Five trends that drives change today   albert bengtson
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Five trends that drives change today albert bengtson



Albert talks about mobility and consumer trends.

Albert talks about mobility and consumer trends.



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  • Make the point that this is not a vision, this is driving something very important. This paradigm shift is not an infrastructure shift this is purely the shift when retailers learn how to use the common daily technology in an advanced way. The consumer has already shifted the services and big infrastructure companies haven't understood the usage. This is putting Logica on the map. Competing with light weight web companies and bringing customers more value through more complex solutions. Well I hope that I can contaminate you with my true passion for this subject. It’s just a scratch on the surface but I hope to give you an appetite for the possibilities. Being a defender for social media and a knight of better applications I usually get the question of the value of the internet. This is a tricky question to answer but this is one way of doing that:
  • Today the consumer has gone unplugged, this has a broader sense of demands then the word mobility. This include a more complex “just in time demand” for reference comparison and more advanced relation driven information The most commune way to shop is when outside of home, so why not bring e-commerce to enhance the traditional shopping experience All consumers are today using unplugged artefacts to support them in their consumer behaviour. Unfortunately are we supplying them with very bad software. I usually get an shopping list sent by SMS... And then I recall when in store to ask for brand preferences... References and knowledge Preferences: What is important for me right now? Price, quantity, quality Närhet/ position Tid/ Pris KUNSKAP (referenser, variabler) + TILLGÄNGLIGHET (pris, tid, position)  Consumer Unplugged (Unplugged Commerce) BILD: Göra val /variabler
  • What do I want? References such as advertisements, word of mouth and brand The more knowledge the more advanced consumer the more demands on sales support and systems What can I get? What is near me? How long for delivery of goods? Where do I have to go to get it? Where am I? Is the goods in my price range? When a match has been made Can I get better? What does it cost / give me to change to other product? Today’s problems: Pop-up commercials, geo trigged information Solution: Enhancing tools to support you in both preferences and availability
  • Commercials are dead. Nobody wants commercial today, we have needs and we rather want information instead of commercial to fulfill them. Firms have to think fresh and to include information about their products in a context.
  • Merchandise + Entertainment = Merchantainment ” In the analog era marketing was about getting people to think things so they might do things. Digital media are interactive, so now it’s the other way round. Marketing is now about getting people to do things” – Simon Silvester Pictures: Design your own Kalles Kaviar, tube! Net on Nets Treasure hunt – Find the boxes in the city and receive tech goods.
  • Understand the game of screening information in your personal social network. Today we have established our social graphs due to Facebook and other social networks such as LinkedIN. It’s divided into segments and relationships. The value of this is often referred to as the social capital. Depending on the relationship, the understanding of the other parts knowledge and that persons subjective opinion I receive Personified Preference Information. This information has a very high value for me at the point I receive it. That’s because it has a high trustworthiness according to my preferences. I have somebody to share responsibility for my choice. I have support and other favors to call in if necessary… Picture: Who do you go to for answers? In the book The tipping point (Malcolm Gladwell), points out three different personalities to support a trend to come: The connector (The person hubs) The mavens (The information centers) The persuaders (The sales person) Depending on that you are buying what you are interested of, you use different persons. Wisdom of Friends
  • The trends point towards using Facebook connect in a more advanced way. Relate to your social graph and make your on-line (augmented commerce) choices easier. This is a direct effect of the value of social media, it’s making us more advanced consumers with superior knowledge. Who’s here right now? What can does my girlfriends friends think about this perfume?
  • “ You need to have a conversion rate of 1% - 4%” “ Free users are our marketing cost / distribution strategy” What we are certain is that the business logics has to change, things people payed for yeasterday will be free in the future.
  • What is SJ/SL adopted the web? It would be free to go by tram/bus but not the underground? Would it be free to go by underground but the premium users get bettre seats and silent wagons with mobile connection? How would a company such as SJ go from First-class “upper-class” pricing to Premium enhanced used pricing? What would premium include? No delays? Well you laugh, but the CEO of Ryanair plans to have free tickets in for of the seats in the airplane… are there otherways to do this?
  • Augemented reality in it’s infancy.
  • Framtiden – glasögon/linser allt möjligt, helt crazy Bild: människa på stan med bubblor: länkar/facebook/linkedin, etc
  • Trenderna leder till ett nytt köpbeteende som i sin tur leder till en ny typ av handel = Augmented Commerce
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Five trends that drives change today   albert bengtson Five trends that drives change today albert bengtson Presentation Transcript

  • 5 trends that defines Logica’s consumer innovation initiative Albert Bengtson When the trends meet and the synergy between them becomes greater than the effort to drive the trends a new inevitable paradigm shift will occur. Today we call that: The Augmented Commerce Experience
  • 1. Consumer Unplugged Where is the closest stone-baked pizza place? We’re looking for a non-gluten and vegetarian restaurant Should I buy a MacBook pro or a MacBook Air?
  • Consumer Behaviour
    • Pref erences
    References Knowledge Position Time Place Availability View slide
  • 2. Innovation of Ads… View slide
  • Merchantainment
  • 3. Social media gives: Personified Preference Information
  • Relation and Judgement Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection: Your girlfriends friends: “ I love the perfume!! I’m getting one for my boyfriend as well!  ” Other opinions…
  • 4. Freemium & Unique Bundle
  • If Google had trains…
  • 5. Augmented Reality
  • Augmented Reality Dating Armani suit 17999 SEK Buy now Tiger shoes 4999 SEK Buy now Eric Svensson 36 years From Nacka Single Add to friends Has 34 ex girlfriends Check up Yearly income: 1,4 million SEK Annoying mother comes to visit every Sunday Healthy Check up blood count
  • Augmented Commerce
    • Consumer Unplugged
    • Merchantainment
    • Personified Preference Information
    • Freemium & Unique Bundle
    • Augmented Reality
    • The Augmented commerce experience
  • Albert Bengtson Web: +46 (0) 767712956 E-mail: [email_address] Blog: SlideShare: Twitter: albert_bengtson Facebook: LinkedIN:
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