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A brief view of Dasani's fiasco in the UK and a possible solution for a Coca-Cola reentry in the UK Bottled Water market.

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  • http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/etc/news-water.phphttp://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/uk-bottled-water-market-dominated-000000429.htmlhttp://www.sprg.ac.uk/projects-fellowships/bottled-water-consumption
  • COMPETITORS: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/apr/05/highland-spring-bottled-water-evian-british
  • Clear – Coolvetica - http://img.dafont.com/dl/?f=coolveticaSpring water – Champagne & Limousines http://img.dafont.com/dl/?f=champagne_limousines
  • Dasani in the UK

    1. 1. 1. The history of the public relation Fiasco (2004, UK) 2. Dasani nowadays 3. Dasani portfolio 4. UK Bottled Water Market 1. Market Analysis 2. Consumers Profile 3. Competitors Analysis (Direct and Indirect) 5. SWOT Analysis 6. Time for reflections… 7. Our solution
    2. 2. 1990’s Changing of consumer habits: healthy conscious 10th February 2004 Launch of Coca Cola’s Dasani in U.K. and starting of the controversy 18th March 2004 Discovery of high levels of bromate in Dasani bottles 19th March 2004 1999 Launch of Coca Cola’s Dasani in U.S.A., to compete with PepsiCo’s Aquafina Recalled of 500,000 Dasani bottles in circulation, what hindered the plans to expand the brand to France and Germany
    3. 3. Target Dasani in the World Young Adults - 20 to 30 years old - Technology enthusiasts - Importance of portability of the bottled water 34 countries: U.S.A, Latin America, Canada… Green Consumers - Choice of environmentally friendly products - Preference for durable products - Dasani Numbers Coca-Cola is the 3rd biggest bottled water supplier, with brands like Dasani - Dasani is the 3rd biggest bottled water brand in the U.S.A, after private labels and Nestlé Pure Life - Sales of 0.9 billion dollars in U.S.A, and a growth of 36% compared to 2012 (Source: Beverage Industry Magazine; IRI) Positioning Dasani is the bottled water that gives you a pure fresh taste, with a clean, fresh style.
    4. 4. Dasani Flavors Natural fruit-flavored water beverages Dasani Twist A bottle that can be twisted down to half of its original size Dasani Drops Dasani Water Purified Still Water, “enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste” PlantBottle Launch of the PlantBottle, a fully recyclable bottle made from up to 30% plant-based plastic Launch of Dasani Drops, a concentrated flavor enhancer to add to water bottles
    5. 5.  2 segments in bottled water market: Still water and Sparkling Water  3 sub-segments in still bottled water market: Mineral water, spring water, purified water  Water consumption: Comparing with other packaged drinks, packaged water has the highest consumption (44.4%) Source: European Federation of bottled waters, UK 2012       Top 3 Competitors: Highland Spring, Evian and Buxton Sales of £1.5 billion in 2012 Expecting sales of £2 billion in 2016 £549 million revenues in 2012 Growth rate of 0,4% since 2009 to 2014 48 Businesses and 610 employed people Sources: The Guardian, 15th April 2013 Bottled Water Production Market Research Report, Ibis World, Jul 2013
    6. 6.  Is the richest 10% that the most drink bottled water  Britain consumes 3 billion liters of bottled water per year  Sensibility to the price = Growing of multipacks and bigger volume packs sales  Bigger concern about health and environmental issues  Support of the home-grown brand = purchase of more local (British) bottled water products Sources: Environmental Technology Centre, University of Nottingham Sustainable Practices Research Group Yahoo Finance News UK & Ireland
    7. 7. Company name: Nestlé Target : Families and healthy conscious consumers Positioning: Quality you can trust, at an affordable price Tagline: Drink better. Live better.
    8. 8. Company: Danone Target : 20-45 M/F Positioning: Extremely pure and distinctly different Tagline: Fills you with Volcanicity Company: Nestlé Target: Young, urban and active Positioning: Natural mineral water of high quality and purity with a rejuvenating taste Tagline: Because we care, a drop of pure Britain Company: Highland Spring Target: 05-45 M/F Positioning: Perfect and pure Spring water Tagline: Full of the joys
    9. 9. Company: Princes Limited Target : Anybody at any occasion Positioning: Passionate about leading an active and healthy lifestyle Tagline: 100% pure Cumbrian Company: Danone Target: 16-25 M/F Positioning: Purity, equilibrium and health Tagline: Live Young Company: Eden Springs UK Ltd. Target : Businesses Positioning: The high quality you expect and deserve Tagline: Wherever you go
    10. 10. STRENGTHS - Dasani is under the umbrella of a famous worldwide brand, what means a strong network - Long- term business experience = cost and supply chain advantages - Dasani is the 3rd biggest bottled water supplier in the U.S.A WEAKENESSES - Dasani is environmentally friendly - Not made with natural spring water - High prices - Not global (not present in Europe, for instance), because of the U.K. public relations scandal
    11. 11. THREATS - Strong brand competitors - Financial crisis = less money for consumers to spend - Growth of private labels (cheaper) OPPORTUNITIES - Huge potential markets – Coca Cola doesn’t have water brands in some countries, like U.K. - Consumers have a healthier and more green lifestyle - The bottled water market is growing - The local rules of the market (like the 7% calcium of U.K.)
    12. 12. 1. Ridiculous marketing campaign? 2. Tap water at a high price? 3. Was it a clever strategy? WHY U.K.?  Reports inform that bottled water industry is still growing  Non saturated market comparing with others European countries  PepsiCo doesn’t have a still water in UK yet
    13. 13. As colorful as water can be.
    14. 14. THE WATER  Fresh and crystal Clear water  No minerals added and according to UK law  Bottled at source in Devon, England THE PACKAGING       Clear PlantBottle with up to 30% made from plants 100% recyclable Glassy look Shock resistant Minimal Design Fully Customizable label
    15. 15. PRICE SKIMMING STRATEGY Clear 0,5L Bottle 0,5L Bottle 0,49£ 1,79£ Clear 0,35£ 1,50£ 1,5L Bottle 1,5L Bottle 0,79£ 0,61£ 3,39£ 3,09£
    16. 16. INTENSIVE DISTRIBUTION HORECA  Try to make contracts with some of the biggest Foodservice operators like: McDonald’s , Subway, Starbucks RETAIL  Be present in Supermarket chains like: Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda
    17. 17. 1ST STAGE  Start teasing campaign on March 1  Clear teaser published in newspapers, MUPIS and billboards all over the UK 2ND STAGE  Launch the product on March 22, the International Water Day using sampling of their product all over the main cities in the UK  Clear‘s presence in Social Media  Above-the-line promotion: TV, Radio, Cinema, Press, MUPIS
    18. 18. 3RD STAGE  Clear will be the England Lead Supporter in the 2014 Football Word Cup in Brazil ( 12 June – 13 July)  Launch of a limited edition series of bottles with the English Flag as well as the official roster  Clear’s “Support England with your message” recycling Container  Offer of one poster with the purchase of a 6 pack 1,5L Bottles
    19. 19. Thanks lads! André Campino | Antonia Radic | Cleide Abreu | Miguel Saúde | Soraia Vale
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