Reviewer feedback for iu1 albert rodriguez


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Reviewer feedback for iu1 albert rodriguez

  1. 1. Reviewer: Joanna Brookland Feedback Chart for IU1 Criteria Target Description Comments Instructional setting described with needed resources listed The instructional setting is clearly described and accounted for. I like the specifics used in your including its characteristics, resources, and description. It allows the reader to picture the learning Learning constraints. The learning environment environment.Environment description differentiates between the learning context and performance context. Distinguished between the learning and performance context. Described the characteristics. ***Is the instructional unit supposed to be “stand alone” or can it involve a facilitator? Are there any other characteristics that could be given? Intended The learner characteristics accurately How many years teaching experience? Do they already Audience describe the target audience. have classroom websites? ***Your last sentence looks like it describes the learning environment more than the audience. Maybe re-read it and see if you agree with me. ***You may need to re-word your overarching goal so that it reads more like “what the learners will be able to do afterOverarching The overarching goal is well written and the training has been completed. I think it should beInstructional clearly states what learners will be able to do general and then your specific goal incorporates all the Goal upon completion of the instruction. tasks needed to complete the overarching one. The specific goal (sub-goal) is well written ***If you have more tasks in your specific goal you could and clearly describes the task(s) that will be use bulleting or numbering to show them or break it down Specific addressed in the proposed 30-minute more. Goal instructional unit. The goal is stable, ***Your first sentence looks like it can be revised to be instructional in nature, and is realistic in your overarching goal. terms of available time and resources.Explanation of An explanation of the specific goal is It looks like your school is very supportive and excited goal presented to selected students from the about this training. Good job! to selected intended audience and their reactions were target recorded. Feedback from target members was ***Did the member add any other information or give audience used to modify or support the instructional feedback about the goal and/or training? members need for the specific goal. The introduction gave enough background knowledge to show the learner and audience the purpose and importance of training about YouTube. IU #1 effectively addresses the five essential elements of this assignment, including a This looks like it will be very beneficial to the staff at your description of the learning environment, school. Overall it looks very well organized. I like your intended audience, overarching goal, specific Overall quote at the end of your IU1. goal, and explanation of the goal to members of the target audience. The paper is free of *****Please note that my comments are only suggestions grammatical and spelling errors and includes or observations that may be very different from yours. I an introduction and a conclusion/summary. used Dr. Corbeil’s rubric for this feedback. 