How the Moon Affects the EarthName                                                                           QuestionsHow ...
NameIt may be difficult to understand the moons effects on Earth. Write aletter to a student in a younger grade to explain...
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How the moon affects the earth


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Transcript of "How the moon affects the earth"

  1. 1. How the Moon Affects the EarthName QuestionsHow the Moon Affects the Earth 1. What was one effect of Earth being hit by an asteroid or comet?By Cindy Grigg A. the moons gravity B. seasons on the moon Photo credit: NASA C. ocean waves D. seasons on Earth You already know that the moonsgravity pulls on Earths oceans and 2. Moons gravity pulls on Earth and prevents ______ that mightcauses tides. But the moon affects Earth cause more severe weather events.in other ways, too. Here are a few things A. spinningyou may not know about our moon. B. tides C. wobbling Many scientists believe that someobject the size of the planet Mars hit 3. One effect of the moon on Earths oceans is ______.Earth. It may have been a comet or anasteroid, but whatever it was, it knocked A. tidesa huge chunk of Earth into space. This B. hurricaneschunk became our moon. The collision caused Earth to tilt sideways C. tsunamisslightly on its axis, giving us our seasons of spring, summer, fall, and D. none of the abovewinter. 4. Do you believe that Earths slower rotation had a good or bad Some scientists believe that the moons gravity has slowed the effect on Earth?speed of Earths rotation on its axis. Days that used to be ten hourslong are now twenty-four hours. The speed of rotating once in onlyten hours caused winds of up to 125 miles per hour on Earth.Slowing the rotation speed slowed wind speeds. This, in turn, gaveus milder weather. The moons gravity pulls on Earth and helps it spin without muchwobbling on its axis. It gives Earth a more even climate. Morewobbling might cause more severe weather events on Earth. 5. List the effects of the moon on Earth. (There are five mentioned in the story.) The moon may well have been a part of the Earth at one time.Now the two are close neighbors in space. Because of the closerelationship, the Earth pulls on the moon, and the moon pulls on theEarth. We see this pulling in the ocean tides. There are unseeneffects, too.
  2. 2. NameIt may be difficult to understand the moons effects on Earth. Write aletter to a student in a younger grade to explain the moons effects onEarth in your own words.
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