appeal for online engagement 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 27% 35% 30% 37% 26% 37% Hispanics Non-Hispanic Listen to Internet Radio Watch Streaming Video Download Music Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013
  11. 11. Hispanic Media Consumption Hispanics live an online collective life • 77% are engaged in Social Networks • 20% of Hispanics online are considered “Hispanic fluentials.” • “I’m the first of my friends to have new electronic equipment”* • 24% more likely than gen-­‐market to be the first to buy a new smartphone* • 8% more likely to be the first to purchase tablets* • 6% more likely to purchase 3-­‐D TV* Multitasking: Part of the Hispanic DNA: Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013! * Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report! * ** Simmons 2013 • 17 hours per week online • 14 hours per day with a technology device vs. 8 hours for the general population • Perfect target audience for integrated, multi-­‐channel campaigns • 21% More than the General Population -­‐ Visit websites on their mobile devices, while watching TV** • 62% more digital video than non-­‐Hispanics*
  12. 12. Hispanic Millennials Coupons E-mail & Internet Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013 Hispanic Millennials: Greater Opportunities vs other Hispanic generational segments Food C-stores.Candy, frozen pizza, spirits, packaged meat, QSR, ice cream, yogurt Tech/Entertainment High tech devices: plan to buy more blue ray, HDTV, tablets. Avid users of internet, smartphone & apps Other Purchases Infant, music/video, furniture, sport equipment, office supplies. Online purchases. Auto Used car Demographics Not married. Employed PT. Sales/office jobs. College courses. Civic Rechargeable batteries Health Health club. Maternity care, OB/GYN. ER user. Financial Debit card, check cashing & checking account.
  13. 13. Hispanic Millennials • 59% of adult Hispanic Millennials (age 18 to 29) were born in the U.S (34% of Hispanics over 30 are foreign born) • 45% of Hispanics 18-­‐34 live with their parents • Consume online media on muljple screens, oken simultaneously • Concerned with being influencers • Content they’re seeking: Lifestyle, Entertainment, News/Media and Sports. Sample Publishers Source: Tr3s Insights 2012, 2013
  14. 14. Hispanic GenXers Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013 Hispanic Gen Xers: Greater Opportunities vs other Hispanic generational segments Food QSR & C-stores. Yogurt, tortillas, coffee, baby food, energy/nutrition bars & ready to eat cereal. Tech/Entertainment Movie goers. High tech devices and plan to buy more. Median users of Internet, smartphone & apps. Other Purchases Children clothing, game/toy, cosmetics/perfume/skin care, furniture, shoes, sport attire/ equipment, home accessories. Auto 2 vehicles Demographics Blue collar, married. FT job. Dual Earners. Travel Airline & lodging reservations online. Health Rx drugs. Cold/flu allergies, children meds. Maternity care & pediatrics. Financial Credit cards or Debit card.
  15. 15. Hispanic Moms • Head of HH, decision makers • Median Age 34 • Consume Online Content to make most use of their limited jme • Mobile Shopping is #1 efficiency tacjc • 75% Travel with 3+ Members of Family • Content they’re seeking: Cooking, Parenjng, Vacajon, Holiday, BTS Sample Publishers
  16. 16. Hispanic Baby Boomers Source: AHAA Hispanic Study 2013 Latino Boomers: Greater Opportunities vs other Hispanic generational segments Food Coffee and nuts Other Purchases Glasses & contacts, dry cleaners Auto New car, car insurance Own 3+ vehicles Demographics Blue collar, married. FT job. Dual Earners. Travel Domestic & Foreign trips Civic Registered to vote: Democrats. Contribute $ to religious orbs. Energy efficient devices (windows, light bulbs). Health Prescription drugs mainly because of high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes & digestive disorders. Specialist see more: ophthalmologist, cardiologist & pediatrist. Financial Health insurance. Credit cards or Debit card.
  17. 17. Advertising Message Spanglish ¡Vámonos! KEY INSIGHT: Connecting Hispanics online is not merely a matter of language anymore: It’s about connecting culturally and becoming a catalyst in the community. Online Hispanics move from Spanish to English and back again in different moments of an interactive brand experience.
  18. 18. ¡Gracias! Sales Manager 415-­‐625-­‐5130 sales@lacancemg.com 1005 Sansome Street, # 336 -­‐ San Francisco, CA. 94104