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Right Erp Presentaion

  1. 1. Right ERP Product Presentation INNOVATIVE BUSINESS SOLUTION www.righterp.com LOGO
  2. 2. OUR COMPANY Right IT Solutions is one of the leading ERP solution provider in UAE. We are engage in every aspect of Information Technology including Software Development, Web Technologies, ERP Consulting and Training. Our core product is the RIGHT ERP, a complete business software solution that takes care the client’s entire business process
  3. 3. OUR PRODUCT Right ERP is an integrated application suite of comprehensive software modules that combines business value and standard base technology with a low total cost of ownership Your technology investment is protected with RIGHT ERP well-defined product roadmap, backed with Microsoft SQL Server and Seagate Crystal the innovative Reports. business solutions Right ERP integrates all application modules into one database and link seamlessly. Its web enabled feature helps in making the enterprise go online
  4. 4. STRENGTH OF OUR PRODUCT AND SERVICES CUSTOMIZATION INTEGRATION IMPLEMENTATION Right IT Solutions Right ERP offers an Our implementers recognizes that every integrated suite of with vast experience organization is unique Enterprise Software and wide knowledge with its own set of Solutions that help in software and challenges and one companies to be accounts built an rigid application innovative, manage inevitable track cannot address them change with ease, record by all. RITS offers internalize global best completing large flexible and fully practices and customer customizable software accelerate time to implementation on solutions market time and budget
  5. 5. STRENGTH OF OUR PRODUCT AND SERVICES DATA MIGRATION SUPPORT RELIABILITY & SECURITY Right IT Solutions Right IT Solutions Right ERP coupled offers seamless data employs software with Microsoft SQL migration which engineers and Server offers the shorten deployment industry professionals best data security, time and enable operating support reliability, integrity greater productivity 24/7 and faster by reducing time accessibility required for routine implementation tasks
  6. 6. VERTICAL SEGMENTS Contracting we serve Trading in all Construction business sectors Manufacturing Service Industries
  7. 7. VERTICAL SEGMENTS Travels & Rentals we serve Hotels & Restaurants in all Supermarket business sectors Cargo & Logistics Property Management
  8. 8. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS COMPANY SECTOR COMPANY SECTOR Al Bayan Water Distribution Baby Paradise Retail Unique Metal Tech Manufacturing Mini Moon Trading Retail Overseas AST Contracting Al Sahra Heavy Equipt. Rental Onyx Group Construction Hatta Trading & Services Trdg, Services Chicking Restaurants Restaurant E-Sports, Aviation Club Services Prestige Engineering Contracting Al Shabia Engineering Engineering Art Nouveu LLC Manufacturing Sharjah Advertising Advertising Al Reyami Equipt. Rental Rental Noor Mohmd & Brothers Trading Dubai Outdoor Media Advertising Osaka Trading Trading Abu Dhabi National Hotel Hotel Al Shamsi Travels Travels Advance Water Tek Mnfg / Trading Ocean Line Travels Travels Mid Asia Trading LLC Trading B6 Tours & Travels Travels Al Wifaq Gen. Trading Trading Golden Dune Gen. Trdg. Trading Al Ghazal Logistics Logistics Magenta Sea Food Trading Qanawat Services Bin Thani Cargo Cargo
  9. 9. PRODUCT PROFILE Innovative Business Solutions LOGO
  11. 11. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING MIS REPORT PREPAYMENT MODULE and General Ledger Reports, Budget Reports, Sub-Ledger Reports, PDC Reports, Provisional RECURRING / AUTO Reports (including un-posted Transactions) REVERSAL JOURNAL Auto Distribution of Prepaid Expenses BANK RECONCILIATION and USER DEFINE BANK TRANSFER MODULES VOUCHER TYPE Petty Cash Voucher, Receipt LETTER Voucher, Bank Payment Voucher Sorting as per Voucher Date/ Cheque Date ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/ AUTO YEAR-END ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AND CLOSING JV’S Statement of Accounts, Balance Summary, Auto Generated Closing Journals Ageing Analysis Detail/Summary, Quick Batch Payment/Collection, Online/offline Marching
  12. 12. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SUB-LEDGER REPORTS GENERAL LEDGER REPORTS Statement of Accounts, Sub-Ledger Balance Day Book, Bank Book, Cash Book, Accounts Summary, Ageing Analysis detailed and Transaction Summary, Voucher Type Summary, Summarized, Outstanding Statement of Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet Accounts, Matching Details MIS PDC REPORTS REPORTING BUDGET REPORTS Bank Wise PDC Report, Bank Comparison with Actual, Monthly Report, PDC Summary MODULES Comparison with Last Period Report, Cheque Register PROVISIONAL REPORTS OTHER MIS REPORTS (Including un-Posted Transactions) Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
  13. 13. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT STOCK TRANSFER NOTE BOM / BOQ (Bill of Material / Bill of Quantity, Material Transfer Store to Store, Job to Store, Overhead Masters, Production JV’s, Finished Job to Job, Material Return form Job / Production Products and by Products, Percentage of Cost Allocation, Revaluation of Cost / Qty MATERIAL ISSUE NOTE INVENTORY STOCK ADJUSTMENT Material Issue to Jobs / MODULES NOTE Production + / - Adjustment of Stock EXTENDED MATERIAL INQUIRY FIFO / WEIGHTED AVERAGE Price Inquiry, Location Wise Stock, Reserve Stock, Transaction Details, COSTING and GROUPING OF Issue Details, Sales Details MATERIALS Raw Material and Finished Material,
  14. 14. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MATERIAL REQUISITION SUPPLIER QUOTAION ENTRY Job Wise as Per Re-order Report, Supplier Booking, Comparison of other Material Requisition Status Report Quotation, Online Approval, Comparison Report t for Approval / Filing PURCHASE ORDER PROCUREMENT REQUEST FOR And PURCHASE MODULES SUPPLIER QUOTAION ORDER CANCELATION Single Document for Different Local / Import Supplier, Direct Fax / Mail GOODS RECEIPT PRODUCT COSTING Goods Receipt Quantity, Supplier’s Invoice, Purchase Cost, Shipment Expenses GR Qty + Supplier’s Invoice (cash / credit expenses)
  15. 15. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MIS REPORT SALES ORDER Stock Ledger, Stock Valuation, Status Converting Quotation in to Sales Order, and Ageing Report, Purchase Order Status Product Purchase Plan Report, Pending PO Detailed / Summarized, Sales Analysis Report, Pending Delivery Orders, Top Selling Products, Day Books, Customer Sales analysis and other MIS Reports SALES COST OF SALES MANAGEMENT SALES INVOICE MODULES DELIVERY NOTE (Consignment) QUOTATION and DELIVERY RETURN
  16. 16. HR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BENEFITS PAYROLL Auto Generation of Monthly provisions, Pay Slip, Salary Details and Register, Advance Gratuity, Airfare, Leave Salary, Bonus, Loan Deduction, Leave Integration, Adjustment Accrual Report, Air Ticket due Report Entries, Variance Report (with previous month and Leave due Report And master pay), Coinage Analysis, Bank Transfer Report, Staff Statement of Account OVERHEAD HRMS SALES COMMISSION ALLOCATION Labor Overhead Allocation, MODULES Product Commission, Outlet Admin Overhead Allocation, Sales Commission, Auto Actual / Estimated Overhear Commission Generation Calculation TIME and ATTENDANCE TIME SHEET and DOCUMENT Shift Schedule, Organization MONITORING Calendar, Man Power Deployment, Daily / Monthly Time Sheet, Overtime Employee Attendance and Absent Calculation, Overtime analysis, Production / Job Report, Auto Time Sheet Wise Analysis, Job Order / Designation Analysis Generation
  17. 17. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Multi Job Types • User-Friendly Job Inquiry • Classification of Project Expenses • Job Ledger • Planning of the Resources • Job Expenses Analysis • Budget / Estimate Monitoring • Batch Wise Profit Analysis • Customer Enquiry Register • Batch Wise invoice Analysis • Estimation Bill ( Bill of Quantity ) • Customer Job Analysis Material • Job Order Status Report Labor • Jobs Stages Monitoring Sub-Contracts • Finished Goods Transfer to • Job Order Inventory • Order Costing (Final BOQ)
  18. 18. LOGISTICS AIR WAY BILL BILL OF LADDING Air Way Bill Entry / Printing, Bill of Ladding Entry / Printing, Booking Expense to BW, Booking Expenses to BL, AW Status Report, Bill of Ladding Status Report, Booking Status Reports Booking Analysis Reports LOGISTICS MODULES WARE HOUSING MIS REPORTS BL / AW Analysis Reports, Goods Receipts Notes, Sales Summary Reports, Rack Allocation Procedures, Customer Enquiry, Delivery Notes (Partial / Full) Room Availability Report, Automated Invoice Generation, Idle / Occupancy Report Customer Direct Status Inquiry
  19. 19. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ENQUIRY MASTER CALL REGISTER Booking Enquiries, Sales Person Assignment, Incoming Call Monitoring, Call Transfer Enquiry Follow-ups, Search by Name, with Details, Offline Messages, User Level Telephone Number Alert Setting, Call Escalation Hierarchy, Search by Name, Telephone Number CRM COMPLAINT MASTER MODULES QUOTAION Launching Complaints, Data Entry / Revision Complaint Follow-ups ESCALATION FOLLOW UP User Define Escalation Levels, Call Action / Task Entry , Action Task History, Escalation, Enquiry Escalation, Pop up for the Follow-ups, Action Plans Complaint Escalation
  20. 20. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SECURITY LEVELS WORK FLOW User Level Access Control, User Groups / Department Wise Restricting Unauthorized Access DMS DOCUMENT MODULES EMAIL ATTACHMENT FORWARDING Inbox for Email Massages, Auto Forwarding, Adding Saving and Attaching files direct Comments in each Level, From mail, Mail Forwarding for Searching Documents, Pending Review and Approval Jobs etc APPROVALS FILE ATTACHMENTS Electronic Approval of Documents, Attachment of pictures, document Approvals / Deny with Remarks Viewer etc, Restricted Access for Confidential Files, Saving Copy in a secured Location
  21. 21. POINT OF SALE SYSTEM MODULES • Point of Sales System • FIFO / Weighted Average Costing POS Entry ( Barcode • Grouping of Materials Scanners & Manual Optional ) • Purchase Order Shift Opening & Closing • Purchase Order Cancellation Day Closing • Goods Receipt Note Daily Reports • Supplier’s Invoice Barcode Scanning • Stock Transfer Note Barcode Printing • Stock Adjustment Note Cash Drawer Integration • Extended material Enquiry
  22. 22. TRAVEL SOLUTION MODULES • Ticketing / Visa / Tours / Services • Divisions / Profit Centers • LPO Exchange Order Travels •Integration with GALILEO Tourism MIR Connectivity Transportation • Refund / Void Entry Visa • Stock Management • Analysis Reports • Automated Invoice & Receipt Airline Wise • Stock Status Reports Customer Wise • Third Part Commission Supplier Wise Commission Calculation Date Wise Statement of Accounts • Statement of Accounts • MIS Reports Customer Wise DSR Supplier Wise Day Book
  23. 23. RENTAL MODULES • Integrated to GL, AR & AP • Maintenance / Repair Work Order • Equipment Categorization • Third Party Repair Work Order • maintenance types • Third Party Maintenance Invoicing • Equipment Rent Rates • Equipment Occupancy Report • Third Party Hiring (Cross Hiring) • Equipment Idle Report •Quotation and Hire Contract • Equipment Movement Report • Delivery Note & Off Hire • Equipment Revenue Report • Replacement & Time Sheet • Equipment Usage Report • Meter Reading (SMU) Entry • Cross Hire Reports •Invoice Generation • Invoice Analysis Reports • Overtime Calculation • Maintenance Alerts • Invoice Entry • Maintenance Revenue Reports • Invoice Posting to Accounts • Graphical Representation • Maintenance Due List • Other MIS Reports
  24. 24. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MODULES • Property Categorization • Lease Agreement • Property Rent Rates Expiry Date • Facility Master Payment Details • Owner Details Security Charges • Tenant Details Commission • Detailed Enquiry PDC Details Available Units • Lease Renewal Expiry Details • Lease Cancellation Property Wise • Maintenance Report Location Wise • Revenue Report • Power Pont Presentation Monthly / Yearly Auto Generated Presentation • Occupancy Report
  25. 25. ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Depreciation Methods • Warranty Expiry Monitoring Straight Line • Asset Time Sheet Written Down • Asset Transfer • Asset Purchase ( Addition ) Job to Job • Asset Transfer from one Location Yard to Job to another Job to Yard • Auto Generation of Depreciation Yard to Yard • Sale of Fixes Assets • Asser Usage Charge Booking • Assets Write-off to Jobs •Asset Wise Expense Monitoring • Asset Schedule and Register •Registration / License Expiry • Asset Labels Monitoring • Other MIS Reports
  26. 26. BANK FACILITY MANAGEMENT BANK GURANTEE LETTER OF CEDIT Guarantee Opening, Expiry Monitoring, LC Opening, LC Amendments, Financial Charges Booking Acceptance, TR STATUS REPORTS BFS BILL DISCOUNTING Facility Status Enquiry, LC MODULES Bills / Invoice Discounting, Room Availability, Expiry Reports, Expiry Monitoring, Financial Alerts & Messages, Financial Charges Booking Charges Analysis BANK MASTER, FACILITY CHEQUE DISCOUNTING MASTER, FACILITY LIMITS Transferring from PDC, Maturity Date Adjustments, Dishonored Cheque Controls, Financial Charges Booking
  27. 27. SAMPLE ENTRY FORMS Innovative Business Solutions LOGO
  28. 28. Quotation Data Entry
  29. 29. Job Invoice Data Entry
  30. 30. Delivery Note Data Entry
  31. 31. Job Master
  32. 32. BUSINESS ADDRESS M-10B, Al Habtoor Towers, King Faisal Street PO Box 47152 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel. +971-6-573-8433 Fax. +971-6-573-8473 info@right erp.com www.righterp.com LOGO