Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61                                Volcano Scenario                                     PBL Model...
Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61           reasonable doubt – that such an event to destroy, disrupt, and/or forever          ...
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Volcano scenario albert rodriguez


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Volcano scenario albert rodriguez

  1. 1. Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61 Volcano Scenario PBL Model 1. Read and analyze the volcano scenario. Mt. Pinatubo In 1991, Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded into Earths second largest volcanic eruption this century. This eruption deposited more than 1 cubic mile (5 cubic kilometers) of volcanic ash and rock fragments on the volcanos slopes. Within hours, heavy rains began to wash this material down into the surrounding lowlands in giant, fast- moving lahars. In the next four rainy seasons, lahars carried about half of the deposits off the volcano, causing even more destruction in the lowlands than the eruption itself. Situation A Washington State panel comprised of business people, state congressional representatives, and concerned citizens have contacted your team for advice. They want you to study the impact that Mt. Rainier might have if it were to erupt with the same magnitude as the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. You will use the PBL Model and the Earth system science approach in preparing your response. 2. List personal understandings, ideas, or hunches? a. I need to research Mt. Rainer in regards to location and its surroundings. b. I believe every sphere will be affected by Mt. Rainer’s eruption. c. I hypothesis that the eruption will disrupt the biosphere thus all flora and fauna in balance with it within a radius reasonable to such an event. d. It is my belief that there will be modifications to the immediate and surrounding lithosphere with a lesser degree when factoring in distance. e. It would be safe to inference that the hydrosphere will be affected, (i.e. buried, contaminated, temperature altered), to equivalently affect its dependent marine life. 3. List what is known. a. The community’s concern on a potential threat to their well-being. b. The possibility of all of Earth’s spheres being affected. c. The existing possibility of an eruption that can be as severe as Mt. Pinatubo, from where hard data has been gathered to prove – beyond a
  2. 2. Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61 reasonable doubt – that such an event to destroy, disrupt, and/or forever change a region’s way of life. 4. List what is unknown. a. The eruption patterns of Mt. Rainer. b. The climate patterns of Mt. Rainer’s region. c. The region’s topography and pathways of lesser resistance in conjunction to the surrounding communities and their interests. d. The area’s game and wildlife, natural resources, and other populations’ interdependent of this region. e. To what degree the spheres would be affected. 5. List what needs to be done. a. An early warning system to be put into place by experts in the field. b. An evacuation plan linked with shelters and all their components. c. Establish a “salvage-priority-plan” to protect necessary resources to continue business, healthcare, education, and government. 6. Develop a problem statement. An eruption from Mt. Rainer will affect the region’s population, flora and fauna, and natural resources based on the effects on the Earth’s spheres.