Db2 10.5 optimized_for_sap_v1


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DB2 10.5 Optimized for SAP

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Db2 10.5 optimized_for_sap_v1

  1. 1. Place photo here IBM DB2 10.5 Optimized for SAP Software New DB2 version released on April 3, 2013
  2. 2. DB2 Optimized for SAP Providing the best performance & lowest costs • The close partnership between IBM and SAP results in: –Lower TCO through optimized performance, efficiency and ease of administration • • • DB2 can tune itself to SAP with the “flick of a switch” Unique technologies, like multi-dimensional clustering enhances scalability The best compression rates, optimized for SAP, results in minimized storage costs • DB2 10.5 delivers additional speed and reliability for SAP workloads –New BLU acceleration (dynamic in-memory feature) • • 25x faster reporting and analytics – up to 1000x faster for individual queries Up to 10x improved data compression –Enhanced pureScale reliability • DB2 10.5 is expected to be released for SAP customers in Q3/2013 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM DB2 and SAP HANA: an Ideal Match New SAP applications Early SAP code optimization Real-time Analytics IT Operations Skills / Know How Price / performance ratio HANA Larger scale SAP BW DR concepts Reuse of existing HW DB2 Coexistence between SAP HANA and IBM DB2: – IBM DB2 can be used for SAP applications or Releases not currently supported by HANA – DB2 improves performance for large SAP BW databases, which would get too expensive with the HANA appliance – Based on requirements, the customer can decide on the optimal price / performance ratio – Subsequent SAP code optimization available for DB2 – Customer has the freedom to run an SAP landscape with SAP HANA and IBM DB2 • http://www.saphana.com/community/blogs/blog/2013/01/10/a-promise-delivered-sap-business-suite-is-now-powered-by-hana © 2013 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. DB2 delivers speed and savings for SAP applications Most of the testimonials below are based on DB2 9.x BCP moved from an Oracle Database – 30% better performance, saves 45% on storage Fraport AG moved from an Oracle Database – 25% better performance, saves 6 TB of storage Cameron International moved from an Oracle Database – 39% better performance, cuts storage by over 50% Knorr-Bremse moved from an Oracle Database – Improved job run times by 20% on average, 48% reduction in disk space Coca Cola Bottling moved from an Oracle Database – saved more than a $1 Million – Compression rates: DB2 9.1 - 40%, DB2 9.7 additional 20%, DB2 10.1 additional 20 % – DB2 10.1: batch job 18x time faster, run times down from 30 to 36 hours to 2 hours “… When we went into this project, we were expecting to achieve compression levels of around 40 percent. What we found is that we are actually averaging around 60 percent, which greatly exceeds our target. In fact, some of our SAP databases are even compressed by over 70 percent.” - Jim Capraro, Vice President of Global Information Technology, Colgate-Palmolive See Case Study here © 2013 IBM Corporation