Yammer Social Collaboration and Sharing Launch


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Yammer Social Collaboration and Sharing Launch

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Yammer Social Collaboration and Sharing Launch

  1. 1. Rollout Team Resources
  2. 2. Rollout: Organic vs. Proactive Time (weeks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Activity With Rollout Without Rollout Network Launch Executive Announcement Yammer Event To achieve enterprise-wide adoption, a comprehensive rollout plan must be implemented.
  3. 3. Rollout Team Structure The following team structure will support an efficient and effective Yammer rollout. Community Manager Project Manager Human Resources Lead Executive Leaders Business Owner LDAP/SSO Specialist SharePoint Specialist Power Users Use Case Leaders KEY Project Management Change Management Network Facilitation Technical Edu./Training Mgr. Communication Mgr. Executive Leaders
  4. 4. Project Management: Project Manager Headcount 1 Department Project Management; IT; Communications Qualifications • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and motivational abilities • Ability and authority to manage cross-departmental initiative • Social media savvy, Yammer advocate Responsibilities • Define project scope, goals, and timeline with executive team • Lead identification and management of Rollout Team • Communicate project expectations to team members • Define and/or approve project success criteria/metrics • Identify and manage project dependencies and critical path Engagement Hours/Week/Person Oversees and manages all aspects of the Network Rollout Pre-Launch Post-Launch 4 0
  5. 5. Project Management: Business Owner Headcount 1 Department Executive Leadership Qualifications • Ability and authority to facilitate cross-functional cooperation and lead teams toward meeting organization’s vision and goals • Innovative — encourages new ideas and technology Responsibilities • Review and provide final approval on Yammer Rollout plan • Articulate value proposition/ROI amongst executive team • Regularly meet with Rollout team to discuss progress • Actively build awareness and encourage adoption • Review and respond to network statistics and usage reports Engagement Hours/Week/Person Provides guidance, approval & support throughout the Rollout process Pre-Launch Post-Launch 1.5 0.5
  6. 6. Network Facilitation: Community Manager Headcount 1 per 5,000 network members Department Communication; Social Media Strategy Qualifications • Demonstrated ability to successfully execute projects/programs • Influential; capable of motivating diverse stakeholder groups • Social media/networking expert Responsibilities • Manage day-to-day execution of Rollout project • Work with Project Manager to articulate value proposition • Identify primary use cases to implement during Rollout • Anticipate, identify & escalate issues impeding network launch • Continuously encourage engagement to optimize network value Engagement Hours/Week/Person Manages day-to-day execution of Network Rollout process Pre-Launch Post-Launch 15 10
  7. 7. Network Facilitation: Executive Leader Headcount 1-3 Department Executive Leadership Qualifications • Innovative — encourages new ideas and technology • Collaborates across boundaries to build strategic relationships • Tech/social media savvy Responsibilities • Serve as champion and advocate of Yammer network • Encourage usage and emphasize corporate support • Articulate value proposition/ROI amongst executive team • Frequently and regularly engage users through Yammer network; model effective Yammer activity Engagement Hours/Week/Person Demonstrates executive sponsorship and champions Yammer Pre-Launch Post-Launch 1.5 0.5
  8. 8. Network Facilitation: Group Leader Headcount 1-2 per Department Department All Departments Qualifications • Well-connected, influential, and respected among peers • Understanding departmental operations, organization & culture • Social media savvy; can identify potential process integrations Responsibilities • Liaise between the end user community and Rollout Team • Champion Yammer network; articulate benefits/value • Ensure timeliness and relevance of group communications • Identify and plan for business process integrations with Yammer • Communicate “local” issues and status back to the Rollout team Engagement Hours/Week/Person Champions and deploys Yammer within their department Pre-Launch Post-Launch 3 1
  9. 9. Network Facilitation: Power User Headcount Unlimited Department All Departments Qualifications • Tech/social media savvy • Enthusiastic and forward-thinking; Engaging and supportive • Willing and available to support Rollout initiative Responsibilities • Evangelize Yammer network and value/benefits • Identify and report issues or roadblocks to Community Manager • Encourage active participation and support existing users • Welcome and provide guidance to all new users • Provide informal training and direct users to reference materials Engagement Hours/Week/Person Builds overall Yammer awareness, understanding and engagement Pre-Launch Post-Launch 2 0
  10. 10. Functional: Education/Training Manager Headcount 1 Department Learning and Development/Human Resources Qualifications • Experienced in instructional design and training dev/delivery • Ability to coordinate cross-functional stakeholder groups • Tech/social media savvy Responsibilities • Oversee all Yammer training development and delivery activities • Review standard Yammer training materials and customize to meet internal standards or departmental-specific needs • Conduct and supervise Yammer training development effort • Lead training delivery activities Engagement Hours/Week/Person Established Yammer training strategy for end user community Pre-Launch Post-Launch 4 1
  11. 11. Functional: Communication Manager Headcount 1 Department Corporate Communications Qualifications • Strong working knowledge of internal comms best practices • Outstanding writing, editing, and proofreading skills • Authority to approve and deliver corporate communications Responsibilities • Execute Yammer Rollout communication plan • Review and approve all Yammer communications • Ensure timely delivery of all pre-launch communications • Plan and host all hands Yammer kick-off • Position Yammer as primary corporate communications channel Engagement Hours/Week/Person Oversees development, review, approval & delivery of communications Pre-Launch Post-Launch 5 1
  12. 12. Functional: Human Resources Manager Headcount 1 Department Human Resources Qualifications • Deep experience in managing all HR functions • Ability to lead and coordinate cross-functional teams & activites • Tech/social media savvy; Understands Yammer capability set Responsibilities • Integrate Yammer into existing HR functions and processes • Create New Hire Orientation group on Yammer to manage HR onboarding process (upload all relevant materials and links) • Proactively engage all HR-focused groups on Yammer • Drive HR initiatives through Yammer Engagement Hours/Week/Person Integrates Yammer into existing Human Resources processes Pre-Launch Post-Launch 2 1
  13. 13. Functional: LDAP/SSO Specialist Headcount 1 (additional support resources as needed) Department Information Technology Qualifications • Highly technical—deep understanding of LDAP/SSO • Authority to make IT decisions affecting large audiences • Ability to manage small team to execute network launch Responsibilities • Identify and involve all required IT personnel (as needed) • Evaluate and approve AD Sync technical timing/logistics • Identify and refine LDAP queries to desired user base • Coordinate and execute AD Sync • Monitor regularity of AD Sync and all log files Engagement Hours/Week/Person Oversees all aspects of the LDAP/SSO integration effort Pre-Launch Post-Launch 10 1
  14. 14. Functional: SharePoint Specialist Headcount 1 (additional support resources as needed) Department Information Technology Qualifications • SharePoint expertise with web part integration experience • Authority to make IT decisions affecting large audiences • Ability to manage a small team to execute web part integration Responsibilities • Identify and articulate objectives of web part integration • Help determine timing/logistics of web part integration activities • Evaluate and approve SP integration technical timing/logistics; attain all required levels of approval for web part integration • Execute web part integration with Yammer Technical Staff Engagement Hours/Week/Person Oversees all aspects of the SharePoint integration effort Pre-Launch Post-Launch 10 1
  15. 15. Questions? Brian Murray bmurray@yammer-inc.com