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DNA designs with microsoft and Citrix
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DNA designs with microsoft and Citrix

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DNA designs with microsoft and Citrix

DNA designs with microsoft and Citrix

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  • 1. Tony Sanchez-WW Alliances Solution Architect Tony.Sanchez@Citrix.com Twitter: @TonySanchez_CTX Nick Cox- Defence and Federal Govt Solution Architect Nick.Cox@citrix.com Twitter: @NickAPCox
  • 2. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! User State Virtualization Application Virtualization OS Virtualization Jointly Integrated, Unified Management
  • 3. 23+ Years of Partnership and Innovation 1989 Citrix Systems founded Introduced Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Microsoft granted Citrix OS/2 license 1993 Citrix signed licensing agreement with Microsoft for NT Server Ships WinView for Networks Microsoft released Windows NT, Microsoft Office 4.0 and MS-DOS 6.0 Ships Citrix Multiuser v2.0 Launches WinFrame Sign ICA agreement with Microsoft for Internet Explorer 1995
  • 4. Mobile Secure Desktop 7
  • 5. Delivery   Services     Console   XenApp  6.5  Farm   (IMA)   XenDesktop  5.6  FP1  Site   (FMA)   Desktop     Studio   Web  Interface   Receiver   DB   DB   IMA   IMA   CBP   Controller   Server OS Workers Desktop OS Workers Controller   Power  &   Capacity   Mgmt   Provisioning   Services  PVS   WMI   PVS   Console   PCM   Console   EdgeSight   Console  
  • 6. Storefront   Receiver   Studio   SQL DB Desktop  OS     Workers   Delivery   Controller   Unification Desktops  &  Apps  Farm   Server  OS   workers   Director   VDAVDA
  • 7. • Windows 8 & Server 2012 • Hyper-V 3.0 • System Center 2012 SP1 • SQL Server 2012 • IPv6 Next-generation platforms • Multi-site monitoring • Trending & Predictive analytics (ES.Next) • HDX Insight Predictive global monitoring • Automate desktop creation • Storefront Svcs. • Profile Mgmt. • Folder Redirection • Personal vDisk Simplified, Automated Personal Desktops OS Preferences Apps Data • Input Validation • New Wizards simplify configuration, policies, licensing • Configuration Testing & Logging • Delegated Admin Intuitive Configuration • Single solution for VDI & RDSH Desktops & Apps • Remote PC • Local App Access FlexCast Integration
  • 8. Leverages all existing infrastructure, skills, and process investments in XenApp and SCCM Unifies management of application deployments via XenApp alongside MSI, App-V and CAB in SCCM Improves service levels for XenApp by gracefully orchestrating software distribution on servers, eliminating user downtime Extends the admin’s ability to deliver any app to any user on any device via Receiver
  • 9. XenApp DTApp-V DT XenApp farmSCCM App-V and XenApp Why App-V for XenApp? •  Single image management. •  Overcomes App compatibility problems. Why SCCM Connector for App-V 5? •  No need to deploy App-V 5 infrastructure (just use DP) •  SCCM completely handles package deployment, registration, sync etc. •  One console for deployment and publishing.
  • 10. “How do I deliver App X to User Y?”
  • 11. software File system Registry Key Script OS Active Directory OU Assembly/DLL OS Language DeploymentTypes(DT) Application Adobe Reader XenApp App-V MSI Mobile .CAB if then deliver to using>40 GBPrimary device hardware Laptop vs Desktop # of CPUs Tablet or not X64 vs x32 Disk space How much RAM? Tony < 512MB& Deployment Types
  • 12. 2 31 Create Application Create MSI DT Create AppV DT or Create XenAppDT Create Deployment: Targeting User Collections Create Deployment: Targeting XenApp Server Collection Deploying apps using XenApp Connector Three easy steps
  • 13. Citrix SCCM console plugin creates XenApp publication & DT parameters 1 Citrix SCCM agent orchestrates app installation on XenApp servers2 XenApp Connector performs publishing of app to Tony3 Tony subscribes from SCCM catalog (invokes XenApp DT Client & Receiver) 4 Reader icon placed on start menu. When clicked, app delivered by XenApp 5 521 SCCM Site Server/DP XenApp 6.5 workers XenApp 6.5 Controller Tony Citrix SCCM Client Handler + Receiver Citrix SCCM Agent Service Connector SCCM Admin PCM Server < , , , > App deployment workflow“When Tony is using his primary PC deliver Adobe Reader by MSI. Otherwise, deliver it via XenApp.” “I need to read this PDF document at the kiosk PC in the conference room I’m.” 4
  • 14. PVS XenApp master image updated with needed OS & App updates1 Citrix SCCM Agent Service orchestrates graceful reboot sequence2 SCCM Admin configures DT rules; Connector publishes app to Tony3 Tony subscribes via AppCatalog; apps delivered by XenApp & Receiver4 < , , , , > XenApp Connector with PVS Streaming SCCM Admin PVS Server Citrix SCCM Agent Service XenApp 6.5 Controller Connector Tony PCM Server Citrix SCCM Client Handler + Receiver
  • 15. App-V Management Server App-V Publishing Server Citrix App-V SDK for Studio Citrix App-V VDA deliverable Citrix Studio Broker VDA New Components Microsoft Components Existing XD components App-v Client Citrix App-V SDK for Studio VDA (with App-V client)
  • 16. How it works 1) Studio publishes CtxAppVLauncher as a Local Hosted Apps 2) Broker sends PS and App-V app specific AppID/Package GUID to VDA/ VDI 3) ICA launches CtxAppVLauncher (managed application) with this information 4) Launcher syncs all App-V 5 packages 5) Synchronizes with the App-V 5 Publishing server for visibility to the App-V 5 Client
  • 17. App-V 5 Configuration
  • 18. Launching the app …
  • 19. End Point Experience
  • 20. Use case for Local App Access •  •  •  •  •  • 
  • 21. Uses PowerShell SDK Leverages App-V client installed on master image Admin adds App- V management publishing server to the XenDesktop controller site via UI PowerShell script is executed from the XenDesktop Controller to populate icons App-V shortcuts on desktop and Start menu
  • 22. Get-­‐BrokerDesktopGroup Get-­‐BrokerMachineConfiguration  –Name  AppV*                 Add-­‐BrokerMachineConfiguration  –Name  AppVXYZ  –DesktopGroup  UID   Remove-­‐BrokermachineConfiguration  –Name  AppVXYZ  –DesktopGroup  DGName  
  • 23. Additional Resources •  Citrix.com/XenDesktop •  Solution Brief •  Design Guide •  XenDesktop Free Trial
  • 24. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/ http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/Australia/2013 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/