Biz talk user group, integrating with dynamics ax


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Biz talk user group, integrating with dynamics ax

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Biz talk user group, integrating with dynamics ax

  1. 1. Enterprise Infrastructure Enterprise Application MorphX App Server(s) AOS Services File system MSMQ WCF adapter
  2. 2. Focusing on the right integrations across the application portfolio increase business value, drive visibility and effectiveness, and decrease operational cost structures.
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  4. 4. Reduce the time and cost of custom development by using and adapting the built-in services and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX. For increased agility, create reusable components based on the core Microsoft Dynamics AX functional types. Data quality is essential to an effective ERP solution. Spend the time to define data structures before starting to build a solution. Focusing on the right integrations across the application portfolio increases business value, drives visibility and effectiveness, and decreases operational cost structures
  5. 5. Document Services Custom Services Service definition and data contract Auto-generated based on underlying query and options entered in the AIF Document Service Wizard Defined by the developer Transport protocols Any supported adapter (HTTP, WCF, MSMQ, File) Any supported adapter (HTTP, WCF, MSMQ, File) Customizations Entire document service can be customized Entire customer service can be customized Entity complexity Any query complexity including query with dimensions, polymorphism, date-effective information content Suitable when the entity complexity is low, but the developer can write the code to handle any complexity as well Business process support None, document service is data bound due to the tight relation between query and service Yes, the customer service is designed to handle this Performance Record-based insert and updates with option to run inbound message processing in parallel Record-based and whatever is defined by the developers including parallel processing Microsoft Office Add- in support Built-in support for consuming document services for updating data No preinstalled integrations Preinstalled interfaces More than 75 Document services (AxD) Non Other Data is inserted directly into application tables Can be staged or inserted directly into appl. tables
  6. 6. Method Type Dynamics AX Application Application Dynamics AX Synchronous – read/write Simple AX class -> Proxy -> Application Application -> ? -> AX Custom Services Complex AX Document Services (AxD) -> AX class -> Proxy -> Application Application -> ? -> AX Document Services (AxD) Asynchronous – read/write All AX Document Services (AxD) -> MSMQ (< 5mb) -> BizTalk -> WCF Adapter -> Application AX Document Services (AxD) -> File Share (> 5mb) -> BizTalk ->WCF Adapter -> Application Application -> WCF Adapter -> BizTalk -> MSMQ (< 5mb) > AX Document Services (AxD) Application -> WCF Adapter -> BizTalk -> File Share (> 5mb) > AX Document Services (AxD)
  7. 7. Retail Services Financial Microsoft Retail Stores IEB SRM HCM 20 MFG Company Store Russian Payroll XBOX Microsoft Operation Puerto Rico Microsoft Business Solutions MS Expense GFS/MSN Recruiting (Rainier/v7.0) HSG Microsoft IT Microsoft Consulting Services MS Financing