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Video conferencing report Video conferencing report Document Transcript

  • Sultan Qaaboos UniversityCollege Of EducationReport About:Done By: Said Al-Bloushi83915 -
  • Definition of Video Conferencing: Conducting a conferencebetween two or more participants atdifferent sites by using computernetworks to transmit audio and videodata.Objectives of using videoconferencing in DE:  Distance Learning Videoconferencing increases efficiency by: 1. Saving travel time and expenses. 2. Increasing an instructors audience. 3. Maintaining the ability for interaction between teachers and students.  Many schools are currently using videoconferencing systems for a variety of purposes, including: 1. Traditional courses. 2. Connecting with guest speakers and experts. 3. Multi-school project collaboration. 4. Enabling teachers to share information and team-up with teachers in remote sites. 5. Virtual field trips to museums, zoos, aquariums, institutions and other interesting locations that is geographically distant from the school.Features of Video Conferencing: 1. Interactive 2. Lock Function 3. Save Function 4. Multiple Pages 5. Application Sharing
  • 6. Chat FeatureAdvantages of Video Conferencing 1. Reduces Travel Expenses 2. Saves Time 3. Increases Productivity 4. Increases Collaboration 5. Improves Communication 6. Allows Multi-point Meetings Across Time Zones & International Boundaries.Limitations of Video Conferencing: 1. Personal Aspect. 2. Time Zone. 3. Extra Training. 4. Free Systems. 5. High Price. 6. Stability of your connections. 7. Limited to a certain number of users at the same time. 8. Audio quality with large groups.How Video Conferencing Used To Deliver And SupportLearning; 1. A document camera for displaying overhead-type graphics, information from books, photographs and small objects. 2. A slide projector. 3. A PC link for displaying presentation packages, spreadsheets and databases 4. A video recorder. 5. A whiteboard for spontaneous writing and drawing.Concerns Raised By Researchers and DistanceStudents/Tutors about Video Conferencing:
  • Early evidence did point to videoconferencing being dominated bythe lecture format (Dallat, Frazer, Livingston, & Robinson, 1992;Freeman, 1998; Mason, 1998; Oliver & Reeves, 1996).Case Studies/Examples.:Using Interactive Video Conferencing for Teaching a DoctoralProgramme at Open University Malaysia.. Video conferencing has endless possibilities. What was once perceivedas a complex and complicated technology has become extremely userfriendly.