Knowledge mobilization
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Knowledge mobilization



Describes a service architecture for supporting knowledge mobilization and intelligence.(work, who, input/output, and necessary support services.

Describes a service architecture for supporting knowledge mobilization and intelligence.(work, who, input/output, and necessary support services.



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  • I kept six honest serving-men, They taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. Rudyard Kipling (1902)

Knowledge mobilization Knowledge mobilization Presentation Transcript

  • Mobilizing Knowledge: Acquisition, Analysis, and Action Albert Simard Defence R&D Canada Canadian Knowledge Mobilization ForumOttawa, ON. June 19-20, 2012
  • Knowledge Work, Services, and Architecture Knowledge Unstructured Work Semi- structured Knowledge Services Structured Service Architecture2
  • Organizational Knowledge Flow Creation Validation3 Authorization Organization
  • Knowledge Management Transfer National Defence, Markets National Security, Public Safety Work Application Creation Collaboration Defence R&D Flow Canada Sharing Assets Stock Infrastructure Resources Government4
  • DRDC Knowledge Work Inputs Transformation Output Governance Programs Report DND (management) Services Acquire Monitoring Integration (R & D) Create Intelligence Innovation Develop Clients Needs Mitigation Mobilize Priorities Advice Learn Establishment Adaptation5
  • Three Similar Processes  Intelligence: Discover and Acquire analyze external content to identify a pattern or trend. (trolling, specific)  Mobilization: Compile and synthesize selected content to address an issue. Analyze (targeted, complex) • Integration: Collect and combine diverse content into a unified whole. (processing, Act technical)6
  • Core Model Who Need (Why) Schedule No schedule When Work Service (What) (How) Real space Cyberspace Where Input Output Zachman (1987) Rudyard Kipling (1902)7
  • Monitoring the Environment search Work Cyberspace Service Research filter scan Media Published Monitor An Literature Ac al ce ys ss is Conferences Atten ie w d Rev Experience te Disc Communities Participa over Re t c Individuals of practice ol ici eiv e S Detect Practitioners Ad hoc *Web portal, make explicit document *Search engine, harvest Capture harvest *Library Store analysis apps. interface Monitoring Intelligence Repository * Other views8
  • Service Framework for Detection Work Person Input / Output Services Monitor cyberspace specialist, employee downloaded content *Web portal, AI filter, *Search engine Monitor media communications, published article *Web portal, *Library, specialist, employee scanning Research researcher, analyst identified pattern *Data management Access literature scientist, professional published paper *Library, indexing *Search engine, Attend conferences scientist, professional presentation, *Web portal, conversation announcements Participate in expert, professional, dialogue, *Web portal, access communities employee conversation Solicit practitioners representative response *Web portal, survey response template Review experience participant after-action review, *Web portal, lessons learned *Collaboration site Discover employee miscellaneous *Social Receive sender, recipient miscellaneous *Web portal, *E-mail9
  • Producing Intelligence Work Monitoring Service cyberspace, media other pathways *Sharing, Corroborate *Web portal, *Expertise Validate *Collaboration *Sharing, Analyze analysis apps., *Expertise Interpret *Collaboration template Prepare *Office Apps. Store interface Recommend Intelligence Decision Repository * Other views10
  • Service Framework for Intelligence Work Person Input / Output Services Corroborate practitioner, expert monitoring report / *Sharing, *Web portal, corroborated report *Expertise directory Validate community, group validated report *Collaboration, harvesting Analyze analyst quantified report *Data management, *Sharing, analysis, pattern recognition, Interpret subject-matter interpreted report *Expertise directory, expert *Collaboration Document author intelligence report *Office apps. report template Store author, data stored intelligence intelligence manager report *Repository Recommend champion recommended *Decision action11
  • Mobilizing Knowledge Internal sources Issue External sources Infrastructure Compile Acquire Agreements, Content Content, Environment Environment, Resources Resources, Culture internal *Expertise, external *Expertise, Interactions *Web portal, *Web portal, *Search, Retrieval *Search, Retrieval *Data mgt., Work Process *Content mgt., Service analysis, Integrate synthesis, decision support Interpret *Expertise, *Collaboration Document *Office Apps. Recommend Store interface Decision Issue Repository * Other views12
  • Service Framework for Mobilization Work Person Input/Output Services Compile analyst, researcher, Internal content / *Web portal, *Library, librarian collected content *Search engine, *Expertise directory Acquire analyst, researcher, external content, *Web portal, *Library, librarian collected content *Search engine, *Expertise directory Process analyst, standardized *Data management, content manager, content *Content management, analysis tools Integrate analyst, synthesizer integrated content synthesis tools, decision support system Interpret analyst, synthesizer interpreted content *Expertise directory, *Collaboration Document analyst, synthesizer report, *Office apps. author recommendations report templates Store content manager, stored report, mobilization *Repository author recommendations13
  • Need Making Work Service Decisions Create Validate *Social *Collaboration Analyze decision support Document *Office apps Review *Collaboration Revise Recommend Schedule *Office apps Submit Consider *Collaboration psychological knowledge modify Decide ? Store interface * Other views reject Record approve End14 Repository Action
  • Service Framework for Decisions Work Person Input/Output Services Create knowledge worker need / idea *Social Validate community, group validated idea *Collaboration Analyze analyst alternatives decision support Document writer draft document *Office apps. proposal template Review stakeholders, consensus *Collaboration manager Revise writer proposal *Office apps. Schedule secretariat agenda item *Office apps. Submit champion submission *Office apps. Consider decision makers decision *Collaboration Store record manager record of decision record *Repository15
  • Mobilizing Knowledge Acquire Analyze Act16