Fake Antivirus Applications


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Be careful ! Following are not an Antivirus
But they look like an Antivirus application

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  • Screenshots and warning protection to identify fake anitivirus is good demonstration.Hopw will good slides from you.here is a blog related to scam awareness http://scambaitings.blogspot.com/
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Fake Antivirus Applications

  1. 1. Caution !
  2. 2. What is a fake antivirus ? These applications alert user as antivirus, It will popup messages like quot; A virus has been detectedquot;. They then invite to buy the full version of the antivirus to disinfect the computer. If users don’t purchase the antivirus, it continues displaying non-existent infections and pop-ups inviting users to purchase the security software, Never give your Credit card details to these sites!
  3. 3. which in reality does not detect or delete anything. If they buy it, they are waisting money on an useless program and this application’s authors profit financially through malware.In addition to this they prevent users from checking whether they are genuinely infected or not, these programs usually try to block the web pages of real online antivirus, security companies etc.
  4. 4. List of rogue antivirus/ Antispyware products Advanced Cleaner ContraVirus PC SpeedScan Pro Spyware Stormer AlfaCleaner Doctor Antivirus PestTrap SpywareStrike AntiSpyCheck 2.1 DriveCleaner Perfect Cleaner Spy-Rid AntiSpyStorm Disk Knight PAL Spyware Remover SpyWiper AntiSpywareBot EasySpywareCleaner PCPrivacytool System Live Protect AntiSpywareExpert Errorsafe PC-Antispyware SystemDoctor AntiSpywareMaster free-viruscan.com PSGuard TrustedAntivirus AntiSpywareSuite IE Antivirus SecurePCCleaner TheSpyBot AntiSpyware 2008 XP IEDefender Security toolbar 7.1 UltimateCleaner Antivermins InfeStop SpyAxe VirusHeat Antivirgear KVMSecure Spy Away Virus Isolator Antivirus 2008 MacSweeper SpyCrush VirusProtectPro Antivirus 2009 MalCrush 3.7 Spydawn VirusRanger AntiVirus Gold MalwareCore SpyGuarder Vista Antivirus 2008 Antivirus Master MalwareAlarm SpyHeal WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 Antivirus XP 2008 Malware Bell 3.2 Spylocked WinFixer Awola 6.0 Microsoft AntiVirus SpySheriff WinSpywareProtect Brave Sentry PCSecureSystem SpySpotter WorldAntiSpy BestsellerAntivirus PC Antispy Spyware Cleaner XP Antivirus Cleanator PC Clean Pro Spyware Quake XoftSpySE
  5. 5. How to avoid falling victim to these fake antivirus products Be careful with what you install: On many occasions these programs are associated to other downloads. i.e. When we try to download a program and one of these fake products could be included with this package. Usually, they come as non-installation option. Programs that are entering our computer have to be carefully monitored during the download. Ignore emails with eye-catching news or subjects: Many of these programs had been distributed in recent weeks using social engineering techniques – sending emails with eye- catching subjects
  6. 6. Don't click on popup…. which offering free cash (winner of lotteries) which offering applications 100 % free which offering cursors, icons, screen savers which offering free access to porn sites
  7. 7. Be careful ! Following are not an Antivirus But they look like an Antivirus application
  8. 8. Some screenshots ….
  9. 9. Albin Sebastian | albin.1983@gmail.com | http://tec-updates.blogspot.com
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